Sunday, November 27, 2005


The highlight track from release 31 is track 6 Crazy "Seal" Out of every track 6 going back as far I can remember (Release No 4) it is a cracker of a track. Cannot for the life of me remember a back track like this one ever.

What makes this track so real is that it is an awesome song to sing along to.

If you remember the video for this song then..........

A great sing along track :)


I am finding the more I get into release 31 the more it grows on me. I felt really anxious about this release. The feel of the whole release seems to be pose based. This release reminds me of the older releases "Bodybalance 4 > 10." Parts remind me of Molly Fox I spoke to a Master Trainer about that feeling and he kind of agreed.

That being said the music in this release is like driving for a long drive and discovering scenery that was previously not apart of the landscape. I guess the track 1 is the launch pad for this release. Like the previous release 30 "Dido" track one of this release sets the mood for the class. I love the new moves in this release. Bringing more tai chi into track one is awesome and I love the endless flow of this track and the movement from one pose to another. You almost feel the stillness in the track "Moving into Stillness" is the ultimate journey in Yoga and Tai Chi.

Track 2 continues the primal journey of this release, the Celtic undertones are so connected to the track. The track is a fast mover a shorter sun sals sequence make the track easy to flow with. The track has a gypsy feel to it.

Track 3 continues the theme from release 30. The poses are more dynamic and are held longer. I guess the focus on this track is length via the pose as opposed to some of the older releases which are "Power Yoga" based. This track is based on a longer count range.

Track 4 is more dance that any other track in recent times. It feels like Misere from release 16 and there is a fair bit of ballet in the track with some classic set positions. I like Dance Based track 4's. If you know dance then track 4 will be a treat in this release.

Track 5 is one of the quiet tracks on the release. Jackie focuses on length and the connection of breath and pose in this track. Lots of holding poses which are good. Many options to explore in the last part of the track. The track is very student focused and allows students to explore these in the track.

Track 6 has tons of pilates moves and core activation and b-line activation. It is a real core track. The TVA is worked in this track and deep abdominal muscle activation is occurring. Love the ending a real torso meets abs connection of poses. All inspiring.

Track 7 brings some new moves and lower and upper back activation. B-Line activation is something that students need to be taught. If they learn their B- Line then this track is a real back track.

Track 8 is short I have checked my library back to release 4 and this is the shortest track 8 ever. Supine poses are always good in track 8. It is a have funtrack. Mind you would love to present this in a Masterclass :)

Track 9 Jackie bring Tai Chi back to the release. I remember training on release 18 and we had tai chi from track 1 in track 9. It kind of completes the journey. The ending has a set of classic poses for track 9. Love this track as poses are held longer. The longer the better.

Track 10 Thomas Newman it is one of those tracks that you don't want to say anything in. I guess it depends on the class. Like track 10 of release 18 and 19 sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything at all.

Track 11 brings the class home the same as above say nothing and they will love you for it. At the end bring them home. As this is a short release chuck on another meditation piece or simple some silent meditation and casual chat before everyone leaves.

The 30's series are looking awesome and the visual and mind journey will continue with release 32 February 2006.

Cannot wait :)


Jann Arden is huge in Canada.

Jann Adren is a legend to me I love her music and what her music is all about. Jan has recorded with Sarah McLachlan . Her latest offering comes our way in 2005.

Her Self titled CD called "Jann Arden" she has had 7 previous released CD's and contributed to 11 other major projects.

Where No one Knows Me - All of This and Willing to Fall are major hits from this CD.

© 2005 Universal Music


Calling God - Where No One Knows Me - I'd Be Glad - Why Do I Try - All Of This - How Good Things Are - Life Is Sweet - Willing To Fall Down - A Perfect Day - Beautiful Pain - Rock This Girl - I Would Die For You - featuring Sarah McLachlan

The Cd was released April this year.

Visit her site and hear the wonderful music of Jann Arden. If you like Sarah McLachlan then Jann's music will inspire hear more of Jann's music.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Have to say one thing that release 31 is great for the upper back. Had a tightness in the upper back for a few days. Bodybalance 31 took care of this. I now have more mobility on the shoulder joints and more ROM.


Monday, November 21, 2005


© 2005 Reprise Records UK - Ireland

Enya has a new CD called "Amarantine" the first single out is Less than a Pearl and Amarantine is the followup, I have been waiting a long time for new material from Enya and it is now here. It has been 5 years since Enya released any new material. It will be released on the 22nd Nov 2005. The CD is produced by Nicky Ryan.

