Friday, March 31, 2006

Justin Guarini

Today the music of Justin came into my world. I am happy that that has happened. I found his CD in a special bin of CD's at a reduced rate A$5.00 which is a bargin indeed.

Music is pricless then the A$5.00 was well worth the investment.

I am glad to find that he has two releases and now has a 2nd CD. The highlight of this release is track 13 his duet with Kelly Clarkson.

© 2003 Sony/BMG International.

Justin Guarini - 2003

1. One Heart Too Many 2. I Saw Your Face 3. Be a Heartbreaker 4. Unchained Melody 5. Sorry 6. How Will You Know 7. Inner Child 8. Condition of My Heart 9. Doin' Things (We're Not Supposed To) 10. If You Wanna 11. Thinking Of You 12. Get Here 13. Timeless (duet with Kelly Clarkson)

© 2006 Sony/BMG International.

Stranger Things Have Happened -2006

1. Night & Day 2. My Funny Valentine 3. Just Squeeze Me 4. I'll Take Romance 5. I Didn't Know What Time It Was 6. I Love You 7. Young & Foolish 8. All Of You 9. Stranger Things Have Happened To Me 10. Sing

Do youself a favour check out his music :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Music I Love!

I have been runing this blog for well over 2 years now. I am going through the site and now placing links to the music i love.

Check the side of the blog please :)

And enjoy :)


(c) 2006

Check their music out :)

Shesays is their current single.


1. She Says (Current CD.) 2. Flowers 3. Sex 4. Mayday 5. Mountainside 6. Moonlight 7. Fallen Angel 8. Love U 9. Bees & Stones 10. Venus 11. Lady In The Sky 12. Rosegardens 13. Deeply

I adore shesays :) they remind me of The Cranberries and Natalie Marchant :)

Check their video at their site as well :)

I am so into their current single She Says and the video for this track :)



I love their music they are from Germany. Their CD was released on the 3rd March 2006, some of their music would be wonderful as a track 4 in any Bodybalance class :)

Their CD is 100 Deutch.

Lucky I speak German and know the language.

They are charting all over the place with their CD.


01 Nichts von alledem [tut mir leid] 02 Ich bin ich [Wir sind wir] 03 Anders als geplant 04 Ich geh in Flammen auf 05 Ein Wunder für mich 06 Auch im Regen 07 Ich bin verändert 08 Bester Feind 09 Ich hab genauso Angst wie du 10 Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen 11 Etwas zerstört 12 Woran hält sich die Liebe anhören

Their music is awesome check out their URL: for their music.

Sorry of you don't speak German but please give it a listen please :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The best of Roberta Flack!

I adore Roberta Flack and Pebo Bryson and their music and her duos with Donny Hathaway.

Her music has been apart of musics landscape for almost the last 50 years. She was wonderful in Bodypump 24 as a track 10.

When you go through her music on her site you remember places and where you were when you heard her music. Born to Love is one of my favorite CD's. "Tonight I Celebrate My Love" is an outstanding single from that release.

Around about 1982 I re-discovered her music with her song "Making Love" that song touched me on so many levels and to this day when I put on that track it still has the same effect. It is from the movie "Making Love" which was a controversial movie back then. Harry Hamlin and Kate Jackson were in the movie. I adore Kate Jackson from (Charlies Angels.) and Jacklyn Smith and Fara Fawcett Majors.

Well Roberta has a new CD all her wonderful songs are now collected in the one place. If you love Roberta Flack then you must have this CD.

Image hosting by Photobucket


01 Killing me softly with his song 02 Where is the love? 03 Feel like makin' love 04 The first time ever I saw your face 05 And so it goes 06 Tonight, I celebrate my love 07 The closer i get to you 08Till the morning comes 09 Back together again (remastered edit version) 10 Making love 11 Only heaven can wait (for love) 12 Set the night to music 13 You are my heaven14 Oasis 15 Don't make me wait too long 16 And so it goes (reprise) 17 Trade winds (tom mouton mix)

Check out the wonderful music of Roberta Flack :) I would love it if Jackie would use her music in Bodybalance/Flow.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lisa Stansfield NEW CD!

