Monday, October 31, 2005


© 2005 Sony/BMG

Annie Lennox and Eurythmics have been with Bodybalance/Flow since nearly it's conception. In fact tape no release no 1 - 1998.

Bodybalance/Flow Archive:

5 BB 01 Whiter Shade Of Pale Annie Lennox
7 BB 07 Take me to the river Annie Lennox Awesome track 7 I love it lots.
1 BB 25 A Thousand Beautiful Things Annie Lennox Simply superb and uterly beautiful from her massive CD Bare which I love playing.
4 BB 09 Saved the world today Eurythmics. The most challenging track 4 ever.
9 BB 19 17 Again Eurythmics. Divine and awesome presented by Jackie on the Video love her work on this track and Macy Grays track before that one.

They release "Eurythmics The Ultimate Collection" in November - Eurythimcs are Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart - the group was formed in Wagga Wagga New South Wales from their initial project called "Tourists".

© 2005 Sony BMG Music


01. I've Got Life*
02. Love Is A Stranger
03. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
04. Who's That Girl?
05. Right By Your Side
06. Here Comes The Rain Again
07. Would I Lie To You
08. There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)
09. Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
10. It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)
11. When Tomorrow Comes
12. Thorn In My Side
13. Miracle Of Love
14. Missionary Man
15. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart
16. I Need A Man
17. I Saved The World Today
18. 17 Again

19. Was It Just Another Love Affair*

Tracks 1 and 19 are new tracks which they recorded this year. I adore the music of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, they defined the music of my generation.

November 8th 2005 the CD is released I am so happy to see two new songs by these guys.

Hope their material gets used again in Bodybalance/Flow :)

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Kosheen are an awesome group. I had the pleasure of learning them for Release 18. Track 8 of that release. Also, they appeared in release 19 with a hard track 3 of that release. Both are timeless releases and I love teaching them. I guess 19 is one of my all-time favorite releases. Release 18 I can do anytime I know it like the back of my hand every pose - lyric and count.

Jackie Lee and Emma are outstanding on the videos for that release.

Harder is a beautiful track from that release. It blends in well with Moby's track and J - Lo's track as well. Hide U from release 19 blends well with Silence track 4 from that release.

Personally I think releases 18 and 19 are classic and outstanding releases.

I taught "Hungry" from their first CD in a fresstyle step class.

In 2006 they will release their 3rd CD.

The first single CD from that release is now out called "Freaks of Nature" I have heard the single and it is awesome :) they also have a single called "Violence" which I have not heard yet.

Hopefully Jackie may use their music in 2o06.


I have pulled out Cosima De Vito's CD entitled "Cosima".

Been playing it all day. :)

She was third runner up in Australian Idol in 2003 just behind "Shannon Noll" and "Guy Sebastian" the eventual winner of that series.

She has recorded on CD entitled "Cosima" 2004 it featured 2 singles". The CD "Cosima" went all the way to number 1 on the ARIA charts.

When The War Is Over / One Night Without You (2004) Number 1
Now That You Can't Have Me (2004) No 42.

I adore "One Night Without You" if you can get a-hold of her music please give it a listen to.

© 2004 CDV Records


01. One Night Without You (Warren) 02. Cost of Love (Warren) 03. Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart (Warren 04. What Kind of World Would This World Be (Warren) 05. Painted on My Heart (Warren) 06. Now That You Can't Have Me (Warren) 07. Too Lost in You (Warren) 08. What My Heart Says (Warren) 09. I Just Wanna Cry (Warren) 10. Taste the Tears (Warren) 11. When the War Is Over (Prestwich) (Bonus CD single)

The tracks on the CD were produced by "Diane Warren" a legend in the areas of song writing also production. Working with the greats of popular music.

Click the link above to learn about Cosima. She is about to record her new CD in 2006.

I cannot wait :) to hear it.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Slowly but surley I am adding the CD's that the songs come from to the list. I am back to release 11, so please check back in a few weeks and it should be complete. If you are looking for releases 18 > then they can be accessed on the side menus. :)

I will go all the way back to Bodybalance No 1. I am also going to do it with Bodypump as well.


Alex is a Sydney based singer and song writter.

Alex Lloyd is awesome his latest CD is entitled "Alex Lloyd" the first release of the CD is entitled "Never Meant to Fail" it is an outstanding release. The cd was released 10th October 2005.