I heard the music on the radio today and it is outstanding.

Enya has appeared in two Bodybalance releases:

11 BB 14 A Day Without Rain - Enya
09 BB 20 May It Be - Enya A wonderful song from release 20 (Lord of the Rings.) presented by Emma Barry.

Also 9 BB 07 I will find you Clannad a wonderful track 9 was in release 9 of Bodybalance I love that track. nicely choreographed.


1. Less Than A Pearl 2. Amarantine 3. It's In The Rain 4. If I Could Be Where You Are 5. The River Sings 6. Long Long Journey 7. Sumiregusa 8. Somebody Said Goodbye 9. A Moment Lost 10. Drifting 11. Amid The Falling Snow 12. Water Shows The Hidden Heart.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Robert Post is from an incredibly small village on the west coast of Norway called Langevaag. Gone None and There's one Thing are the first release from his CD :)

© 2005 Universal Music


1. There's One Thing 2. Got None 3.Silence Makes Him Sick 4. High Tide 5. More & More 6. Big Boat 7. Newborn 8. Everything Is Fine 9. Ocean & A Tear 10. Come Home 11. Far Away From This Town (Bonus Track)

Robert recently worked with Natalie Imbruglia at the Paris Olympia.

Robert Post is a solo artist going places. He is an awesome singer if you love real music and love to hear a really nice genuine artist sing his craft then Roberts music will appeal to you.


Short simple and sweet:)

11th October saw the release of Kirsty's latest CD via Network Records. The first single from the CD is entitled Just Be Me which is a nice song indeed to listen to. She records via Netwerk Canada.

The CD is called Metamessage.

She is best remembered for her work with Optus III and Delerium.

© 2005 Netwerk


01. Just Be Me 02. Fine Day 03. Reach For Me 04. Natures Kingdom 05. Walking On Clouds 06. Battleship Grey 07. Sincere for You 08. Blackout 09. Split 10. All I Want 11. Beautiful Dancer 12. Whisper.

Kirsty is an awesome singer please check her gear out :)

Friday, November 18, 2005


Remember the post:

Well Marty has a new website and a forum now open at:

His forum is at:

They serously need to take a look at the colour scheme there :P :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I have a new best of 30's series.

The criteria for the selection:

1. Tracks mus appear from Bodybalance 30 >
2. Tracks must have a logical flow and adhere to the suggested format of Bodybalance/Flow.
3. Selction is based on the natural flow of the release while adhering to the essence of Bodybalance/Flow.
4. Overall enjoyment of the tracks.

01. Here with Me (Dido) - Bodybalance 30
02. Release (Afro Celt Sound System - Feat Sinead O'Connor.) - Bodybalance 31
03. Prayer for the Dying (Seal.) - Bodybalance 30
04. All for the believing (Missy Higgins.) - Bodybalance 30 ties Love Should (Moby.) - Bodybalance 31
05. Shiver (Natalie Imbruglia.) - Bodybalance 30
06. Crazy (Seal.) - Bodybalance 31
07. Last Thing on my Mind (Ronan Keating - Leann Rimes.) - Bodybalance 30
08. Feeling Good (Nina Simone.) - Bodybalance 31
09. Run (Snow Patrol.) - Bodybalance 30
10. Benadictus (Jenkins) - Bodybalance 30
11. Fight Day (Thomas Newman.) - Bodyabalance 31

Just love every releases so far. :) inb the 30's series.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I guess release 31 is a visual journey. The release is the most softest release I can remember and has taken me awhile to get into the groove of this release.

It is like walking into a antique shop and not really wanting to touch anything, you eventually want to buy something and take it home not knowing where to place it.

Track 1 journey begins, the strangest thing happened I thought of "John Denver" in the begining of the track. The music reminds me of John, really weird. Then as the track goes on I think of the music and get into it.


Track 2 Celtic releases in the track bring me back to the celtic sounds of Ireland. I guess the music is tribal and reminds me of my "Pict Heritage" awesome.

Track 3 the music is funky and has a soul feel to it reminds me of track 3 from release 29.

Track 4 is awesome track 4 takes me a very little time to learn it. I like the feel of track 4 sometimes it has elements of dance to it so I get caught up in the dance of the track. Just love the track.

Track 5 Take my Breath Away just breathe and let the track take care of the rest. Took the poses up a notch for this track while learning it.

