Saturday, June 25, 2005


In a world of hustle and bustle comes a artist known more for her acting on Australias "Home and Away."

Tammin now has her debut CD called "What Ever Will Be." This is her second single from that CD it is entitled "What Ever Will Be." her first single was "Pointless Relationship." from her debut CD.

Her second CD Single is still in high rotation in Australia (currently top 20.) in all markets. At her website you can look at her video clips and see her collection of music.

Enjoy :)

"What Ever Will Be."

01. Pointless Relationship
02. World Without You
03. Whatever Will Be (Album Version)
04. It's A Little Late
05. Something Better
06. Almost Me
07. Tender
08. Backwards Again
09.Its as A Beautiful Thing
10. Better To Be Lonely
11. Ordianry Day
12. Around The World

Check her music out :)



I simply think the Gate Pose is one awesome pose. We had it only once in Bodyblance and I guess it is one pose I cannot get enough of.

According to:

By Barbara Kaplan Herring

Gate Pose, an invigorating side bend, allows us to stretch the side body, expand the intercostal muscles, and deepen the breath. ©2005
(Reproduced for Educational Purposes.)

I live for the next Gate Pose in Bodybalance. Trully one of the most complicated set of poses that has so much wonderful healing and health benifits.

This is one twist pose that I could do forever :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Seen a similar thread on another blogger.

First thing is to attend the 1/4 workshop and get the technique breakdown from the Master Trainers there. They have had the CD and DVD for sometime so they have the inside knowledge of the release. Learn as much as possible from them as they do the feel and focus section of the Masterclass.

Second thing is to do the Masterclass and learn as much as possible about the release and the timing of the sequences. That's pretty important to learn the flow of the class from the Masters.

Third thing stick on the DVD and then learn from Dr Jackie Mills the poses and what she would like us to focus on the release. This is really important as Jackie is the Head Choreographer for the release.

Then onto the Masterclass on the DVD where we get to see the best Mastertrainers out Lee Parore - Emma Barry - Dr David Mc Kenizie and Anita Blanchette and Dr Jackie Mills do the Master Class. When this is done a few times next phase begins.

Play the music and get to know the lyrics and the counts of the tracks while reading the choreography that is important from a cuing perspective. Usually do this for a solid week The pracxticing new moves for 20 minutes.

While doing this do the actual choreography. I follow a pretty weird approach to this. I learn tracks 8 - 9 - 1 - 2 first. Then I learn 3-4-5, and then finally 6 & 7 which are pretty hard tracks to learn (abs especially.)

Then do the release from tracks 1 - 9.

Finally the meditation tracks I need to listen to these for awhile to understand the music and what it is meant to do.

Once theis is done then I begin the process of scripting and learning the script (this changes all the time.)

Practice this a few times and then its on with the show :)

Monday, June 06, 2005


Bodybalance 29 (No Ordinary Thing.)
arrived 21st May 2005.

I waited with much anticipation for this release. Being fresh on the heals of 2 massive Bodybalance releases 28 and 29.

It has been 3 weeks now and this is my view-point of Bodybalance 29:

Track 1 -: Stolen Car Performer -: Sting

This track is a remake of the Police song of the same name. It is also from his Sacred Love CD.

Energy Balls are an excellent Sting has always been one of my favorite BB artists. The breath of life would describe this track. Hara breath comes back to BB Tai Chi Warm-up, and feel of exhilaration comes for the release of built up tension with the breathing sequences and the softness in tai chi movement.

Track 2 -: Make a Wish Performer -: Emerald Green

This is a remake of Conjure One's single from their debut CD this time sung by Mel Smith. Four part sun salutations are always excellent. Nice and slow track 2 this time, which is always good. Breath is the focus of this track.

Track 3 -: When you smile Performer -: Patti Labelle

This track sneaks up on you, you think yeah a cruising track, Patti Labelle yeah how hard is this going to be? Well I take that back, this track is hard core standing strength in so many ways, tons of shoulder work in this one, Warriors are held longer which is awesome indeed. The end is hard core standing strength work. Need a shoulder shock this track is the one that should do it for you. Been a Patti Labelle fan since the 1980's and she is always a treasure to listen to.

Track 4 -: Saltwater 02 Performer -: Chicane

I am from Celtic heritage and this song appeals to me on that level. Deep thoughts of Ireland and Scotland come to mind. The positions are held longer and in softness which is always a personal journey of discovery for me. The track is soft but with a hardness to core balance. Now the choreography man what can one say? I feel like a dancer tons of one-legged work interfused with airplanes and warriors. Awesome stuff :) Truly an inspiring track.

Track 5 -: Spirit Performer -: R Kelly

After track 4 of BB 28 I was thinking what the? Did a 360 on that one, the song is a good one for a track 5. Explore the options with this track make it as hard or as easy as you like. I prefer the hard options. Part A has tons of hip openers which is always good. Part B continues the theme and ends with hip flexor stretches. Just love Part A and B track 5's. Like the track tons and a good workout for the mid body.

Track 6: Sick and Tired Performer -: Anastacia

100 % Pilates in this track which is awesome tons of supine work. Tons of Hara Breathing in this one. Options and more options take it as high as one can. A tricky pre cue needs to be taught on this in b-line activation tons of SBS needed for this one. Back care is also taught to the nth degree here, it has to be thats way. Ends in prone work, by the time one finishes the prone work one is truly spent.

Track 7: The Joker Performer -: Fatboy Slim

Just love Fatboy Slim and this track meets all the key objectives of track 7. This track is a real torso killer, by the time the track ends one thinks does my mid section hurt anymore that this. For the first time I have discovered a gluteus BB track that truly works the lower back.

