Sunday, January 29, 2006

New Spoiler Site Launched on the 4th February 2004

Bodybalance® 32 (Feb) - Bodybalance® 33(May)- Bodybalance® 34 (Aug) - Bodybalance® 35 (Nov)

On the 4th February 2004 a mirror site will be attached to this site, it will contain spoiler information on Bodybalance 32 and the release.

The reason is that I have had some feedback from people visting the site that they would like the spoiler information on the current releases off the site which adds to the excitement factor.

So a "Spoiler Site" was established.

If you want to know whats comming up then visit the "Spoiler" site. The site is linked back to here.

After the initial releases around the world the information will be moved back here.

The site is connected to this one.

So come back on the 4th February when the mirror site is launched.

Enjoy your sun within :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006


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Track Number/Song/Artist/CDInformation

01. Taking the Inside Rail - Sting - Racing Stripes Soundtrack.
02. Endless Dream - Conjure one - Extraordinary Ways

Image hosting by Photobucket

Release Date: October 1, 2005

03. Walk on Bye - Seal - CD Single (Awesome single.) - The Best of Seal
04. Heaven (Candlelight Remix) - DJ Sammy - Boys of Summer [CD Single]
05. Say what you want - Texas - Bridget Jones Diary 2 Soundtrack
06. Hope - Twista feat. Faith Evans [CD Single]
07. One Step to Far (Rollo & Sister Bliss Funky Mix) - Faithless feat. Dido - Forever Faithless
08. Reach - Gloria Estefan - Olympics® Soundtrack 1996 Atlanta Games
09. Center of the Sun (Chillout Mix.) - Conjure One - Conjure One
10. Heart - Comparison - Perry Wood - N/A


Fan Sites

Sting -
Conjure One -
Seal -
DJ Sammy -
Texas -
Twista - -
Faithless -
Gloria Estafan -
Perry Wood -

Choreographed by: Dr Jackie Mills

Video Presentation: Dr Jackie Mills - Dr David McKenzie - Anita Blanchette - Josef Mathews(USA)


Reach by Gloria Estefan is the official anthem to the Summer Olympics® - 1996 in Atlanta Georgia.

Gloria has had a fair few singles used over the past number of years in a number of Les Mills Programmes.

01 BP 37 Bodypump Don't Let This Moment End
03 BJ 05 Bodyjam Go Away
10 BJ 07 Bodyjam Oye
03 BJ 23 Bodyjam Oye
08 BS 60 Bodystep I Just Wanna Be Happy
01 BP 28 Bodypump Heavens what I feel
06 BA 17 Bodyattack Turn The Beat Around
03 BP 30 Bodypump Oye
04 BS 55 Bodystep Don't Stop
03 BJ 20 Bodyjam Higher
02 BA 23 Bodyattack Don't Stop
03 BJ 01 Bodyjam Everlasting Love
03 BJ 07 Bodyjam I just wanna be happy

Reach was used last time in Bodyjam 20 and come to Bodybalance/Flow 32 February 2006. This is her very first appearance in Bodybalance.

Disclaimer (Please Read.)

Music charts are copyright Les Mills International™. This site does not promote the usage of the tracklists for any other manner than and educational perspective. Copyright is acknowledged via alt tags over each image and the usage of copyright is governed by their usage in an educational sense. Information supplied is not the viewpoint of Les Mills International™, it is the viewpoint of the author of this work. Feel free to copy the information for personal usage. Materials in this site is restricted meaning that permission must be sought by Les Mills International™ and the owners of this site. Copyright of material is displayed via alt tags and where appropriate URL relocation back to source information is located within the entry of the blogg for tracking purposes.We do not promote the usage of MP3 or file transfer technologies on this site and have restricted e-mail access for this purpose.We do not accept any associated entries or exit problems that you may have with sites offered from here. You enter the sites at your own risk and we assume that you have suitable virus programs and definitions loaded at all times.For additional information contact: the owner of the site via profile information contained in this blog site at
for terms and conditions for the usage of materials from this site.Bodybalance® is a registered trademark of Les Mills International and trademarked in Australia by Les Mills Asia Pacific the Bodypump® Logo is trademarked by Les Mills International™.

© 2006 Les Mills International™ (Tracklists.)
© 2006
© 2006 Associated Music Labels and Artists and Associates

Olympics® is a registered trade mark of Olympics®

Kia ora:) and Enjoy:)

Review Date 4th February 2006.

Please do not copy this site! Thanking you for you co-operation!