Track 6 awesome music I was thinking of some poses we have not had in such a long time and guess what they turned up in track 6.

Track 7 on the CD reminds me of the 60's which is really weird as well.

Track 8 that track goes back to 1965. So I guess that track is the oldest track ever to appear in any Les Mills release. A great sing along track. I think of 60's TV shows in Black and White while listening to the music of track 8.

Track 9 bringing the release home track 9 by Sarah reminds of what music is all about a great reflective peice of music. You spend forever in some poses. This time at the 1/4 I did something that I rarely do a wide forward fold with forearms on the ground. A very nice ending track to a nice Bodybalance release.

Music ranking 9/10 for this release I love track 8 but wanted more in a twist track.

Great release it is like a walk in the fields of flowers you get what you want out walking in the fields either looking at the birds and trees or looking at the landscape.

You end the release with two reflective pieces of music.

Awesome mix and a great visual journey :)


There were four presenters this time on the DVD for release 31. Don't want to give away too much as some people might not have the release yet.

Please check the DVD out one cool DVD to watch and learn from :)


This is the shortest Bodybalance release ever so we have 10 more minutes to work with this time.

Spoke to one of the Master Trainers and he suggested that we use an extra meditation track in this release.

Since it is the best part of the class 3 meditation tracks sounds like a good thing to me :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Well it is 24 hrs later and I have had a chance to have a few listens to the CD.

First off this is a co-choreographed CD - Release this time. Jackie's daughter Diana joins her in designing the choreogrpahy for this release.

The visual journey begins with Make thing Right - which is by a group I have never heard off so I guess that is a buzz getting into the mood of the CD.

Bodybalance/Flow 31 is a visual journey viewing the tapestry of the music I can say that this release has an ancient flow in the two first tracks which sets the mood for th rest of the release. Track 2 Release is a awesome piece of music and choreographed with a few new moves and loved the entire flow of the track.

Track 3 As - Cruise into track three with George Michael and Mary J Blige connect and feel the poses deeper and deeper.

Track 4 Love Should - outstanding track awsome set of poses.

Track 5 Take my Breath Away - nice piece of music and set of poses to open the hips.

Track 6 Crazy - Brings back a few nice poses the tarck feels very pre 10 of Bodybalance/Flow.

Track 7 Counting Down the Days - New poses and a wonderful track love Natalies music.

Track 8 Feeling Good - When the track was on I was thinking of Michael Buble's version of the track. Nina's version is more soul in the delivery and reminds me of the 60's. Love the poses and an awesome track 8. I was singing along thinking of when I heard the original back in 1973.

I love singing this song :)

Track 9 Push - A really relaxing track 9 this time and Jackie has bought into the mix a re-visit of track 1 in release 31.

Track 10 - 11 review later :)

Overall release 31 takes time to understand and find the grooves in the release. I am so very glad to hear Nina Simone in a class and love the cruise feel of the release.

I relly feel like I am back in the 70's with this release :)

Love it love it love it :)

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I have been sitting on this review for what sounds like ages. Since I have done the 1/4 today and it is officially released where I am from here it is :)

Featured artists for this release are Jesicca Simpson and Thomas Newman

Jessica Simpson:

Jessica was born: 10 July 1980 - Abilene, Texas, USA she is married to Nick Lachey from the former group "98 Degrees". She can be seen with Nick on their reality TV Show Newlyweds.

Jessica last appeared in Bodybalance 16 I guess that would have been around 2001 Quarter 1 of that year. I love Irresistible simply love it. Tons of Inversion work in that track reminds me of I am who I am from release. 13.

Her current release is "In this Skin" which featured the single "Take my Breath Away" the song was originally recorded by Berlin and appears on the soundtrack of "Top Gun" staring "Tom Cruise" and "Kelly McGillis." Her CD was reocrded in 2003 and the single from that release was issued on the the 3rd February 2004. The single was written by Giorgio Moroder, Tom Whitlock. it is the "Love Theme" to Top Gun.

Have you noticed that every thing in Hollywood has a 6 Degrees of Separation?