He has had previous CD's entitled "Watching Angles Mend" and "Distant Light"

If you like "Snow Patrol" & "OpShop" then "Alex LLyod's" music is one thing that you need to hear.

On his site he had demos of his gear please check out "Alex Lloyds" site above.

© 2005 Sony/BMG Australia


01. Brand new day

Video Location:

02. Outside
03. Never meant to fail
04. All you need
05. Still waiting
06. Sometimes
07. The wonder
08. Holding on
09. I wish
10. Follow
11. Standing down
12. Speeding cars

Alex is awesome check out his site for audio and video of this great Australian artist :)

I love his music and hopefully one day Jackie might use his gear in Bodybalance.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Natalie Merchant - Retrospective CD Standard

In release 08 of Bodybalance we had a wonderfull hip opener from a wonderfull artists. I love this release and it is wonderfull to teach and do :) Mother is outstanding and Angel is superb.

I adore her music and adore Bodybalance/Flow/Healing Release 08 from 1999 :)

1 BB 08 Whats going on Cyndi Lauper
2 BB 08 Mother Era
3 BB 08 Brand new day Sting
4 BB 08 I believe I can fly R. Kelly
5 BB 08 Life is sweet Natalie Merchant
6 BB 08 Gangsta's paradise Coolio
7 BB 08 Beautiful day Ziggy Marley
8 BB 08 Don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith
9 BB 08 Angel Sarah McLachlan
10 BB 08 Mystic voyage Deuter

Natalie used to be the lead singer of 10,000 Maniacs in 1993 she left the group. I'm not a Man is a classic 10,000 Maniacs track. Now she has a best of CD collection of her hits from 1995 - 2005. Tiggerlily was her first solo effort after leaving the group the CD sold in excess of 6 million copies and goes down as a classic CD of 1995.

© 2005 Rhino Records

Track List:

01. wonder 02. Carnival 03. Jealousy 04. San andreas fault 05. Kind & generous 06. Break your heart 07. Life is sweet 08. The living 09. Build a levee 10. Not in this life 11. Motherland 12. Owensboro 13. Sally ann
© 2005 Rhino Records

Her music may not appeal to all but I trully think she is an awesome singer. If you get an opportunity check out her material with 10,000 Maniacs :)

Check out this classic CD please :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Since I put them here these guys have made it big, Il Divo, James Blunt, Patrizio Buanne and Daniel Powter.

Awesome stuff :)


It is with sad regret that Colleen Mills has passed away.

On behalf of this blogg site all my best and kindest regards to Les - Phillip - Jackie - Basil and their families.

Please vist the main blogg and pay respects to Les - Phillip - Jackie and family.

God Bless!


Destinys child are:

Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Mathew Knowles, Michelle Williams, Letoya Luckett (EX), Latavia Roberson (EX)

They began as a duo and then became four members then went back to a trio. Beyonce and Kelly are outstanding singers I love their work.

Wikipedia contains a full bio of their music:'s_Child

The ladies of Destinys Child have a final CD entitled Destiny's Child - #1's it contains all their hits.

They gave us two songs from release 13 and release 16. Awesome tracks indeed :)

Bodybalance/Flow/Healing Releases.

3 BB 13 Independent Woman Part 1 Destiny's Child - Survivor

Simply one of the best ever track 3's in the whole series of Bodybalance choreographed by Molly Fox "Awesome Work" I simply love tape 13 and it is a jewel in the Bodybalance series of CD's - Tapes in my Bodybalance Library of releases :)

6 BB 16 Survivor Destiny's Child - Survivor

It also has Wyclef Jean who was in Bodybalance/Flow/Healing:

8 BB 20 Two Wrongs Wyclef Jean

One awesome track 8 indeed :) it is the final tape of my ultimate role model Bodybalance Instructor "Lee Parore" and featured a classic scene I will never forget in the track before that. Lee is trully a comic.

07. Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby - Dinah Washington if you watch the Video he is a total crackup :)

Go Lee I miss him tons on the Videos :)

© 2005 Columbia Records

01. Stand Up For Love (can be heard at their website) it is their very last single CD release as Destinys Child.

(2005 World Children's Day Anthem)

"Stand Up For Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem)' was written for World Children's Day, an event which takes place annually around the world on November 20 to raise awareness and funds for children's causes worldwide."