Enjoy your sun within :)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bodybalance 32 Update!

Now working on the artist and song review of Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32 for this site.

It should be here on the 4th February 2006.

Included is a new feature called "Video Watch" where you can watch the videos of the artist who are featured in Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32.

Also as of Release 32 hyperlinks are more functional and should add something new and special for the site.

The poster for this release is also going to be there as well, the theme for this release is "Centred" which is going to be the feel and focus of the release period of Bodybalance 32.

So come back here and explore the "Bodybalance 32 - Center of the Sun"

Enjoy your sun within :)

Bodybalance 33 Sydney Filex 2006

Dr Jackie Mills is presenting Bodybalance 33 at the Super 1/4 this year.

I will see you there :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Matt White Band

© 2005 Risky Lizard Records


1 Too Many Lovers 2 Friend I Need 3 My Hand In Yours 4 Mr. Blue Skies 5 Makes Me Happy 6 Love Dies 7 Five Letter Word 8 Take a Chance 9 Electricity 10 Strange Love

Check out Matt White Band :)

Too Many Lovers is awesome - Makes Me Happy - Got it Made and Angel are great tracks. also

Jonathan Clay

© 2005

This is Jonathan's debut CD tons of great acoustic music.


01. A Little Time 02. More Than A Picture 03. Whole New Me 04. Wish 05. Shadow 06. Reality 07. After All

Check his myspace for his music:

Jonathan is one cool dude :) if you like Pete Murray then you will like Jonathan and his music :)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pregnancy Options - Bodybalance German Site!

On the German Site there is a wonderful article on Pregnancy in Bodybalance.

Demonstrated by Emma Barry.

Sorry it is in German but well worth looking at.

Introducing Lior

© 2004 Australian Independent Music

If you listen to JJJ in Australia you would know the music of Lior. His debut CD was released in 2004 called "Autum Flow"

Kiors music brings you into his music and allows you to participate in the music.

This old Love - Daniel and Bedouin Song are sampled in their site.


1. This Old Love 2. Daniel 3. Gypsy Girl 4. Superficial 5. Autumn Flow 6. Bedouin Song 7. Sitting With A Stranger 8. The Art Of Cruelty 9. Blessed 10. Stuck In A War 11. Building Ships 12. Grey Ocean

Lior: Vocals, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Brett Hirst: Bass, Double Bass, Backing VocalsMichael Iveson: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Recorded at Big Jesus Burger Studios, Sydney, 2004
Mixed at Moose & Hothhouse Studios, Melbourne, 2004

Loirs music is awesome please give it a listen to :)

Or visit his forum at:

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Filming dates February 2006

On the side are the filming dates for the next round of releases due in May 2006. If you want to go please check with Les Mills World of Fitness Auckland before booking your flights to the classes as they may change.

Anna Nalick - Wreck Of The Day


This is her first CD, 19th April 2005 saw the release of her CD.


1. Breathe (2 AM) 2. Citadel 3. Paper Bag 4. Wreck Of The Day 5. Satellite 6. Forever Love (Digame) 7. In The Rough 8. In My Head 9. Bleed 10. Catalyst 11. Consider This

Check her site out samples of her music are there :) awesome stuff.

Peace to all :) Find the Center of the Sun within everyone :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Breakthrough Mary J. Blige

Mary J Blige came to Bodybalance 21 No More Drama, which is an outstanding track 3 from that release.

Bodybalance 21 is awesome.

That track defines what standing strength is all about! The song also samples the theme to The Young and The Restless. The track before that was an outstanding track 2 "We're all Beautiful" - Joy of Living feat. Nitza that track simply is just the best ever track 2's. Release 21 is a wonderful release from the 20's series of Bodybalance :)


Tracklist Bodybalance 21:

01 BB 21 Feel Robbie Williams (I suggested that on the song suggestion site :) )
02 BB 21 We're All Beautiful Joy Of Living feat. Nitza
03 BB 21 No More Drama Mary J. Blige
04 BB 21 Live like Horses Elton John & Luciano Pavarotti
05 BB 21 Signs of Love Moby
06 BB 21 Girl Talk TLC
07 BB 21 Muhammad Ali Faithless
08 BB 21 Hold on R Kelly
09 BB 21 Think Twice Groove Armada with Neneh Cherry
10 BB 21 Evenstar Isabel Bayrakdarian
11 BB 21 Song From A Secret Garden Secret Garden

The first time I did this release was when I attended a class that Dione Ware was presenting at the gym she teaches Bodybalance. She is a awesome Bodybalance Instructor - Master Trainer, if you ever have a chance to do Dione's classes please do they are awesome, she also presents Bodycombat - Bodypump and Bodystep. Dione team taught with Michelle Bridges and Karen at the last 1/4 with Bodypump 56 which was an awesome presenting team :)

Now back to Mary has a new CD called The Breakthrough, which is winning awards everywhere. It was released 20th Dec 2005.

