Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sheryl Crow

October last year I posted an entry on Sheryl Crow "The First Cut is the Deepest" well Sheryl has a new CD out and it is jammed packed full of hits.

My thoughts on Sheryl Crow!

The CD is called "Wildflower" first single out was "Good is Good" which is an outstanding single. Her second single out is "Always on Your Side"

Good is Good Video!

© 2005 A&M Records


1. I Know Why 2. Perfect Lie 3. Good Is Good 4. Chances Are 5. Wildflower 6. Lifetimes 7. Letter To God 8. Live It Up 9. I Don't Wanna Know 10. Always On Your Side 11. Where Has All The Love Gone.

Check out her newly designed website!

Her Main Website!

To the person who replied back to my original post, you are so very lucky to have seen her live in San-Francisco.

I adore the music of Sheryl Crow :)

Bodybalance 18 > Reviews!

They can be accessed via a drop down list now! I did that because I can add more reviews without making the sidebar grow and grow!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bodybalance 33!

Someone told me a little bit about Bodybalance 33 and I am def now looking forward to it coming my way on 2oth May 2006.

The artist profile looks fantastic!

Bring on Bodybalance 33 :)

Introducing Kane Alexander!

Copyright ©  2006 Sony/BMG Australia

The CD is due for release May 1st 2006.

Heard Kane's CD today and saw on the back cover Tina Arena (I am a huge fan of hers.) The CD is packed with awesome music and Kane is an outstanding performer.

Press Release:


Kane Alexander is a 27 year old classically trained singer who is about to take Australia by storm with his phenomenal voice, charm, impeccable styling and strikingly handsome good looks.His debut album has been recorded in London and Stockholm in January 2006. Produced by Quiz & Larossi (Il Divo, Westlife), Anders Bagge (Madonna, Enrique Iglesias, Destiny’s Child), Tom Nichols (Kylie)

All tracks accompanied by the Stockholm Symphony Orchestra except 'Crying'.

Kane co wrote the opening track 'Escape' and the closing track 'Breathe'. Tina Arena duets with Kane on 'Timeless' – a stunning power ballad that showcases both their voices beautifully.

This album has 7 seven tracks sung in English and 4 tracks sung in Italian.

Copyright © 2006 (Sony/BMG)

Track Listing:

1. Escape 2. Come Vivrei (How Do I Live) 3. Timeless (Duet With Tina Arena) 4. Di Sole E D'azzurro 5. Nella Fantasia 6. Everything That I Am 7. Le Cose Che Sei Per Me (The Things You Are To Me) (Theme From A Secret Garden) 8. Crying 9. Kiss From A Rose 10. Let It Rain 11. Breathe

Accessing the different bloggers new feature!

At the bottom of each blog was a skip menu to allow you to move from blogger to blogger.

The site has grown and growing more in the coming months!

Under the Home Page are controls now!

1. Choose your destination!
2. Click on Go to move to the next destination!
3. You can off course bookmark the pages with Ctrl + D as well.


Choose a Destination...

Bodypump Blogger!
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RPM Blogger!

Click on Go!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Coming up Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) Article!

I am writing an article for the site on Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) pose.

That pose is one of the poses I love doing :)

Pregnancy in Bodybalance Update!

I posted this on another site and it got removed!

So I am placing it here!

I have no idea why they removed it as people should know this? If you are pregnant or about to become pregnant or decided to do a Bodybalance/Flow class then this is vital information and it should be known by everyone!

This site aims to explore the issues of Yoga / Bodybalance / Pilates and other methods of training and discipline. If there is no debate or open communication existing then the flow of vital information ceases to exist and becomes filtered and tailored to the needs of others.

We are all Les Mills Instructors and the exchange of dialog is what it is all about?

Connect - Talk - Communicate!


There is now a handout in Pregnancy in Bodybalance/Flow that will assist participants who are pregnant in Bodybalance.

Essentially you would be advised not to do Bodybalance from weeks 11 - 14 in 2nd trimester.

If you have not done Bodybalance/Flow before and are pregnant then it is best not to attempt the class.

The link on the side is currently not working I will try to see what I can do to get it up and running again!

Always consult your gynecologist or health care professional before and during your pregnancy!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Whitney Huston I am your Baby Tonight!

I am playing tons of Whitney Huston.

If you get a chance please give this 1990 classic Whitney Huston CD a listen to. I have been playing it tonight :)

"After we make love" is a wonderful song of that CD. I can't believe after 16 years it is still one of my favorite CD's ever :)

I love her tracks on Bodypump and also Bodybalance and Bodyjam :)

Whitney Huston Classics in Bodybalance/Flow!