© 2005 SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited.

02. Independent Women (BB Tracks)
03. Survivor (BB Tracks)
04. Soldier - Destiny's Child & TI/Lil' Wayne
05. Check On It - Destiny's Child & Slim Thug
06. Jumpin' Jumpin'
07. Lose My Breath
08. Say My Name
09. Emotion
10. Bug A Boo
11. Bootylicious
12. Bills Bills Bills
13. Girl
14. No No No (Feat. Wyclef Jean)
15. Cater 2 U
16. Feel The Same Way I Do (New Song)

If you love destinys child then this is a awesome CD to have :)

I will miss your music and would love to hear track 1 in Bodybalance anytime :)


If anyone is interested in going to New Zealand apart of the experience please e-mail me at the address to the right of the blog :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


© 2005 Les Mills International

Well here it is :)


From the artist that bought us Gregorian Dance here is his latest CD single :)

© 2005 EMI

From Greorian Dance:

01. Responsorios
02. Graduale
03. Cosmos
04. Aleluia
05. Antiphons
06. Introitus
07. Deep
08. Graduale (long)
09. Antiphons
10. Responsorios
11. Graduale
12. Introitus

Check out his latest single CD :) you wont be disapointed :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Unwind-A Journey Into Global Grooves (2005)

Is a journey into visual space. I simply love the CD. Words can not describe the music 12 wonderful tracks.

Have not done an ambient review here for a long time. This CD is gorgeous it is the very first CD from Com.pact

© 2005 com.pact


01. Solarians / Spring Thing
02. Tribalistic Society / Aarhus On A Sunday Afternoon
03. T.K.Y. / Long Before This Day
04. U&K / Sahkovalo
05. Lish / Blue
06. Sunfire / Electronic
07. Visual Paradox / Ga Yo (2005 Edit)
08. TKY Vs Max Maxwell / Twilight
09. Wilson Stout / Helpless (Dini Dub Mix)
10. Sesto Sento / Slow Move
11. Psionyx / Deimos Vista
12. The Misted Muppet / Defender Of The Past

Do yourself a favour and get this CD :)


It has been 8 weeks since Bodybalance came out. I am still excited about this release. I have never ever felt this way about a Bodybalance release ever.

The music just drenches me everytime I go through it.

It reminds me of what my drama teacher told me in the 1970's she said that when you get into a track find that special place that comes into the song. Go inside and find that space within that you can draw on for the track. I am finding that every track in Bodybalance 30 you have to locate something inside and draw from that. I suppose that comes with life experiences. Drawing from each of those experiences and bringing that to Bodybalance 30.

I will always have a special place in my heart for release 30.

Thank you Jackie and Phillip Mills for thew music of Bodybalance 30.

kia ora



There must be at least 14 inversions in Bodypump 30, going back on what I know that is an alltime record for inversions in any release. The last time I can remember so far back in Release 18 and we had tons in that release as well.

In 29 we had hardly any?

We have had no pilates can can - toe taps in Bodybalance in a long time.

Missing those big time.


Have to laugh everytime it is on. Where I am from we had a telco called "Optus" they used the song in their advertisment. Everytime "Ameno" by Era comes up I think of "Pink Flamingos" "Wildlife Scenes" and remember the commercial that was played to death back in the 1990's.

For those in other parts of the world, this adds another dimension to a rather "beautiful" Bodybalance track.

The track blends in so well with "Prayer for the Dying" by Seal.

Awesome stuff :)

Saturday, October 22, 2005


© 2005 SM6001

Marty came to my attention when he was on season 2 of Australian Idol.

He was in the final 6 from the show he was voted off on the 18th October 2004.

I recently saw his awesome debut single called "One Day" I simply think he is outstanding.

To catch up on Marty click the above link :)

Now waiting for his debut CD coming this November :)


Kylie Gates can be seen on the new promotional poster for Bodybalance 31.

Friday, October 21, 2005


© 2004 A&M

I adore the music of Sheryl Crow, as much as I like the music of "Suzanne Vega" well Sheryl has a new CD inspired by her love for "Lance Armstrong" her current man of the moment.

I saw them on Oprah.

We all watch Oprah well I do she is a complete legend as well. :)

She has a single called "The First Cut is the Deepest" songs like that don't grow on trees and lyrics like that are really emotional and impact on me on so many levels.