Her CD was release in 2004 and is now charting :)

Image hosting by Photobucket


Easier- Treat Me Like A Woman - When Love Breaks Down - Say It To Me Now - He Touches Me - Lay Your Hands On Me - The Moment - If I Hadn’t Got You - Take My Heart - Love Without A Name - Takes A Woman To Know

Lisa was in the very first Bodybalance release ever. Change is such a wonderful track 2 in Bodybalance/Flow.

Bodybalance Tracks:

6 BB 01 Time To Make You Mind Lisa Stansfield
2 BB 11 Change Lisa Stansfield

Monday, March 27, 2006

Witold Fitz-Simon - Article on hand placement Adho Mukha Shvanasana!

Witold on his site has written a wonderful article and hand placement in particualr in Downward Facing Dog:

I use the term flat hand and the interchangable word animal fingers to describe the different hand positions in downward dog.

I remember on Bodybalance 18 (Emma Barry) did a wonderful education section on the Adho Mukha Shvanasana which pulls apart technically the pose. If you get the chance please check out the education section of that release.

I adore Bodybalance/Flow 18. I was trained on that wonderful release.

Witold writes awesome technical information on his site and it can be accessed anytime via his link of the side of this site.

Yoga: Art + Science Yoga Site!

Namaste to all :)

Sens and s8to on the main Les Mills International Blog!

I have great respect and much love for Shirley and Dave they are from Malvern England.

Shirley is a Bodybalance/Bodypump and Bodyattack Instructor from England.

Dave is a Bodybalance/Bodypump and Bodyattack Instructor from England.

They are wonderful people.

They are now featured on the main Les Mills blog site:

I adore Sens and s8to and what they represent as Les Mills Instructors.

What more can I say but kia ora to you :)

Shirley and Dave are insparational peeople and thank you for entering my world :)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

New poll Bodybalance 32!

New poll added for the current release :)

Vote away :)

Bodybalance 32 back on the main site!

Bodybalance 32!

It is officially now release internationally

Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy 2nd birthday!

I opened the site March 2004 around this time and now its 2 years later.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site since March 2004.

kia ora to all :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Introducing Goapele !

Goapele is new here. Her fourth CD is called Change it All.

I adore her music :) it is Urban meets Soul and R & B and interwoven with wonderful music tones.

She is from San Francisco California and her new CD returns the full circle. She has gone back to her music origins for this release.

© 2006 Sony International

Past Music:

(1). Big Things Start Small V2
(2.) Big Things Start Small V1
(3.) Even Closer

Current offering:

(4). Change it all!


1. Intro 2. Change It All 3. First Love 4. Love Me Right 5. 4 AM 6. Different 7. Crushed Out 8. Fly Away 9. Fina A Way 10. If We Knew 11. You 12. Good Love13. Battle Of The Heart 14. Darker Side Of The Moon 15. Bonus Track 1

Check her URL and explore the world of Goapele :) she would be awesome in Bodybalance/Flow : ) maybe track 7 - 8 - 9 :)

Her myspace is at:

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Beth Orton new CD out now!

Comfort of Strangers (Current CD) - Front Cover!

Beth has a new CD which was released in February 2006.

Did the following entry I think it was earlier this year.


1. Worms 2. Conceived 3. Comfort Of Strangers 4. Heartland Truckstop 5. Shadow Of A Doubt 6. Safe In Your Arms 7. Countenance 8. Rectify 9. Feral Children 10. Shopping Trolley 11. A Place Aside 12. Absinthe 13. Heart Of Soul 14. Pieces Of Sky

Her website: for more information.

She appeared in Bodybalance 26:

I adore 05. Stars all seem to Weep Beth Orton track 6 from that release.

If you have a chance re-visit that release it is classic Bodybalance/Flow :)Beth Orton is an outstanding singer

I love her music :)

Live New CD out now!

© 2006 Sony/BMG International

Songs from Black Mountain - is due on the 5th May 2006.