Track 8: No Ordinary Thing Performer -: OpShop

This is the standout track of this release. Tons of twist options this is one of my favorite track 8 singles ever. This is a 3 phase twist track, ends in a awesome twist sequence that is so good to do.

Track 9 -: One More Day Performer -: Sinead O'Connor

This track is Celtic and I love the whole track, a very soft ending to a massive BB session. I love long FF/Hansting tracks. Tons of time to SBS and cue away. Focus on breath and hamstring lengthening in this track. Take your time we are in no hurry at all. Enjoy and the benifist will come automatically with this track. A nice track to sing along to and now one of my favorite track 9's ever.

Track 10 -: Reflection 2 Performer -: Deuter

Renki come to track 10 of Bodybalance 29 take a note of the renki cues in this track, work that into your class and the rewards will come home.

Track 11 -: The letter that Never Came Performer -: Thomas Newman

Now one of my favrite track 11's a nice soft song time to be quiet and allow enjoyment of the song and enjoy the silence within.

This track reminds me of epic movies of the 80's I think of Sophies Choice, Ordinary People, Fried Green Tomotoes, Driving Miss Daisy and Golden Pond when I hear this music. Thomas Newman is a awesome composer.

Awesome track.

It is going to take awhile to unpeal this release, finding new edges and what each track has to say.

Enjoy Bodybalance 20.

Namaste :)


Saturday, June 04, 2005


Jem is a new artists and her debut CD came out in October 11, 2004.

Heard the CD today of all days. How random can that be to be in a CD store and hear something so special and connect to it in an instant.

Her music can be desribed as a meeting of Beth Orton meets Dido and that is what captured my attention when I heard that her musical styles sits side by side with these two legendary performers.

Jem is from Wales and she is 28 years old. The CD is woven with a number of themes amongst them are fushions of sounds.

Her main claim to fame is she wrote a song for Madonna that featured on Season 3 of The OC. (Unintentional connection to BB 28 Dice.) See how it all connects like joining the BB Artist Hall of Fame.She also co-wrote Nothing Fails from Madonna's 2003 album American Life.

Highlight track is "24"

Her debut CD - Finally Woken

Track Listings:

1. They
2. Come On Closer
3. Finally Woken
4. Save Me
5. 24
6. Missing You
7. Wish I

8. Just A Ride
9. Falling For You
10. Stay Now
11. Flying High

Check her music out :)


Friday, June 03, 2005


Well it is the end of the 20's series of Bodybalance.

In 2001 we began with 20 and now its 2005 and May almost 3 years have passed. Boy has time flown so fast.

I have decided to make my selections based on deep feelings for the tracks mentioned. They have has a significant impact in how I feel about the song and the time and space I was in at the time that the song was released and how it appeals to my center.

Track 1:

Conversation Over Sugarbabes (BB 27.) & Jesus to a Child George Michael (BB 29.)


I think this track appeals to me on the personal level and I kind of relate to the lyrics of the song and where I was at the time I listened to the track. I have also voted for Jesus to a Child by George Michael as this when I needed some solace in a track I was going through career progression and the song brings back massive memories of awesome people I knew at the time and those whom I now miss in my life.

Track 2:

We're All Beautiful Joy Of Living feat. Nitza (BB 21.)


This track is a sensual track. Was searching for some direction when this release came out and looking for answers to some question. When I did this one in class recently I smiled and thought we all are Beautiful in our own special way.

Track 3:

Love's Divine Seal (BB 25.)


I suppose that this track reflects how I feel about BB and how I look at Love in so many ways. The track inspires me to come full circle and make something that is simply "Loves Divine."

Track 4:

A Song for Nature Rashni Punjaabi (BB 23.) & My Immortal Evanscence (BB 25.)


The song is infectious one of the most revealing track 4's I have ever done. I think it is because it appeals to me on a centering level and there is no other music that enters my soul like track 4 BB 23. My Immortal sings a song of pure life giving serenity. The track says love someone and enjoy love back in so many ways. Just hook up connect don't over digest the situation and take it by the horns. Because love in all its purest comes only once in a life time and just grab it. Love is trully devine.

Track 5:

Miss Sarajevo U2 Featuring Lucianio Pavarotti (BB 23.) & White Flag Dido (BB 25.)


Heard the track sometime ago. The song is reminds me of life and what life is all about. Time for reflection and making what was bad new. Surrender yes you can find one that you love and wave your white flag of love there way. Dido so captures this in her songs and thats why she is my alltime favorite female singler of all time :).

Track 6:

Too Lost in You Sugababes (BB 26.)


We all get lost in someones world once in our lives, we change and become someone we seem not to be. Getting lost in someone is what is true love. To me the track say find love accept it, don't question and over analyse it accept it and grow.

Track 7:

Heaven Live (BB 28.) & Countin On a Miracle Bruce Springsteen (BB 23.)


The song is pure insparation. The track is one fo the most core back tracks I have ever done. Truly a wonderful track. Counting on a Miracle because Size does not matter.

Track 8:

Shape Sugababes (BB28.) & Two Wrongs Wyclef Jean (BB20.)


People - love and relationships happen in all shapes. The heart knows no boundaries and love knows no boundaries. We truly have a love by the shape of our hearts. With a constant reminder that two wrongs do not make right.

Track 9:

Stronger Sugarbabes (BB23.) & Caught in a Moment Sugababes (BB 26.)


Becoming stronger is what life is all about and getting caught in the moment is even more special. The tracks reflect how I feel about life and what it is all about.

Track 10 and 11:

Suite no. 1: Serenade Pachelbel (BB 26.) & The Letter That Never Came - Thomas Newman (BB 29.)


Both pieces of music are devine - placed together really the best reflective tracks that make the end of BB awesome.

Thats my top 10 and the reasoning for me selecting these track.

Roll on BB 30 - 39.

See you again here in 2008 .


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