If you have a chance check out her song. It would be so awesome to have this track on Bodybalance. I may be an emotional wreck after listening to it and teaching it in Bodybalance. It would be trully worth it.

Performers like Sheryl and Suzanne Vega are exceptional.


I wanted to be cool as Boz Scaggs when I was growing up. He defined cool to me much like "Bryan Ferry" who was also ultra cool. Guy's that cool and sing cool are exceptional. Remebering "Lets Stick Together" and "The Right Stuff".

I cannot believe that "The Bozz" has had over 18 releases and the last one escaped me. Well his latest CD is called "Faded into Light" it has featured two singles so far "Lowdown" and "Fade into Light" MP3's are available on his site listed above. The CD is also available in "Dual Disk"

© 2005 Virgin Records (USA)


01. Lowdown (Unplugged)
02. Some Things Happen
03. Just Go
04. Fade Into Light
05. Harbor Lights (Unplugged)
06. Lost It (Valley Version)
07. Time
08. Sierra
09. We're All Alone (Unplugged)
10. Simone (Unplugged)

11. I'll Be The One (Remix)

The Bozz also has a greatest Hits CD released last year it contains "The Bozz's" hits I am for sure going to ge that one Lido Shuffle is one of my all time favs. I love this mans work, he is a complete legend to me :)

If you love the music of "The Bozz" then this is the CD to get :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Coming 12th November this year Bodybalance 31. Artist reviews - Fan Sites - and a full brief of Bodybalance 31.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Added a banner with on the side of the blog site, if anyone has access problems please leave a comment.


I have been seriously hooked on The Flaming Lips.

Love their music with a passion.

The music on this CD in parts is so Bodybalance.

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is an awesome release, I was in HMV and heard them over HMV Radio and said wow what a group and sound these guys have. So went off to their section of the CD shop and the CD was there. I have been hooked on their music ever since.

(c) Warner Bros. Records, 2002

Flight Test is an awsesome piece of music. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 is a higlight from the CD.


01. Fight Test
02. One More Robot
03. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
04. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 2
05. In The Morning Of The Magicians
06. Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
07. Are You A Hypnotist??
08. It's Summertime (Throbbing Orange Pallbearers)
09. Do You Realize?
10. All We Have is Now
11. Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon

If Jackie is reading this The Flaming Lips would be a treat in Bodybalance/Flow.

Check the hyperlink above and check out The Flaming Lips please :)

Friday, October 14, 2005


Sugarbabaes were formed in 1998. They have been featured in Bodybalance from release 23 to 28.

Bodybalance apperances:

9 BB 23 Stronger Sugarbabes
6 BB 26 Too Lost in You Sugababes
9 BB 26 Caught in a Moment Sugababes
1 BB 27 Conversation Over Sugarbabes

They have had two CD's so far "Angels With Dirty Faces 2002" and "Three 2003"

Their newest CD "Taller in More Ways!" released 10th October 2005. (Monday.)

Their first single from the CD called "Push the Button" was released 26th September 2005 this year.

(c) 2005 Island Records

Track Listings:

01. Push The Button
02. Gotta Be You
03. Follow Me Home
04. Joy Division
05. Red Dress
06. Ugly
07. It Ain't Easy

08. Bruised
09. Obsession
10. Ace Reject
11. Better
12. 2 Hearts

Hopefully Jackie would use their music in future Bodybalance's in 2006. :)


Click the link above to enter the article.

(c) John Robbins & 2005

On the Yoga: Art + Science site Witold has written an article on Extended Triangle Pose, which will appear in Bodybalance/flow 31 Track 3 Standing Strength.

Please visit Witold's site and read up about this pose.

Thanks for that article and just in time for Bodybalance/Flow 31:)

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Garry Hart is now the Training Director of Les Mills Asia Pacific. For those who have the video for Bodybalance 3 and also Bodybalance 22 he is featured on those releases.

Congratulations to Garry - Master Trainer Bodyblance/Flow.

kia ora


Bodybalance 08.

Available on cassette only.

Released 1999.

