Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Au4 the next level up in Ambient Music/World Music (Featured Artist February 2006)!

If you love Conjure One - Karma - Delerium and Clannard then this is the must CD of 2006.

Copyright © 2006 Au4 / Torn Open Records
Copyright © 2006 Au4 / Torn Open Records (due to release March 2006)

These guys have just joined myspace which is a pretty cool place to connect with people and music.

au4 are:

Ben Wylie (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Aaron Wylie (keyboards, vocals), Nathan Wylie (drums, percussion) and Jason Nickel (bass, vocals, keyboards)



01 - Hit and Miss
02 - A Mile from Here Is a Hole Where I Buried Your Love
03 - Everything Always Moving
04 - An Ocean's Measure of Sorrow
05 - The Tree That Lived and Died
06 - Paper Cuts from Paper Butterflies
07 - Undone by Dandelions
08 - Of Dreams
09 - One Thousand Rivers

Hits and Miss is an awesome the music is luxurious.

Please check their myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/au4 for their complete bio and music.

Also check their URL above for details of their debut CD if you love the music of Bodybalance/Flow/Healing then the music of au4 is going to captivate you in 2006 :)

Enjoy the musical journey of au4 :) Check their webiste below for a sampling of the music from the whole CD :)

Their URL is: http://www.au4-audio.com/

Thank you au4 for entering myspace at www.myspace.com :) that was a complete suprise. There should be sidelink here on the blogger site soon!

Enjoy the sun within :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Official Forum for this site some changes!

You may notice if you are a member of the forum there is a new start up screen. All you have to do is use your name and enter your password to enter the site.


We have also implemented a more secure environment for you to vist the forum and post there as well.

The single topic forum URL's are there for you to trial before they get release here as well. Thats a special preview of them for members of the forum this week!

So pop in and see what we have there :)

April Walker!

I am hooked on her single "Our Weding Day" its a wonderful song. If you like "Enya" then the music of April Walker will breathe a breath of light into your world :)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

SMADJ - Take It and Drive (World Music.)

© 2006 Rasa Music

SMADJ long awaited CD is going to be released March 21st 2006. The CD has been available since 26 Apr 2004 in other parts of the world.

I am so waiting for this CD and the music that SMADJ is going to unlease on this CD.


1. Betty 2. He said 3. Vogue 4. Aurore 5. C'est comme si c'etait fait...6. Sel7. Drive 8. Fatwords9. Meeting with the Bushmen10. Bonus Track: Fatwords (Semtek’s Say Ahh Remix)11. Bonus Track: Fatwords (Al West Remix)

SMADJ's music is inspired by the sounds of a truly ambient sound Drive is the first single of the set.

March is the release time for this work SMADJ has been compared to Brian Eno!

Relax 2 - Sublime Music for Reading & Lounging!

© 2006 Rasa Music

Sometimes I want to unwind and just chill back and listen to mood music that just floats above me or surrounds me. Relax 2 is that CD. The CD has no really established artists on it which makes listening to it a joy to do so. Music to me is not about an artist its about sometimes the intention of the music.

If you get a chance check out the CD above ambient music does not get any better IMO!


1. Southern Romance by Olivier Pryslack 2. 800 by Nylon Moon 3. Pema's Theme by Cyril orin 4. Mystic Diversions by Classique Noninoni 5. Butterfly by Coco De Mer 6. Hallway Man by Suphala 7. Twisted Cupid by Slow Train Soul 8. Flight to Freedom by Deepak Chopra & Gina Gershon 9. Float by Ghostland 10. Four Noble Truths by Cyril Morin 11. Sunset on Lucia Rosa Bay by Mystic Diversions 12. Valentine to Tagore by Deepak Chopra & Adam Plack 13. A Lover's Madness by A Gift Love - Love Poems of Rumi 14. Serenity by Adam Plack & Deepak Chopra 15. 40* In The Shade by Nomad 16. Divya's Theme by Cyril Morin

This CD rebalances everything. I love the music on this CD and I hope that other Bodybalance/Flow people love it as well :)

Get inspired with the graceful music of Lotus!

Lotus were formed by Robert Crosbie in 1997.

They have had 3 CD so far they are in the same vein as Conjure One and also Delerium. If you are into their music then "Lotus" will be an awesome edition to your "Ambient" music selections.