Like who acted with Kevin Bacon :)

Jessica’s Bodybalance Discography:

5 BB 16 Irresistible Jessica Simpson – Irresistible
8 BB 16 There You Were Jessica Simpson & Marc Anthony -Irresistible

Thomas Newman:

I rarely write a bio on a track 10 or 11. So here goes :)

Thomas Newman was born 20th Oct 1955 LA California. He is a Yale Graduate He is best known for his work with Soundtracks he has penned over 82 soundtracks. Thomas appeared in release 11 also release 29 with a Letter That Never Came from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Thomas is a prolific artist having worked on Erin Brockovich - American Beauty - The Horse Whisperer - Meet Joe Black - The Green Mile - Up Close and Personal - and the list goes on. This time he comes to the releases with Fight Day (track 10) from Cinderella Man starring Russell Crowe.

Thomas Newman's Bodybalance Discography:

11 BB 11 Any Other Name Thomas Newman - American Beauty Soundtrack
11. BB 29 The Letter That Never Came - Thomas Newman

© 2005 Les Mills International

Track No/ Release Code/ Song /Artist/CD Information

01. BB 31 Make things right - Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks
02. BB 31 Release - Sinead O'Connor & Afro Celt Sound System - Volume 2: Release
03. BB 31 As - George Michael and Mary J. Blige - Family Affair
04. BB 31 Love should - Moby – Hotel
05. BB 31 Take my breath away - Jessica Simpson You Take My Breath Away/Angels
06. BB 31 Crazy - Seal - Seal IV
07. BB 31 Counting down the days - Natalie Imbruglia - Counting down the Days
08. BB 31 Feeling good - Nina Simone - The Very Best of Nina Simone
09. BB 31 Push - Sarah McLachlan – Afterglow
10. BB 31 35 minutes - Moby – Hotel
11. BB 31 Fight day - Thomas Newman - Cinderella Man Soundtrack

Fan Sites:

Below are sites for the artists featured in Bodybalance 31.

Some sites contain actual filmclips of the songs used in the current releases.

Lemon Jelly -
Afro Celt Sound system - Feat Sinead Oconnor
George Michael and Mary J. Blige -
Moby -
Jessica Simpson -
Seal -
Natalie Imbruglia -
Nina Simone -
Sarah McLachlan -
Thomas Newman -

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Friday, November 11, 2005


Sigur Ros' is from Iceland this is their 4th CD it is sung in native Icelandic. I have just found this group recently visiting amazon and look for their CD's.

Sigur Ros is an awesome ambient music group from Iceland.

Sigur Ros (pronounced SIG-ger roas) is from Reykjavik, Iceland, and features Jon Bor Birgisson on vocals and guitar, Kjartan Sveinsson on keyboards, Orri Paal Dyrason on drums and Georg Holm on bass. The band's music is ethereal and atmospheric, alternately sung in Icelandic and "Hopelandic," a language they invented. It's a sound the band says is meant to bring listeners "the beautiful landscape of their homeland." Sigur Ros is currently on tour to promote its latest CD, Takk.

Copyright 2005 NPR

Icelandic music is not heard alot but I like this CD lots. The CD was released on the 13 September 2005,

© 2005 EMI Iceland


1. Takk 2. Glosoli 3. Hoppipolla 4. Meo Blodnasir 5. Se Lest 6. Saeglopur 7. Milano 8. Gong 9. Anduari 10. Svo Hljott 11. Heysatan

The tracks highlighted are highlights from the CD.

I know Icelandic music is not everyone's cup of tea but Sigur Ros's latest offering is outstanding :)

Check the UK based web site: for media and audio of Sigur Ros from Iceland.

Check for the latest news as well :) is the ultimate source of Sigur Ros and everything Sigur Ros :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I have updated the Choreogrpahers Hall fo Fame.

Coming soon the Video Presenters Hall of Fame:


According to Josef Mathews from Les Mills USA.

Dr Jackie Mills, Dr Dave and Anita are the presenters for release 32. Now thats a scoop :)

Over there there a write up on Bodycombat 27 and a awesome photo of Josef and Dan Cohen.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


© 2005 Sony BMG Australia

Human Nature are: Andrew Tierney - Mike Tierney - Toby Allen - Phil Burton they follow up their last CD called "Walk the Tightrope" with this smash release which is scheduled for the 4th Nov 2005. The first single from their current was released this week. (Australia.)

I got hooked on them with their debut release "Telling Everybody" they then followed this up with "Human Nature" then "Here and Now - The Best of Human Nature" and their awesome release "Walk the Tightrope" which is my fav out of all their CD's released so far.