© 2005 Geffen Records


1 No One Will Do 2 Enough Cryin 3 About You 4 Be Without You 5 Gonna Breakthrough 6 Good Woman Down 7 Take Me As I Am 8 Baggage 9 Can't Hide From Luv 10 MJB Da MVP 11 Can't Get Enough 12 Ain't Really Love 13 I Found My Everything 14 Father In You 15 Alone 16 One

Be Without You is the first track out, you can listen to the single on her website when the site loads.

Peace to all :) may your spirit child within grow daily!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The timeless Robert Fox!

© 2005 AD Music

Very rarely would I review a composers music here but this is worth telling everyone about since the last two tracks in Bodybalance are music. Robert Fox is an outstanding composer and his career has spanned over the later part of the 1900's and now in the 2000's. His latest offering is "Timeless" which was released towards the later part of 2005.

Outstanding tracks from the CD are Thundering Water - FourSixZero - Water Music and Angel.

Timeless Tracklist:

01. Thundering Water (Niagra)
02. Queen Of Hearts
03. 3 Sisters
04. FourSixZero
05. Over Turquoise Seas
06. Water Music
07. Heavens Gate
08. And All Shall Be Well
09. Brother Earth
10. Angel
11. Half Heard In The Stillness
12. Somewhere Out There
13. White Man Dreaming
14. Moving On
15. Ascension

Visit Roberts site and experience true Ambient Music with melodic sounds :) Below is a biography from his website.

Enter the world of Robert Fox and his music :)

Friday, January 13, 2006


© 2004 EMI Music Italy

They are a new group charting in Germany currently first single out is Big City Life.

Will write more when I can get a chance please check out their website and music


1. Gangster Blues 2. Big City Life 3. Passer By 4. To & Fro 5. Everyone Around You 6. Clear And Present Danger 7. Older 8. I To You 9. Impartial 10. The Means 11. 11.30 12. Forgotten 13. 555 14. Cool Down The Pace

Peace to all :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Listening to the older releases and reflecting on the last 8 years!

Tonight I pulled out some of the older releases from Bodybalance 4 say around Bodybalance 9.

I am playing them over the next few days.

What strikes me is the memories of where I was and who was teaching the class at the time. I only attended Bodybalance twice a week back then once was on a Monday Night and the other was on a Saturday Morning, I was so excited to go to class as a participant and looked forward to the classes each week. The gym I went to back then did not have Bodybalance on their time table so I had to go to another gym to do participate in the classes.

If it was raining - hot or cold I would be there, that's how good "The Instructors" who did the classes were and still are.

Now 8 years on still with Bodybalance and excited about Bodybalance 32. The same level of excitement is still there, now as when I attend my first classes all the way back then. Now I also get excited when we have the 1/4's seeing the new releases and experiencing the whole Les Mills Workshop experience and the whole learning of the release and being on the other side as well.

I hope that level of excitement never goes away :)

Where You Go I Will Find You!

I love that track from Bodybalance/Flow/Healing that track draws you into a state of calmness. It is from a wonderful movie.

No Matter Where You Go is such a wonderful track from Clannad if you know the music it is an awesome track 9 I simply love that track. I love that whole release from Adiemus to Dreamland. That Bodybalance really sold me on the Bodybalance we had at the same time "The Prayer Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli " in Bodypump 32. I love Bodypump 32 :)

The Prayer actually made me cry when we did it in class and to follow that with I will find You is such a moving experience. Much like "My Heart Will Go On" - Celine Dion as well from Bodybalance and Bodypump.

Hero from this release is so cool as a track 4.

Tracks like those are really what music is all about to me :)

If you do Bodybalance No7 it is a very nice mix :)

Adiemus - Adiemus
Return to Innocence - Enigma
Man in the mirror - Michael Jackson
Hero - Mariah Carey
You'll be in my heart - Phil Collins
My love is your love - Whitney Huston
Take me to the river - Annie Lennox
The Prayer - Celine Dione A Bocelli
I will find you - Clannad
Healing Circle - Deuter
Dreamland - Black Box

Molly Fox really is an awesome choreographer and her period in Bodybalance and what she did as a choreographer for Bodybalance is outstanding :)

I am a huge Molly Fox - Fan. :)

If you know any Instructor who has this release ask them to do Bodybalance No 7 :)

Bodybalance 32 and Track 9!