Lotus first CD is entitled "Lotus" that was my introduction to their music that would have been around 1999. Since then they have recorded 2 CD's.

© 2004 Shock Records Australia


1 Suitcases 2 Livingston Storm 3 Spiritualize 4 Plant Your Root 5 Travel 6 Greet the Mind 7 Ball of Energy 8 Jump Off 9 Colorado

© 1999 Shock Records Australia



1 New Beginning 2 You Are My Heaven 3 Cicadas 4 Air and Angels 5 Village Rain 6 Within or without You 7 Unity 8 Greatest Gift of All 9 Never Knew What Love Mean 10 Interzone 11 Quiet 12 Lullaby.

I adore the music of Lotus and I am sure that any lover of Bodybalance/Flow will love their music as well!

Single Forum Up-date just added a section called Les Mills Oceania & SEA

It has now grown into the following:Bodypump Single Forum, Bodybalance Single Forum and now I have set up a Les Mills Oceania & SEA Single Topic Forum this will focus on Les Mills Oceania & SEA in focus :)

Now linking them all together.

Exciting times ahead for this blogger site :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

The one and only Mario Frangoulis!

Mario Frangoulis is from Athens, Greece

I found his music in 2002 and in 2005 he released his 2nd CD.

For those who have Bodybalance Flow 11 you will be familiar with Nights in White Satin as the the track 1 to that track from The Moody Blues. Justin from Moody Blues does a remarkable duet with Mario on the CD from 2002. Which is a highlight from his debut CD.

1 BB 11 Nights In White Satin Moody Blues
2 BB 11 Change Lisa Stansfield
3 BB 11 Proud Heather Small
4 BB 11 Let It Be Aretha Franklin
5 BB 11 Father Figure - George Michael
6 BB 11 Honey Moby
7 BB 11 Pure Shores All Saints
8 BB 11 Count Your Blessings Ashford and Simpson
9 BB 11 Lately Stevie Wonder
10 BB 11 Harmonic Resonance #2 Jim Oliver
11 BB 11 Any Other Name Thomas Newman

Bodybalance/Flow 11 is a wonderful release. There are so many wonderful challenges on release 11. :)

Mario is truly one remarkable singer and his style of opera - classical singing is wonderful to listen to.

© 2002 Sony Classical

Follow Your Heart (2005)

01 Come What May 02 Adagio 03 Follow Your Heart 04 Hay Mas 05 Bridge of Dreams (I'll Never Forget You) 06 Un'anima sola (Ave Maria) 07 Va' Pensiero (Another World) 08 Benedictus (Cantico alla Musica) 09 Enas Hartinos Ilios 10 Cu'mme 11 Dance 12 Here's to the Heroes

© 2002 Sony Classical

Sometimes when I Dream (2002)

01 Vincero, Perdero (Wonderful Track) 02 Buongiorno Principessa 03 Sometimes I Dream 04 Luna Rossa 05 Naturaleza Muerta 06 Nights in White Satin (Notte Di Luce) 07 Ton Eafto Tou Paidi 08 Non Sara' 09 Hijo De La Luna 10 Night Wants To Forget 11 Canzone Arrabbiata 12 A La Luna De Valencia.

Night Wants to Forget is a wonderful song :) from his debut CD.

Check his bio at: http://www.mariofrangoulis.com/

Mario is truly one remarkable singler - if you love Patrizio Buanne & IL Divo then the music of Mario is going to inspire you!



Enter the world of Mario Frangoulis :)


Introducing Trina!

Would love to do her gear in an abs track in any Bodybalance/Flow class:

Her current CD is "The Glamorous Life" - "Here we Go" is her current offering.

That track would be an awesome track 6 :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Something New For Everyone Track 1 Bodybalance/Flow 32!

Track 1 of Bodybalance/Flow has a few suprises for everyone.

I asked a-while ago for a pose we have not done in such a long time to make a comeback.

Well it is back and I am a happy Balancer :)

You will love the poses in track 1 of Bodybalance/Flow 32.

There is plenty of room for exploring your options in track one.

Just take your time and learn the flow of the track and then build on your own tai chi.

Explore the various stages of the track :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Article mention of Lee Parore!

Pulse Instructor Talks About Les Mills Certification Pulse is only club in town with Les Mills programs.