01 BB 08 Whats going on Cyndi Lauper
02 BB 08 Mother Era
03 BB 08 Brand new day Sting
04 BB 08 I believe I can fly R. Kelly
05 BB 08 Life is sweet Natalie Merchant
06 BB 08 Gangsta's paradise Coolio
07 BB 08 Beautiful day Ziggy Marley
08 BB 08 Don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith
09 BB 08 Angel Sarah McLachlan
10 BB 08 Mystic voyage Deuter

Was litening to "Whats Going On" by Cyndi Lauper. Taught that one a-while back. Just noticed that the track has some serious drums going on in the track. It is a great Yoga Based warm-up which Molly Fox choreographed to perfection.

Honestly all those drums?

Anyway it is an awesome track and leads into Mother by Era which is also another superb track as well.

I honestly love Bodybalance 8 :)

If you know any "cough" old Les Mills Bodybalance/Flow instructors ask them to pull this one out.

Seriously it is one awesome release :)


Click above to enter the world of IL Divo :)

IL Divo are David Miller, Sebastien Izambard, Urs Buhler and Carlos Marin. These guys were on Oprah earlier this year.

We all watch Oprah? Don't we?

The guys are back with a new CD which would hit the CD shops on the 7th November 2005.

I originally reviewed the CD on the Friday, March 11 2005 when the guys came out with their debut CD in February 2005. The group was created by Simon from "Pop Idol" and "American Idol."

See link below:

This is their second CD entitled “Ancora” the guys were recently in Australia.

The CD features a guest appearance from a “Bodybalance” favourite Celine Dion who appeared in a number of earlier “Bodybalance” releases and "Maria Carey" who has featured in two Bodybalance releases.

I have the privilege of owning those releases and would have to say that they are rather special tracks and an awesome set of poses.

Maria's "Against all Odds BB 13 " is a special track and "Hero" is simply divine indeed. "

Bodybalance 13 is a rather exceptional release :)

I taught 13 a number of years back and the class went "What The" :) it is a challenging release. But so much loved by myself and made me fall in love with Bodybalance.

Celine's contributions are: I'M Your Angel" is awesome and "The Prayer" man what a track and set of poses. "My Heart Will Go On" is outstanding so simple and yet effective.

The track was also featured in Bodypump as well.

Nice memories :)

Celine Dion Music in Bodybalance:

4 BB 06 I'm your angel Celine Dion & R. Kelly
8 BB 07 The Prayer Celine Dione A Bocelli
9 BB 09 My heart will go on Celine Dion

Maria's appearance in Bodybalance:

4 BB 07 Hero Mariah Carey
4 BB 13 Against All Odds Mariah Carey feat. Westlife (see review on Bodypump Blogger.)


Still in English

© 2005 BMG” Height=

Track Listing:

01. Heroe (Remake of Maria Carey's hit.) (BB 8.)
02. Isabel
03. I Believe In You (Je Crois En Toi) - Il Divo and Celine Dion (BB 6 - 7 - 9.)
04. Unchained Melody (Remake of The Everly Brothers hit.)
05. Si Tú Me Amas
06. Ave Maria
07. Hasta Mi Final
08. All By Myself (Sola Otra Vez)(Remake of Eric Carmens hit.)
09. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
10. Esisti Dentro Me
11. Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore
12. O Holy Night


Features: 1) Unbreak My Heart (Regresa A Mi) – Music Video2) Unbreak My Heart (Regresa A Mi) – The Making Of Video3) Mama – Music Video4) Mama – The Making Of Video 5) Live at Gotham Hall (23 mins) - Unbreak My Heart (Regresa A Mi)- Mama - Nella Fantasia - Passera’ - My Way (A Mi Manera)
"Ancora" Live Showcase:

Date : 22nd October 2005 (Saturday)
Time : 8:00pmVenue : Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (Grand Ballroom)

If you are in Hong Kong on the date above check out the showcase where these guys will be officially launching the CD in a showcase format.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Kate Bush was and well still is an important musical artist. She last charted back in the 1980's with a duet with Peter Gabriel.

After 12 years away from us she is back and with her new CD titled "Aerial" the CD will be launched in 8th November 2005.

(c) 2005 EMI International

Disc 1

01. King Of The Mountain (1st single out.)
02. Pi
03. Bertie
04. Mrs. Bartolozzi
05. How To Be Invisible
06. Joanni
07. A Coral Room

Disc 2

01. Prelude
02. Prologue
03. An Architect's Dream
04. Sunset
05. Aerial Tal
06. Somewhere In Between
07. Nocturn
08. Aerial

"King of the Mountain" is the first single out.