The single from the forth and coming CD is now in audio on their labels site. The sing is entitled "The River" the track is awesome. I love the sound of the track takes me back to the 70's with Kenny Loggins styled lyrics and music :)

Live came to Bodybalance/Flow with 07 Heaven - Live the best track 7 ever from a wonderful release Bodybalance/Flow 28.

Have you ever noticed that by Heaven - Live in this release you are dripping in a pool of sweat :)

They are one of the featured artists on that release :

01 Jesus to a Child - George Michael
02 After All feat. Jael (of Lunik) - Delerium
03 Going Under - Evanescence
04 Diary Of Me - R. Kelly
05 Spiritual High - Moodswings feat. Chrissie Hydne
06 Intuition - Jewel
07 Heaven - Live
08 Shape - Sugababes
09 Fallen - Sarah McLachlan
10 Sea & Silence - Deuter
11 Celestial Meditations, Part 1 - Soulfood

You can watch the video at:

Or check their myspace at:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spoiler Bodybalance 33 Sizzler!

The sizzler is located in the spoiler site.

Important Notice:

By entering the link below you acknowledge that you want to know information about the next version of Bodybalance being Bodybalance 33. By clicking on the hyperlink below you accept the conditions of entry that are displayed via the copyright notices that are displayed on this site and the spoiler site.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of entry to the site then exit the site at anytime please. The administration team of this site requires that anyone entering this site or any other additional sites that are attached to this site to observe the copyright notices attached and also observe the confidentiality of the site.

Thanking you for you co-operation

The Management and Administrator

Jessica Beach

Copyright ©2005 MapleMusic Ltd

If you love Dido then you are going to love Jessica Beach she is from Canada.

Sticky Hands is her debut CD.


1 Change (Bound) 2 Run 3 Falling Fast 4 Sunshine On 5 Cycles 6 Sticky Hands 7 Dr Said 8 The World 9 Endless (Unbound) 10 Some Times 11 Inhabit 12 Granville Doors

Her single Run reminds me of Dido and her music.

Check her URL:

Shane Wiebe

Shane is an awesome singer. His music would suit Bodybalance/Flow without a doubt.

Shane and Angela have wonderful single on the CD called Trace You (Lost in Your Love) which would be an awesome Balance Track.

I am now hooked on the music of Shane Wiebe!


1. When I Am With You 2. The Way I Feel 3. Came Out Wrong 4. Just Wait 5. Love Is 6. Forever Young 7. I'm Not Alone 8. Another Day 9. Never Lived At All 10. Riches 11. Trace You (Lost In Your Love) - featuring Angela Wiebe

Check his ULR for samples of his music and videos :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Why this site exists?


When I created the site in 2004.

The aim of the site was so that where ever I was I could go on the internet and look at the tracklists for Bodybalance and also the other releases that Les Mills International have. Last year the site was made public and I guess that the site now is here for everyone to come and read up on Les Mills Internationals programs like Bodypump, Bodybalance etc.....

The site is an educational site and also a site that I showcase music from diverse parts of the world and also my thoughts on the different releases and also what I think is cool about each release. The site services Les Mills Bodypump Addicts around the world.

It is a non-commercial site. I don't get paid anything for maintaing and updating the site. I do this because I am passionate about Bodypump and Bodybalance and wanted to share my passion for these programs. The site serves as a intro site to new people who come to Bodybalance and those curious about the artists and the music from each release.

The site also showcases the talent from each release and also gives users of the site an insight into the artists and the performers who make up each release.

The site also showcases the trainers and instructors of the various Les Mills programmes that are offered as well.

Because I have been with Bodybalance since 1999 - 2000 I have years of information and knowledge that I also wanted to get out, it is no good inside my head so I post it here.

Please use this site enjoy what is here. I hope that everyone likes the site. kia ora pipera

Stripping back the site!

There are a few users of the site that found loading times of the blogger a bit long because of the excessive graphics.

So the site has been stripped down.

Hope that allows them to view the site on their 56k dial up modem.......... that runs at 33k...............

The site is going to have a new skin attached so thats something coming up soon........

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Getting more into a Yoga Mindset!