Awesome mention of Lee Parore there he is an awesome Bodybalance/Flow Master Trainer :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Poll Results for Bodybalance 31!

The results are in and official

"The Best Track in Bodybalance 21 is?"

Love Should - Moby which is a real shock. Second was Make things Right and Third was Release.

3 songs tie for 6th place.

02. Make things right - Lemon Jelly 22.22%
03. Release - Sinead O'Connor & Afro Celt Sound System 13.89%
05. As - George Michael and Mary J. Blige 8.33%
01. Love should - Moby 25.00%
06. Crazy - Seal 5.56%
06. Counting down the days - Natalie Imbruglia 5.56%
04. Feeling good - Nina Simone 11.11%
06. Push - Sarah McLachlan 5.56%
07. 35 Mnutes - Moby 2.78%
08. Fight day - Thomas Newman 0.00%

Thanks for those who voted :).

The new poll is on the Spoiler Site so vote away :)

TPTB will be sent the results from this poll.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Single Topic Bodybalance Forum!

Well on Monday my single topic Bodybalance Forum will be launched.

You need to register to come in and talk there.

Stay tuned :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Track 9 Bodybalance/Flow 32 - Center of the Sun Conjure One!

©2003 Nettwerk America

I also adore this song and Conjure one.

I have been with Bodybalance/Flow since 1999 and I have to say that this is a epic track. Jackie has outdone herself with this one. It is one magic journey of inner discovery and exploring the sensuality of music and how the flow of music interacts with the poses Jackie has choreographed.

The track just drifts into a state of calmness you float into the music. Then you are taken on a mindscape of visual images and thoughts while you escape into the world of Conjure One's Center of the Sun. The visual landscape opens up more and you travel the path of the music surrenderingg to the different visual images from the poses Jackie has choreographed.

We're All Beautiful Joy Of Living feat. Nitza from "Release 21" and this track are wonderful tracks. For those who have done "Release 21" know the music of track 2. It would be interesting to see those two tracks presented in one class :)

Take the journey with track 9 of Bodybalance/Flow 32 and enjoy the mind and body journey as you surrender to this wonderful track :)

I am going to be talking about track 9 of Bodybalance/Flow for a very very long time :)

Enter the myspace of Conjure One: http://www.myspace.com/conjureone

Thanks Rhys for allowing me into your wonderful space :) and connecting to myspace at www.myspace.com

Track 8 Bodybalance/Flow 32!

What can one say this track is just the best ever. Longer poses, lifting the notch and extending further.

I just adore this track and the set of poses Jackie has choreographed.

The ending is just chilling, you just want to reach higher and extend your spirit to the sky :)

Just reach higher and embrace your new length :)

Track 7 Bodybalance/Flow 32!

Jackie has choreogrpahed a wonderfull set of poses and the music to this track blend so well with the music of this release.

It has been almost 7 days since the 1/4 and I am still playing this track over and over again.

It is one of the best track 7's ever.

Just enjoy the music and also enjoy the activation of the middle back in this track.

This release is going to become a classic release in the "30's Series of Bodybalance/Flow"


New Best 30's Series!

We now have 3 releases of the 30's series of Bodybalance/Flow/Healing.

Now I have a new favs well tracks I like :

01. (Track 1 Bodybalance/Flow 32.)
02. Release - Afro Celt Sound system (Bodybalance/Flow 31.)
03. Prayer for the Dying - Seal (Bodybalance/Flow 30.)
04. (Track 4 Bodybalance/Flow 32.)
05. (Track 5 Bodybalance/Flow 32.)
06. Crazy - Seal (Bodybalance/Flow 31.) & Round Here - George Michael (Bodybalance/Flow 30. )
07. (Track 7 Bodybalance/Flow 32.)
08. World on Fire - Sarah McLauchlan (Bodybalance/Flow 30) & (Track 8 Bodybalance/Flow 32.)
09. Run - Snow Patrol - Final Straw (Bodybalance/Flow 30.) & (Track 9 Bodybalance/Flow 32.)
10. A Mass For Peace - Benediction (Bodybalance/Flow 30.)

Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32 is one outstanding release and track 7 from that release and track 10 from that release are outstanding :)

Alessander's Forum - Balance - Reiki site!

I have just added a new forum and site here.

Please visit Alessanders site and register and say hi there.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bringing out the archives of the site!