If you loved "babooshka" and "withering heights" then Kate's new CD will not disappoint.

I would love to see Kate Bush and her music in bodybalance/flow/healing in 2006, I can only wish :)


From the sizzler below we can say that Bodybalance 31 has:

Track No/ Song /Artist/CD Information

01. -
02. Release - Afro Celt Sound System (with Sinead O'Connor) - Music From The MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack Stigmata - Released: August 24, 1999
03. -
04. Love Should - Moby - Hotel - Released March 22, 2005
05. Take my Breath Away - Jessica Simpson - In this Skin - Release date: 3rd Feb 2004 (This is her third appearance in Bodybalance.)
06. -
07. -
08. Nina Simone - Feeling Good - I Put a Spell on You - Recorded 15th January 1965
09. -
10. -

5 to go :)


All for the Believing is from her CD and MINI EP of the same name.

I reviewed Missy Higgins here on the Bodybalance Blogger site.

As apart of the series commenting on all 9 tracks of this release.

The music can't put my finger on it, I really can't I find the music haunting a bit mystic and really sad in parts. The song is about tough love and staying with a person in the good and the bad times.

It is a five part balance track. Part 1 is about alignment. Part 2 is about finding silence in the stillness of the pose. Part 3 is about power though standing strength and powerfull martial arts strenght poses that align in whole left/right body balance. Part 4 is about balancing the ying and yang (flow.) Part 5 is about lower body conditioning and strenght.

The pose then works the opposite side of the body working ying and yang. Concentrating on core Hara Breathing sequences in both parts A - B of the yoga poses presented.

For a short track I find it intense as much as Heaven "Live" from release 28. It is the short tracks that are powerfull which really allow a total drenching of the body into the poses presented.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


He is out here on a promotional tour.

Tonight he was on Dancing with Stars singing his music.

The dude is so awesome.

This has nothing to do with Bodybalance a very random thought. :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Hi just added a new link to the side of the blog site. His name is Alex and he has kindly allowed me to add his blog site to this one.

Please visit Alex's site and read up on his Les Mills experiences.

Thanks for the link back as well.

kia ora :)


Interview with Dr Jackie Mills about Bodybalance.

Found this interview with Dr Jackie Mills sometime ago and don't have the original source, if anyone knows please tell me:

How were the beginnings of BODYBALANCE?

Over 20 years we had different Yoga of courses with Les Mills. At the beginning of of 1980 we developed a Yoga music course "jazz Yoga". Later developed choreography Yoga of courses without music by New Zealand Guru Mande White.

Phillip, Molly Fox and I started 1997 with BODYBALANCE as new Yoga music course. We tried to receive different music to individual Yoga ranges such as sun greeting to combine leg stabilization and balance the specific use. We defined groups, which we wanted to work on and the exercises with music enriched to obtain desired results.

Then we got specialists of other disciplines, like the New Zealanders Mandy White and Rob Richards, the Australian Liz Marcus or the Englishwoman Liz Bussy also in the boat and supplemented the BODYBALANCE program. Fast we added Pilates, because it is the best way of the technique stabilization. Then we brought in Tai Chi for the stabilization of the energy courses and the body and spirit also. Our permanent goal is the multilayeredness of the program, in order to achieve the maximum use for body and spirit.

Source: unknown

So this states that Bodybalance began in 1997 which makes it one of the oldest Les Mills classes. I have been with Bodybalance since 1999 when it came to Australia. I have done every Bodybalance from release 4 > to 30. I am trained in Bodybalance 18 and that was in 2002.

The things one finds:)


Found this in cyberspace, wonders what else is out there.

Bodybalance is a combination of three well-established disciplines, Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga.

Pilates - Developed in the 1920s by the legendary physical trainer and founder of the Pilates Studio's, Joseph H. Pilates, The Pilates Method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk. Not surprisingly, some of the first people to use the Pilates Method were dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine. The Pilates Method is not just exercise however. It is a series of controlled movements engaging your body and mind, performed on specifically designed exercise apparatus and supervised by exte nsively trained teachers.

Tai Chi - There is some contention as to the origins of Tai Chi. It was founded around 1390 by Chang San-Feng who developed the 13 basic postures. Tai Chi promotes suppleness and elasticity as opposed to hardness and force. It is essentially a moving form of yoga and meditation.