Well in a little over 4 weeks now we will have Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32 our way. I am so happy to have a new release coming soon.

We have the return of "Center of the Sun - Conjure One" as a track 9 this time around with a different mix.

In the last few releases we have tai chi as a part of track 9, I miss the 100 % forward folds and hamstring tracks. We don't get enough Hamstring Stretches which are really good and compliment Bodypump with track 2 and 7. They blend is so well together. The hamstring need stretching and "participants" really only stretch them in the classes so I really like them in Bodybalance.

My favorite hamstring tracks is "Hold Back the Night - Bodybalance 12 & I Will Find You - Clannard & Angel - Sinead O'Connor" they are pure hamstrings.

I also like "My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion - Bodybalance 9"

I also like the fact that we are down for the whole of the track, this makes the transition to track 10 and 11 more fluid.

But then if you look at "I am Not Worried at All - Moby - Bodybalance 18" that track has tai chi and also traditional hamstrings at the end, thats perfect 50/50 blend of both. I guess it depends on the track as well.

I hope Jackie does a traditional track 9 in the next release.

Bodybalance 33!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Breathe - with Ricki Lee

© 2005 Public Onion Music Pty/Ltd

If you get a chance check out Ricki Lee and her new song Breathe, the track would be an outstanding track in Bodybalance/Flow the filmclip is outstanding:


1 Breathe
2 Sunshine (cabin crew remix- radio edit)
3 Sunshine (cabin crew remix - extended mix)
4 Breathe (instrumental)

I have been playing it all day :) Ricki Lee should have gone on further in Australian Idol :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006


I am happy to tell everyone that I have created a NEW HOME PAGE :)

In a effort to:

K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple Stupid.)

Attached are seperate pages for The Blogger Sites etc.....

The URL is the same as the last one.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32 inside goss!

I heard that a recent track that is in Bodyattack is going to be in Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32. That is the very first time in recent Bodybalance/Flow/Healing that a Bodyattack track has appeared in Bodybalance/Flow/Healing.

Can you name the track?

Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32

I heard realiably that there is going to be 2 men on stage presenting with Jackie on stage and 2 ladies on stage.

How cool is that 2 men in stage presenting a Bodybalance Master Class :)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kosheen have a new single!

Kosheen who were in the outstanding Bodybalance 18 with Harder track 8 also Bodybalance 19 with the outstanding track 2 Hide You have a brand new singe out called "'Avalanche" it is from their forthcoming CD .

They also have a wonderful track "All in My Head" as well.

The CD is due 1st half of 2006 :)

New look for a new year!

Hi some changes are coming up here over the next few weeks.

I hope you all like the new look :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is the man Phillp Mills?

I am blogging this extenrally so have no idea how it going to look like :)

Image hosted by

I know the lady is Dr Jackie Mills I always thought the man was Philip Mills. I am not to sure about this now. Can anyone please tell me if that is Philip Mills in the poster :)

Mystery Lady Cover Bodybalance 30!

I have no idea who the lady on the cover of Bodybalance 31 is:

© 2005 Les Mills International

If anyone knows please let me know :)

Bodybalance 30 is a so so very cool release :)

Out and about Today Bodybalance 27!

Have you ever been out in a shopping center and heard a track from Bodybalance or any of the other Les Mills programmes.

Well I was out and they played Sugarbabes there CD before the last one.

Conversation Over was being played from Bodybalance 27 track 1.

I so much wanted to do the tai chi warmup from the beginning to the end!

Just love release 27 :) Jackie mentioned my name on the Sizzler for that release.

Quoting Jackie:

"I just adore the music we chose for Bodybalance 27 from the enchanting Dice from the hip new TV show The OC (which sends my teenagers into a frenzy every Friday night) to Lifted, praise You (thanks Rod)"

© 2004 Les Mills International
The music just gets better and better each release :)

kia ora :)

Yoga meets Spinning!

I know I should not mention other exercises here but this is worth mentioning!

I kid you not there is a program that begins with a bike class and then branches out after the bike class to doing Power Yoga all within a 60 minute format!

Is a combination class format that trains your heart and strengthens your lower body with a Spinning ride, and then stretches your hard-worked muscles with yoga asanas. Yoga and the Spinning® program are natural complements to one another because each one has a mental and a physical component, and allows us to train our bodies while developing mind/body awareness.