I have a stack of unpublished gear from mid 2004 to the end of 2004 that I am going to eventually release over the next month or so.

So stay tuned :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

Video Presenters Hall of Fame Updated!

Follow the link :)


Go to August 2004 in the archive section!

Enjoy the sun within :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Josef Matthews Bodybalance/Flow 32!

Josef Matthews is on the DVD for Bodybalance/Flow release 32.

Outstanding Teacher of Bodybalance/Flow.

The way he presents each track is so refreshing and adds his personal warmth to the release.

Read up on Josef Matthews Here!

He is just perfect at describing poses and giving insight into the different poses in Bodybalance/Flow 32!

Looking forward to seeing more of Josef on future Bodybalance/Flow releases.

This release is such a wonderfull release :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Track 4 Bodybalance 32 I am moved beyond belief!

You are simply going to fall in love with track 4 of Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32.

Just be prepared to be moved on so many levels.

It is now my favorite track 4 of all time.

I fell in love with this song in 2003 and it is a special track.

Would love to hear what all of you think if this track.

I am moved beyond belief!

Enjoy your sun within :)

Bodybalance 32 World Exclusive Spoiler!

Where I am from the 1/4's are now underway.

This is a world exclusive and you have heard it here first :)

In an effort to allow everyone to attend a 1/4 (Instructors - Teachers - Coaches.) and (Participants) who do not want to know what is in the current release a decision was made to keep the current tracklists off the main site.

The data and information on the site is restricted and cannot be reproduced without the express permission of the owners of this blog and Les Mills International® .

Please respect the rights of people who do not want to know the information ahead of time please :)

The site is non-indexed and cannot be searched for using Google and any other search engine. This was done to ensure that people who do not want to know the current release can surf the internet and not come upon the mirror site.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER - Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32 Spoiler, do not click if you don't want to know the current tracklist for Bodybalance 32!

The poster for Bodybalance® 32 is copyright to Les Mills International® and is reproduced here with their kind permission.

Artist reviews and polling options will be added later :)

Please do not copy information from my spoiler site to any other site. If it is copied I will ask for it to be removed!

Enjoy your sun within :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bodybalance 32 WOW and did I say WOW!

Just came back today from the 1/4 workshop for this release and I am just overwhelmed with this release.

I e-mailed Jackie a-long time ago about a move we have not seen in Bodybalance for a long time and guess what it is back :) I am one very happy camper.

Track 2 is stunning and simply an awesome set of new poses that are just wonderfull to do.

Track 3 is the best track three I have ever done.

Track 4 is just wonderfull and the set of poses are crafted well together.

Track 5 Brings a pose back I remember doing a number of years ago and it is back :)

Track 6 New poses and the abs are going to love this track.

Track 7 The best back track ever. Now my favorite in the 30's series of Bodybalance/Flow.

Track 8 wonderfull set of poses and a new twist at the end :)

Track 9 is the longest track 9 I can remember and it is a wonderfull track to do. I just love the flow of the moves in this one and the circle is complete from track 2 to this one with Ying and Yang being totally aligned :)

Track 10 wonderfull music and new composer.

A few secrets and an wonderfull class all round.

I am going to be talking about Bodybalance/Flow 32 for a very long time :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

Friday, February 10, 2006

13 Hrs till Bodybalance/Flow 32!

For the first time I am in the dark regarding a release and thats a good thing. Saturday 11th 2006 brings on Bodybalance/Flow 32.

Looking forward to it :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gary Revel jr

Eurovision Gary Revel has a new single out.

Visit the URL below to hear his song: would love to hear that in Bodybalance as a track 8:)


Check out http://www.garyreveljr.com/safesix.html his groups webiste as well :)

Arron L Walton

© 2006 Vision 7 Records

Arron has arrived :)


Need More Than Love - Heaven's Around You - Try - Broken Wings - Don't Give Up - I'm Not Afraid - Gone - Goodbye - My Angel - This Place Called Love - Rise - Your Face

Arron is new CD will be released on Spring 2006.

I wish that they would use his music in Bodybalance :) His music is so moving and I love and adore every track on his debut CD :)

Check out his home page:


Bodybalance 32 in 2 days :)

I two days we will have Bodybalance 32 whoohooo :)

I am excited about the new release and by what I have heard the back track is a hard one. Looking forward to also Center of the Sun (Conjure One) which should be an awesome track 9.