I dearly would love to do a Bodybalance/Flow with the following Whitney tracks:

I adore Whitney Huston :)

Saving all my Love for You - Greatest Love of All - One Moment in Time - All the Man I Need - Lover for Life - I Will Always Love You - Run to You - Didn't We almost have it all to name a few.....

Whitney Huston has been in Bodybalance before I simply would love to see more of her music in Bodybalance/Flow :)

Suzi Quatro - Back to the Drive 2006!

Sometimes love is letting go from her "Back to the Drive" 2006 set would be wonderful in Bodybalance.

Own Domain!

The site now has its own domain. Which is going to be a bonus for the new home page I can load CGI and SQL scripts and JavaScript :) which is pretty cool!

Coming soon my Bodystep Blog Site!

Yes very soon :)

The site was created in January 2005!

Decided to bring it out of mothballs :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jewel Goodbye Alice In Wonderland CD!

© 2006 Atlantic Records

Jewel has a new CD called Goodbye Alice in Wonderland.

Jewel was featured in Bodybalance 28 with that awesome track intuition (I requested that on the song suggestion site) :)

My Bodybalance 28 Review Bodybalance 28 Link"

©2004 Les Mills International (Used by Kind Permission)

You can win a copy of the CD at the following location:
Jewel CD Giveaway!

Release date of the CD is 2nd May 2006!


1. Again And Again
2. Long Slow Side
3. Goodbye Alice In Wonderland
4. Good Day
5. Satellite
6. Only One Too
7. Words Get In The Way
8. Drive To You
9. Last Dance Rodeo
10. Fragile Heart
11. Stephenville, TX
12. Where You Are
13. 1000 Miles Away

Visit her URL at: Her Home Page!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Come on guys and gals our Bodybalance forum is sitting there.

Come in and say something :)

Site now semi famous!

I was surfing the net and trying to find something and found that alot of pages around the place are refering people back here :)

That is pretty cool :)

Synopses Molly Fox!

If you want to know the latest updates on Molly Fox and want to know more about her please e-mail me via the site link above.

I would be very pleased to share what I have about Molly and what she is doing now :)

Molly Fox Website!

Molly's work introduced me to Bodybalance.

She now has her own personal website
:Molly Fox Personal Growth Site! she co-created Bodybalance with Dr Jackie Mills and Choreographed a majority of the earlier Bodybalance release.

Check her new site out :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kate Alexa Part 2

Kate has her CD out now :) I reviewed her on the Saturday, July 16, 2005! Kates work was used in "Home and Away" (Seven Network.)

Often amazed at what I know whats on this site (shock icon inserted.) All that I hear La La La is an awesome track :)

Kate Alexa Blog Entry

Her URL is Kate Alexa Home Page

Gnarls Barkley's - Crazy Wow for Bodybalance :)

Gnarls has a song Crazy on his site that song would be an awesome track 6 or 7 in Bodybalance.

Check out his URL for the song :)

Vote 1: [X] for Crazy in Bodybalance :)

Gnarls Barkley's Website

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Filming Dates May 2006 Update!

The filming dates for May now appear under Filming Dates 2006 option on the sites!

Thanks to the guys at LMI for them!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Kosheen New CD Named!

Kosheen have named their 3rd CD they have called it Damage.

There were awesome in Bodybalance 18 "Harder" and also Bodybalance 19 "Hide You"

The first single out is Overkill and can be heard at their URL:

Kosheen Overkill New Song!

Visit their website for more news!

Kosheen's Home Page

Coming June 2006 Part 2 PopUpCards!

As of June 2006 I am introducing something new when Bodybalance 33 is released. You will see it in a PopUpCard ©2006.

As of then every release will be in a PopUpCard©2006!

PopUpCard©2006 is copyright to:

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pat Metheny Group!

It has been over 10 years since I thought of the Pat Metheny Group I was hooked on their music back then. While going through the Conjure One site I came across their site.

The Way Up is their latest offering!

Pat Metheny Group Home Page!

If you love real music then Pat Metheny Group are awesome.

Now trying to locate all my Path Metheny Group gear to listen to it!

Their site! has some of their music on it :)

Another Conjure One Remix Site

Conjure one have another remix site:

On the site is Center of the Sun JLX - Face the Music (Jade) Tears from the Moon - Sleep Solar Stone.

Conjure One Extended Remix Site

Awesome remixes.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

BlogForum©2006 Logo!