They call it Yoga Spin®!

How do we match that?

Take a 30 minute RPM Express class and then do a 30 minute Bodybalance/Flow/Healing Express Class!

How cool is that? :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Amy Vee and the Virtues

© 2004

I find the stranges music!

Amy Vee supported "Moby" on his 2003 Australian Tour she is an independent music act. Amy and her band the Virtues have been touring around Australia for nearly 3 years now. Amy has worked sometime to establish her music, she is not known outside of Australia (until now.) "All in Time" was Amy's first offering to the listening public in 2003. She has released another EP since then (see details below.)

"Moby" has been featured in "Bodybalance/Flow/Healing" for a number of years and recently in Bodybalance 31 "Love Should" which is a stunner of a track 4 :)

Amy Vee and the Virtues are:

Amy Vee - Acoustic guitar/rhythm guitar, vocals Gary Arnold - Guitar/backing vocals Mat McColl - Bass guitar Russell Crawford - Drums

© 2004
Quintessence is their debut CD from 2004.


1. Where You Are 2. One Hand 3. Walls 4. Keeping To Myself 5. Still Waiting (live)

One Hand is an outstanding release and can be heard on her website.

This year they begin recording their very first CD "Searching For Somnia" is the first single out from that CD.

I adore the music of Amy Vee :)

Check her music out she is one of Australias best singers.

She is going to take on the world in 2006 and she is going to be a major act this year.

You have heard her music here first! :)

Amy's music would be outstanding in any Bodybalance /Flow/Healing class!


Mix and Match Bodybalance/Flow/Healing

Seeing the current release is a short one play with this combination to extend the class to a full 60 minutes :)

Using only releases 30 and 31:

01. Here with Me (Dido) 30
02. Release (Afro Celt Sound System and Sinead O'connor) 31
03. Prayer for the Dying (Seal) 30
04. (All for the Believing (Missy Higgins.) 30
05. Shiver (Natalie Imbruglia.) 30
06. Crazy (Seal.) 31
07. Last Thing on my Mind (Ronan Keating and LeAnn Rimes.) 30
08. World on Fire (Sarah Mclachlan.) 30
09. Run (Snow Patrol.) 30
10. Benedictus (Jenkins) 30
10. 35 Minutes (Moby) 31
11. Fight Day (Thomas Newman) 31

Thats the main class if you add the other track 11 and the short track then leaving time for well over 1/4 hr for meditation :)

How cool is that :)

Introducing for the ladies Danny Seward!

© 2005 EMI/Virgin UK

Danny can be seen currently in the British show "Where the Heart is" the show drags in excess of 9 million viewers each week. Then he switched to the show "The Cops"

This is Danny's first release. The CD contains cover versions. The first offering is "Right Here Waiting" a cover of "Richard Marx" single that was around in the 1980's. The CD also contains his second single "I got You Under My Skin" which is also a cover.

The CD is def worth listening to :)

Danny was desribed as "Hot" and a real "Heartthrob" and by the current female attention to him in his appearances he is def hot.

Track Listings

1. In This Life 2. Bring Him Home 3. Where My Heart Is 4. I Got You Babe 5. Right Here Waiting 6. Heart of a Winner 7. Everything I Own 8. I've got You Under my Skin 9. Where the Heart Is 10. All Cried Out 11. That's Amore 12. When I Fall In Love - EMI/Virgin


Enjoy :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

TOP 100 OF 2005!

1st Post of 2006.

Hope everyone is not nursing a hangover :)

The charts are out and these are the top 100 of 2005 for Australia, we have featured Il Divo and Anthony Callea here long before there were internationally know.

Also special mention to Missy Higgins from Bodybalance 30!

Top 100 Albums - Missy Higgins - The Sound of White
Top 100 Singles - Anthony Callea - The Prayer
Top Australian Albums - Missy Higgins - The Sound of White
Top Australian Singles - Anthony Callea - The Prayer
Top Classical - Il Divo - Il Divo (Il Divo also has the 2nd highest seller in this category with 'Ancora')

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Before attending a Bodybalance class consult your Dr if you are in trimester one.If you are pregnant and are going to a Bodybalance/Flow class in weeks 11 - 14 seek medical advice since these are crucial times in development and during the pregnancy!

Bodybalance also has elements of Pilates and Feldenkrais sometimes in the classes. Please discuss this with you primary health care giver to see if you are able to complete these part of the classes.

Located at les Mills International is a Guide to Pregnancy below is the link to this guide.



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