Reach Out: The Motown Record is the latest release from the guys from Australia. It is a collection of classic tracks from the golden era of music the 1960's where Diana Ross and the Supremes, Marvyn Gaye, Elvis Presley were topping the charts. I have great memories of their music. :)

Well the guys of Human Nature have re-created the hits of that era for this project. On "Dancing with the Stars" 8th Nov 2005 they debued their new single from the release "Reach Out I'll be There" it was an awesome performance. The competition was won by "Home and Aways" "Ada" and her dancing partner. "Chris Bath" got second.


1.Reach Out I'll Be There 2.You Keep Me Hangin' On 3.Baby I Need Your Loving 4.If You Don't Know Me By Now 5.I Heard It Through The Grapevine 6.Twenty-five Miles 7.I'll Be There 8.My Girl 9.I Want You Back 10.Stop! In The Name Of Love 11.You Are Everything 12.The Tracks Of My Tears

If you stop by their site you can hear and watch their gear from the current release as well as listen and view past releases from one of my favorite Australia Groups Human Nature.

Check the CD out please :)

Monday, November 07, 2005


Bodybalance 31 tracklist - Artist Profiles will be here on the 12th Novemeber 2005. I have been busy writting it up.

The music for tracks 10 - 11 are wonderful tracks. By looking at the play list it should be an awesome release.


I have removed the polls from the site, they will be back when I can locate a site that does not have pop-ups attached to them.

I just noticed they have attached a pop-up to the poll site that I consider unappropriated for this site.

The results for the polls will be sent to Les Mills International.

I will be contacting the polls hosts and venting a bit their way.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Been with Bodybalance since 1999 and I guess that Bodybalance 30 is a defining moment to me. Finding what Bodybalance 30 is also about was a journey. I guess it made me think about the poses more and about the whole Bodybalance journey.

Release 30 is reflective in parts and I guess that's the point of a good Tai Chi - Yoga Based - Pilates Based experience. Bodypump 31 to me is about poses and postures and getting back to the basics of Bodybalance.

Track 1 is a classic example of this the tai chi is the centerpiece of the class. Finding the right breath and the right stillness to the poses was awesome, the feeling of a total connection to the tai chi aspects of track 1 was confronting.

Track 2 the track breathes life into the whole reason why we do sun sals in Bodybalance. The yang and yang of the sun salutation in this release is awesome. Just think that when you surrender to the sun salutation at the end it cannot get any better.

Track 3 wow and more wow, what more can I say simply love this track and love the whole set of long poses in this track. Longer poses are awesome when they come to Bodybalance. I just think that "Prayer for the Dying" is outstanding.

Track 4 short and sweet and so much packed into a short space of time, one of the shortest tracks ever. Love the martial arts feel of the track.

Track 5 In this release I have gone back to 90/90 poses for this release. I also have explored an option that I have not done for a long time forearms to the ground and pushing the hips down and forehead to the ground while using hara breath cycles.

Track 6 In this release I have been using b-line activation. I am so into b-Line activation and when doing this track it is important. If you pull in the abs and tighten the core then this is a wonderful track to do, the pilates sequences are at a max here. If you use the elbows and connect them to the knees then this activates the abs more and more. Just love this track so very much.

Track 7 is a highlight on this release. I remember one of my initial Bodybalance Instructors told me a great visual "Feel the Cobra" and become a snake. That clicked this time so I thought bring out "The Cobra" and it really worked.

Track 8 Sarah McLauchlan brings track 8. This is an awesome track exploring length is what I found in this track and working on the twist to the max. Lots of inversions here and love the whole idea of lots of inversions in track 8 this is an outstanding twist track.

Track 9 Snow Patrol I have their music and would say that this track has more inversions in it. Love the whole track. Jackie made the transitions achievable. A great sing along track and love the supine work in this track.

Track 10 is a long meditation track. I felt like I was in church which made it more reflective. It took me back to the earlier releases and a longer meditation / relaxation track.

Simply Bodybalance/Flow is outstanding and this release is now one of my favorites ever.

Awesome work Jackie.



Saturday, November 05, 2005


© 2005 Rosie Records


01.Key largo 02.Paper tigers 03.You closer 04.Opus 05.Find my way 06.Keep on walking 07.Beauty of mine 08.Avila 09.The fall 10.Can you hear me 11.Grace

Siren Songs is her latest CD awesome - raw - honest music. If you want to sink into some lush music that could be played at any time of day her music is it :)



In different parts of the world Bodybalance is known as different names. In the USA it is known as Bodyflow.

In Japan it is known as Bodyhealing?