I can't believe that we are at release 32 it feels like yesterday when I trained on Bodybalance 18.

Where has the time gone (insert shock icon here.)

I have been with Bodybalance since release 6 and I wonder also where the time has gone, we are now up to the 30's series of Bodybalance.

Out of the 30's so far I adore Bodybalance 30 :)

Bring on Bodbybalance 32 :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Copyright Notification

Just added a Copyright Notification Notice!

Please read :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

Ryan Huston

Please check out his space :)


Monday, February 06, 2006

Missing the Down Dog and Firefly Pose Combination!

In Bodybalance/Flow Release 13 we did a combination Down Dog and Firefly combination.

Track No 8 in that release had so much going on in it.

We have not done it since.

It is such a powerful set of poses.

When you master the firefly you def know you have achieved something awesome in Bodybalance :)

That release would have been around 2000 :) 6 years later it should make a return to Bodybalance :)

Awesome work from Molly Fox as usual :) and wonderfully choreogrpahed as well :)

Filming Dates and Site News Buttons!

I have added a Filmings Button and a Site News Button.

The Filmings one is for current filming information at Les Mills World of Fitness.

Site News is anything outside of the bloggers and newflashes from Non Les Mills programs etc....

Check them out ocasionally :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bodybalance 32 Poster!

If you have the current revolution then you may have seen the poster for Bodybalance/Flow/Healing 32 there on pages 12 and 13.

Check www.lesmills.com.au

Well here it is :)

© 2006 Les Mills International

© 2006 Les Mills International™
(Image Not to Be Reproduced.)


Materials that appear in this site are© LMI material is used with the consent of Les Mills International™.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Sound of Healing

Copyright 2004 ‘The Sound of Healing’

Wow and awesome relaxation music :)

Will write more later :) awesome relaxation music :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yoga based track 1's!

Before Bodybalance 10 we had Yoga based warmups I personally loved them and an old fav was:

1 BB 05 Lifted Lighthouse Family

then moved into:

2 BB 05 Silence Karma

I loved that Yoga Based Warmup it worked well with track 2 and that made that release flow really well.

I hope one day that Jackie would throw in a Yoga Based track 1 for old time sake and allow the newer people to the class experience it.

The last time we had a Yoga type entry was 1 BB 24 Porcelain Moby where Jackie did some Yoga before the track began that was so very special.

I hope that Jackie can do a release with that type of Yoga Intro which was simply fantastic :) it was used before the Moby track began :)

One can only hope :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

Animal Fingers in Bodybalance

Back a number of years ago the in word was "Animal Fingers" the last time I think we used that term was in Bodybalance 13 or so.

The term is wonderful to describe the fingers pressing into a Bear Claw Option in Sun Salutations or when you are in down dog going into plank.

It is the harder option but the rewards of using Animal Fingers makes the coming in and out of certain poses more atheletic IMO.

The last release that had a tribal feel was Bodybalance 12 where we had the term animal fingers used alot :)

1 BB 12 Porcelain
2 BB 12 Misere Mani Era
3 BB 12 Try Again Aaliyah
4 BB 12 Bad Man R Kelly
5 BB 12 Who's Gonna Stop The Rain Anastacia
6 BB 12 Music Madonna
7 BB 12 Rome Wasn't Built In A Day Morcheeba
8 BB 12 Ain't No Sunshine Ladysmith Black Mambazo feat. Des'ree
9 BB 12 Hold Back The Night Sinead O'Connor
10 BB 12 Comtemplation Janetta Petkus
11 BB 12 Tuning Janetta Petkus

Now thinking of some other older terms we used in Bodybalance back then and come back and post them here. :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

Diamond Arms in Bodybalance

On the logo for Bodybalance it shows a person doing Swan Pose and then initiating Diamond Arms above the head while in Swan Pose. I can only remember one release where we actually did Diamond Arms in Bodybalance.

© 2005 Les Mills International

© 2005 Les Mills International

If think that that should be an option (advanced) for anyone doing Swan Pose to come to Diamond Arms and then come to overhead prayer and then decend to Swan Pose :).

It takes alot of abdominal control and tons of hip activation as well as tons of balance and control coming to diamond arms.

Would love one day to see the return of Diamond Arms in Bodybalance :)

I can only hope :)

Enjoy your sun within :)

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