In the 4 weeks that Bodybalance 32 has been out I have discovered that this release is more Yoga Based with longer poses.

There is time in this release to - Develop a Tai Chi awareness (track 1) - Longer defined poses in (track 2 ) - track 4 explores special awareness and has a dance feel to it - Track 5 Open the Hips - Waists - Track 6 there is deep core work going on it has a strong pilates feel to it - Track 6 to me is a highlight of the release there is tons of deep b-line activation in that track (the b-line to me is pivotal in any abdominal and back track) - Track 7 the b-line is bought back into the picture. I was watching a series of Pilates Videos from the Pilates Institute and b-line activation.

Allan Menezes is very proactive on the videos he presents on b-line activation. The b-line was came to the forefront in a series of books by Josef Pilates:

The Complete Guide to Joseph H. Pilates Techniques of Physical Conditioning by Allan. If you can get ahold of this book it strips back Pilates and explores some of the poses and options we use in Release 32, you get a real education from that book.

Helen hall has a wonderful article on the b-line at:

Her site is well worth viewing I love the way she strips back the language and makes the material accessible.

Track 8 is less cluttered to me you really work the poses what I am finding is that with track 8 I am learning more in that track each day.

Track 9 Parivrtta janu sirsasana is such a wonderful pose and janu sirsasana is a real challenge. There are a number of challenges in this track. It is one of my favs it is up there now with Breathe and Here with Me.

Bodybalance 32 I said I was going to be talking about for a long time and I guess I would be talking about it more in the future :)


© 2004 yemyss music

Kiva's biography is at:

Santuary by Kiva was written by the guys from Conjure One from her CD of 2004.

Check her music out it take awhile to get into the music and understand her music landscape. But when you finally accept what Kiva is trying to express then you can appreciate her music.

Follow the links to the CD shop and listen to her music. It does take some time to accept her music but the journey to finding what her music is trying to deliver :) is worth the journey. Today music is packed up for you and you go and buy it. There is no unwrapping the music and trying to find out the intentions of the music. Kiva is a artist that challenges the way you listen to music and the way you deconstruct music.

Understanding the journey is half way in Kiva's audio and visual presentation of her musical landscape. Kiva develops her music from her own craft work.

If music was more deconstructed like Kiva then listening to the music and understanding what she is trying to deliver would make music more of an visual journey, rather than an audio journey like some artists of today!

Listen to Conjure One's CD Extraordinary Ways here!


01 Endless Dream (feat. Poe)
02 Face the Music (feat. Tiff Lacey)
03 Pilgrimage
04 One Word (feat. Poe)
05 I Believe
06 Beyond Being
07 Extraordinary Way (feat. Poe)
08 Dying Light (feat. Joanna Stevens)
09 Forever Lost (feat. Chemda)
10 Into the Escape

The embolden ones are the full tracks.

Other Tracks are 30 seconds of music.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Filming Bodybalance Outside!

Would it be awesome if oneday they could film Bodybalance in an outside location say the beach or a tropical setting.

I would def go to that :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Page Ranking Added!

Just added to the site.

This site has a google rank of 4 out of a possible 10 :)

Awesome :)

Track 10 Bodybalance/Flow 32!

Wow is all I can say.

It is a mind journey from the very first count of the song. Conjure One was outstanding in Bodybalance/Flow 22.

There is tons of reflective time in the track. Tons of time to explore the landscape of the track. There are a number of longer poses here in this track. Everyone is raving about track 9 of this release.

Dave does a wonderful job presenting it on the DVD.

It is the longest track 9 ever :) and now my favorite track 9 well for now :)

Continuing the stillness!

Track 2 from Conjure one reflects on the stillness there are moments in the track I find a vertical plane of calmness.

In track 2 for example the music takes you on a sun salutation yoga journey, it is much that way with Delerium when they have a track 2.

The breath cycle and the set of poses just flow from one pose to another. I am learning new length and new awareness of breath from track 2. There is a real dance/yoga flow in track 2. It is a wonderful blend of movement.

This release is unlocking a whole set of poses and stillness from track 1 - 9.

Stillness is very important to me in Bodbalance/Flow and release 32 is exploring this in great depths.