Yoga - Developed in India, with a history of more than 5 millennia. It focuses around body postures known as Asana?s, with meditation and breathing. The modern understanding of Yoga is the improvement of mental-awareness, physical fitness and stress control.

© 2000-2005 dooyoo AG

Love the simplicity of the respose KISS always works :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Here are the results:

1 Stolen Car- Sting - 8%
2 Make a Wish - Emerald Green - 0%
3 When You Smile - Patti LaBelle - 0%
4 Saltwater 02 (Thrillseekers Ambient Mix) - Chicane - 8%
5 Spirit - R. Kelly - 8%
6 Sick and Tired - Anastacia - 17%
7 The Joker - Fatboy Slim - 0%
8 No Ordinary Thing - Opshop - 33%
9 One More Day - Sinead O'Connor - 17%
10/11Reflection 2 - Deuter / The Letter That Never Came - Thomas Newman - 8%

The winner was No ordinary Thing OpShop.

No one voted for Make a Wish - When You Smile or The Joker. I loved those tracks.

New poll for Bodybalance 30 on line now.

Every vote does count :)


The pages in this blog were like taking centuries to load.

I was mouse tapping then went out and took the laundry of the line and was still not loading. There were over 100 enteries in the loading page section.

The site has grown as a result of this the limit on visable pages is now 20. If you want to view the Bodybalance Archives simply locate the entery in the side panel




This will the enter the archives and how to sections of the blog site :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Click on the above link to access his site:

Got the current fitness magazine from my country in the magazine a Prof. Fred Ehrlich Ph.D. PRCS, FACRM has written a wonderful article on the health benefits of doing tai chi as a form of preventive medicine. He states that "One type of exercise identified by a number of studies as particularly effective in reducing falls risk and preventing falls is Tai Chi. (Ehrlich 2005 p14.)" Bodybalance has elements of Tai Chi in track 1 of the program. In saying this, I wonder if Bodybalance in its form does the same thing? There is two forms of tai chi ancient and modern.

In Bodybalance, we use traditional Tai - Chi methods.

We use logn and sort forms of tai chi in every single Bodybalance class.

In Australia, Dr Ehrlich has created a program that called an injury prevention program that draws tai chi in its forms as the basis for the program.

Wonders what others may think of this?


Ehrlich, F, (2005) The Tai Chi for Health and Falls Injury Prevention Program, p 14.

Check his webiste there are tons of tai chi resources there.

The site is provided for educational usage. I don't promote the site or have any formal connection to the owners of the site.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Gary Hart my Bodybalance Mentor and a man who I look up to 100% said that chatty Les Mills Bodybalance Instructors really take the focus away from the releases. That got me to thinking what tracks need nothing said or min talking. I thought of a few and came up with track 3 of the current release and also track 8 of the current release and also the meditation tracks.

I agree to a certin level with Gary that people come to the classes with a total mind and body experience and not to be over chatted to by the instructors on stage.

He said set the pose up. Settle them into the pose. The correct the participants and then work with the pose. Set up the new pose and begin the circle again. I think I have got that one right? Gary is so right with that. IMO. Often breath is totally left out of the whole equation and that is what is missing to me. I think? and concentrating on core abs work and body alignment and focusing on the whole pose Holistically. Well thats my spin on it?

Has there ever been a time when you simply said nothing in meditation. I would say that Bodybalance 18 "The Velocity of Love" by "Susanne Giani" and also "Reprise Spiritual B" by "Tribe" are two classic examples.

Well it has occurred again. This time in Bodybalance 31 "A Mass for Peace" by "Jenkins". There is no space in that track for talking while trying to understand what the artist was trying to get across about the track.

On Sunday night we have "Australian Idol" and "Mark Holden" said to a singer that an artist writes a song and that they sing the song from some personal perspective. I thought about this in-depth and I guess Mark is right certain tracks need to be respected and that what the artist was and is trying to get across is so important. I think that also has to be said about our interpretation of the tracks they recorded and have a mutual respect for their vision of this music and their end philosophy of the tracks being presented. I learn the lyrics to the tracks and try to understand the artists meaning of the track and what they want to convey with the song. Then the reflection of the track should be in alignment with what they tried to deliver to us understanding that every person has a different viewpoint of the track.