I think it is cultural Bodyhealing sounds better than Bodybalance over there I think qi gong-mind-bodyhealing is why it is that way in Japan.
Bodyhealing applies to the whole Body as opposed to Bodybalance that concentrates on one aspect of the body and healing makes it more holistic in approach.

Thats how I see it.


Thursday, November 03, 2005


No one says the following anymore:

Reverse Swan Dive:

This is a personal viewpoint I have no idea what it is like in other peoples classes.

If I said to a student Come to Your Heighest Mountain - Reverse Swan people look at me and don't have a clue what I am on about, then you explore the names of the poses and even more blank looks. No-one says reverse swan anymore the word is becoming less visable in Bodybalance/Flow classes.

Mountain Pose with a Twist:

No one says that anymore!

I have no idea why no-one uses the names of the poses anymore?


Cyndi Lauper entered my life music wise in 1983 with "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" she was in concert where I lived and her cassette "She's so Unusual" is one of my favorites and I still have the cassette to this Day. "She Bop" was awesome as well.

In release 08 she gave us "Whats Going On" a remake of the massive hit by "Marvin Gaye" who gave us in 1982 "Sexual Healing" from "Midnight Love" which I also have on cassette. Marvin also sang "I heard it through the Grapevine" which was covered in Bodypump "I heard it through the Grapevine Soultrans" from release 25. Midnight Love is one of my favorite cassettes from 1982. 1982 was to me a highlight year for music and produced some of the best music in any era of music. I trully miss Marvin Gaye and his music.


Release 08 in those days track 1's were not tai-chi. (Would love to do a pre - ten track 1) type warmup again :)

Bodybalance Contribution:

1 BB 08 Whats going on Cyndi Lauper - What's Going On (Special Version) - True Colours.

© 2005 Sony/Epic International


1. Money Changes Everything (ft. Adam Lazzara) 2. All Through The Night (ft. Shaggy) 3. Time After Time (ft. Sarah McLachlan) 4. She Bop 5. Above The Clouds (ft. Jeff Beck) 6. I'll Be Your River (ft. Vivian Green) 7. Sisters Of Avalon (ft. Ani di Franco & Vivian Green) 8. Shine 9. True Colors 10. Water's Edge (ft. Sarah McLachlan) 11. Fearless 12. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (ft. Puffi AmiYumi)

Disc/Side 3 1. Above The Clouds 2. Shine 3. She Bop 4. Money Changes Everything 5. Behind the Scenes (kinda sorta) Cyndi LauperThe Body Acoustic [CD+DVD (DualDisc)]

Cyndi reworked the material and accoustic versions of all her songs are on the CD she teamed up with Sarah McLauchlan who is featured in Bodybalance and an artist profile of her is on this site.

If you love the music of Cyndi's I can't imagine anyone who does not then this CD is well worth having :)

If you vist the Sony site you could win a signed copy of the CD and also a Sony Walkman :) or

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well today I pulled out Bodybalance 20 just to listen to and re-visit that release and brush up on tracks 2 and three. I also watched the video with Jackie - Emma and Lee an awesome fluid release and video presentation by all :)

Shakira's Underneath my Clothes" is a beautiful track and a wonderful track 3. Presented on the video by Lee Parore.

Oral Fixation 2 is about to be released on the 28th November 2005.

Don't Bother is her first CD single from that release:

I have to get this CD :)

If your instructor has Bodybalance 20 then ask them to pull it out :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Jackie mentioned on the main site that instructors should hand to the class a participants handout. The aim of the handout is to inform the end-user (you) the must knows of Bodybalance/Flow/Healing if you do not have this resource then ask your instructor for a copy of this. Ideally it should be located in the enterance of the group fitness room. If it is not there then ask the facility owner of the complex or the group fitness co-ordinator for a copy of this valuable resource :)


Stop All The World Now was released in 2003. Howie is from Bangor, Maine. His first CD was called "Australia" "Stop All The World" is now available in DualDisk made available May this year. Howie is an outstanding singer.

The CD is awesome.

 © 2005 Sony


01.Brace Yourself 02.Perfect Time Of Day 03.Collide 04.Trouble In Here 05.Sunday Morning Song 06.I'll Take You On 07.She Says 08.Numbness For Sound 09.You & A Promise 10.End Of Our Days 11.Come Lay Down

Standout tracks are Collide and She Says. If you love good Bodybalance - Flow type of music then this is the CD for your collection :)

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