Thanks Jackie :)

Finding the stillness tai chi track 1 Bodybalance/Flow 32 and finding it!

Jakcie siad something awhile back on one of the DVD's you find your own way of doing tai chi and I agree 100% with her.

In the current release of Bodybalance/Flow we have a wonderful track 1 and in that track we have a set of sequences from tai chi I have found my own stillness in track 1 "Taking the Inside Rail" - Sting. I was going through my mind and looking for some reference point for track 1 and I have found two pivotal releases that seem to fuse the feeling from this release. They are track 1 from Bodybalance/Flow 10 and track 1 from Bodybalance/Flow 11.

There are moments of stillness in track 1 from this release that remind me of those two releases. If you have done Bodybalance/Flow 10 & 11 and have them put them on and do them. The movement and stillness in the poses are simular.

I just love this current release and finding more stillness in the release day after day......

Wonderful website on Tai Chi!

Awesome site on the principles of tai chi :)

Tai Chi Stances in Bodybalance/Flow 32!

In Bodybalance we have Wu Chi which is the central position - pose in Bodybalance we begin in wu chi (Horse Stance) and from there our tai chi comes from that central pose. Jackie who is a wonderful choreographer has introduced some awesome tai chi sequences in this program.

A-while ago it may have been sometime last year I asked Jackie for something in Bodybalance that we have had only once before and in the current release Jackie brings them back. The tai chi move that I asked for is one of my favorite tai chi squences. The Chi Ball is also one of my favorite tai chi sequences. Remebering Bodybalance 10 "In the air tonight" Phil Collins our very first tai chi in Bodybalance. Before that we had you based warmups.

If you have done Bodybalamce 17 then you will know the tai chi move that is back :)

You are going to love track 1 of Bodybalance/Flow 32. :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Feeling!

(c) 2006 Island Records

Feeling - Sewn Number 7 in the UK this week. If you like James Blunt then you will like The Feeling!

You can hear their music and watch the Video there. They remind me of the music of the 60's and early 70's :)

Will write more on the guys latter :)........................

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jal Band - from Urudu (Meaning Water.)

I put this on the Pump site as well :)

(c)2005 HOM Records

Introducing one of the finest bands out of Pakistan :)

They are not well known outside of Pakistan.

The guys from Jal are hot in India and Pakistan and they have collected The Best Band of 2004 and 5. They are in line for this award in 2006 I hope the guys get it :)

They have a credential of music awards that make them one of Pakistans best music exports.

They have an awesome CD from 2005 called Aadat which has the single Aadat that is currently 17 on the India Top 40 first week in.


The CD was recorded in 2004 and has only recently got alot of airplay in India. I love the music on this CD.

1. Rangoon Main 2. Lamhey 3. Ik Din Ayega 4. Panchi 5. Bikhra Hoon Main 6. Dil Harey 7. Teri Yaad 8. Aadat 9. Manchala 10. Har Jagah Hai Jal

It takes awhile to get into the music. It took me awhile to get into the groove of music from Pakistan and also from India.

Once you find the musical zone the guys are coming from then the music is easy to follow and understand.

Anyway this is prob the first time you have heard of the guys and Jal are an awesome band. We don't see too much music from Pakistan and India ever (insert shock icon here.)

It would be awesome if Jackie used their music in Bodybalance :)

Enjoy :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Technical Tip on the Perfect Asanas Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)!

Had a revelation at the last 1/4 was demonstrating my triangle to the Master Trainer Matt Sandler showed me how to make it better and improve the posture of Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

He made me place my back on the wall and do the pose with the wall as a learning tool. If you use the wall as a correction zone then you can explore the pose in all its diversity.

I have been using the wall as a learning tool and discovering a whole new perfect Trikonasana (Triangle Pose).

Please give it a go and you will see a 100% improvement in your Trikonasana (Triangle Pose).

Cascada Candlelight Remix

Wow Everytime we touch would be an awesome track 4 in any Bodybalance/Flow class.

I would be moved beyond belief if Jackie used that in Bodybalance/Flow :)

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