I just find that talking in certain tracks isn't needed. I suppose it is a personal preference. I think in certain tracks that talking in the meditation track distracts from the music and the relaxation objectives of the track.

Often wonders of any Bodybalance/Flow/Healing instructors feel the same that certain track 10 and 11's simply are best left in silence?



This is a huge release. So I am going to take time to reflect on each track. Already featured was track 1 "Here with Me" by "Dido." Now it is Seals time to take center stage.

Seal has contributed 3 tracks to Bodybalance.

This is his latest entry into Bodybalance and has track three again. Prayer for the Dying comes from Seal 2, which was released in 1994. It featured "Bring it On" and "Kiss for a Rose."

Jackie used "Prayer for the Dying" track 2 from that Multi-award CD.

© 1994  Sire / London/Rhino

Just have to say something about this track and the wonderfull choreography that Jackie has choosen for this release.

Track Focus:

Standing Strength - this track has stripped back the poses and made me re-learn my triangles and my standing strength poses in Bodybalance. This release has a few set of poses this is what makes this special. One can literally concentrate on what each pose is all about. Locate what is wrong and find time to correct the poses. It has been a real revelation for me of what should be done and not is done.

You start out in a quiet space, relaxing then the track builds up and the poses match so perfectly the choreography and music selected.

It is now one of my favorite track 3 "Standing Strength's" ever. I would rank it up there with "Proud " by "Heather Small" from "Bodybalance 11" and "Bodybalance 24."

If you do the track in class take time to find the poses and also find time to correct the poses.

If you have any comments on the track would love to hear from anyone here about it and your own personal perspectives of the track :)


Jackie has just posted on the main Blog Site run by Les Mills on Pregnancy in Bodybalance. If you are not sure about anything this is a golden time to ask Jackie some questions about the issues of women and pregnancy in Bodybalance.

Visit the site and talk to the Head Choreographer & Product Manager of Les Mills International.

Visit over there please :)


Monday, October 03, 2005


Does anyone remember the massive group The Cranberries and thier massive hit Linger from 1992.

Well if you are familiar with them then you may know the following members of this group Dolores Mary O'Riordan Burton, Noel Anthony Hogan, Michael Gerard Hogan and Fergal Patrick Lawler.

Noel Hogan branched out and created this new group called "Mono Band" They have a new self titled CD called "Mono Band" which has featured the hits "Waves" and "Run Wild" which are awesome singles.

Click on the link above to access Noels site:

Or visit : for information about this artist.

The bands sel-titled Band CD was released 20th May 2005 and features artists like "Richard Walters, Alexandra Hemmede, Katie Havenik and Soname Yagchen (From is website.)

© 2005 Gohan Rec.
© 2005 Gohan Rec.

Released: May 20, 2005 Ireland Gohan Recordings/RMG - 314-514 156-2


1. Brighter Sky feat. soname yanchen
2. Waves feat. richard walters

© 2005 Gohan Rec.

3. Why? feat. alexandra hamnede
4. Home feat. richard walters
5. Invitation feat. alexandra hamnede
6. Crazy feat. kate kobro
7. Hollow Man feat. nicolas leroux
8. Miss P feat. alexandra hamnede
9. Indecisive feat. richard walters
10. Release feat. fin chambers

Check the following site for song samples and you may still get a signed copy of his CD there:

if you are into Finley Quaye - Beth Oroton - Conjure One then his music will appeal to you.

Check out his music please :)

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Click the link above to access his site.

Pete Murray is a Queensland artist from Brisbane, another few Brisbane acts are Savage Garden, Keith Urban and Rick Price to name a few.

His music could be described as the music you could hear on such shows The OC and also One Tree Hill.

Pete's first release was Feeler which had 3 massive hits, So Beautiful - Bail me Out and Please. All charted reallywell in Australia. His latest CD See the Sun has one release so far Better Days.

© 2005 Sonny BMG Australia Feeler Released: 07.06.04

The highlight of this release is the single So Beautiful. The cover was photographed in Brisbane looking back to the City of Brisbane.

Details of the release can be located at:

© 2005 Sonny BMG Australia See the Sun Released: 26.09.05

His latest CD's information can be found at:

If you do yourself a favour please check out his music you wont regret it :)

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