Added the new blogforum logo across the site today! The site has a commitment to joining the gap between the Forum and Blog Communities and making the site interactive for the visitors of the site. The aim of the blog is to be customer focused and allow users of the blog to register for the forum and talk about what is on the blog and what they want to talk about!

Join in today become an interactive member of the site!

Conjure one mixes now on their

Conjure one now have the following on their

Extraordinary Ways - Tears from the Moon - Pilgrimage - Premonition (un-seen and new release.)

Conjure One mixes click here!

Sizzler for Bodybalance 33!

Pilgrimage features on their site! Enjoy!

Created Saturday, April 15, 2006 11:19 am - Edited 11:27 am Saturday, April 15, 2006 (Configuration Change.)

Sign up now BlogForum©2006!

You are reading what I am writing in the BlogForum©2006.

Don't be shy :) sign up and say something :)

The site has been up for 4 days now!


Friday, April 14, 2006

Site Notification!

As of 13th April 2006 any modfied entries would have a original date stamp of the article and then a modification date stamp. So that you are aware of that the article has been modified since it was created.

Example would be:Created: 1:44 pm 9th April 2006 Modified 3:13pm 14th April 2006 reasoning is that the article has had additional information added since the last viewing of the article.

We don't want you to read the same thing twice :P :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Greetings to all!

Have a safe and secure easter break.

Travel safe and the 4 day break.

We have Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Leigh Nash has a new CD coming Out!

Leigh Nash from Bodybalance 25 is about to release her debut CD.

My Review of Bodybalance 25: Bodybalance 25 Review

Visit her website for a preview of her debut single Along the Wall and excepts from her debut CD!

Leighs Home Page: Leigh Nash Home Page

The CD is a colaboration between Leigh and the guys from Delerium. On the 22nd April you can catch up with Leigh at Hotel Cafe Los Angeles California.

Now looking forward to seeing what Leigh has :)

Coming Soon 2 new blogs and a new forum to support them!

Can't say much now but I am launching two new blogs and a supporting forum for that program.

They have been fully developed and coming in May 2006 :)

Warrior Arrows and many thanks - Kriya!

Kriya what more can one ask for :)

"Those who are engaged in yogic practices, reach the breathless state of trance by offering inhalation into exhalation and exhalation into inhalation as a sacrifice." (Bhagavad Gita 4:29)

I am loving track one of Bodybalance/Flow release 32, I asked Jackie of she could put them back into Bodybalance and she did. If Jackie is reading here many thanks.

I think warrior arrows are one of the best tai chi sequences around.

Thanking you Jackie you came up with a wonderful track 1 and a wonderful track 9 of which I am forever grateful.

You have an idea and send it off and she came through with it!

I still adore Bodybalance 27 tracks 6 Lifted (Light House Family) and Praise You (Fat Boy Slim)

Jackie said (Bodybalance 27 Sizzler)

To Lifted and Praise You (thanks Rod) that is so cool :)

Jackie is a wonderful choreographer!

Forward Bends (Paschimottanasana)


Love forward bends I think they are the best part of the class. One thing I have noticed is that Paschimottanasana is a wonderful stretch. In the current release we have a variation of the Paschimottanasana. I am really enjoying this release and what it is doing for my lower back :)

Health Benfits of the pose:

Calms the nervous system
Spinal mobilisaiton
Hamstring stretching benifits
Lower back conditioning

Pose: Inversion

Become a foundation member of the BlogForum©2006!

Join in now awesome site tons to talk about :) and become a foundation member.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What release of Bodybalance/Flow did you train on blogforum poll!

Just added a poll to the blogforum site.

What Bodybalance/Flow did you train on?

There was only space back to release 14 if you were trained on an earlier one then please tell :)

There are over 200 really emicons to use there wow (insert shock icon here.)

Didos Life for Rent - 3 Years On!

I mist have bought that CD in 2003 and still to this day it is one of the best CD's out. No wonder Dido is the most requested artists ever in Bodybalance History with "Here With Me" from her previous set.

Hopefully Dido will make new music soon :) I suppose thats why we look forward to her new music she has had only two CD's and when they come out its like waiting for a baked cake. You get the music as the cake and her lyrics as the icing :)

Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

This pose requires a fair amount of dedication and strength, the development of proper abdominal stabilization and back preparation is important.

In saying this Bodybalance is a Yoga Based class based on the principles of yoga.

In a traditional Iyengar Yoga class you would use blocks or a backbend bench and under the instruction of a Iyengar Teacher they will teach the student the pose and its contradictions according to Iyengar Yoga guidelines.

If the student in a Bodybalance class cannot do the pose in my experiences remain in corpse pose. (Or simply rest during this part of the class.) Then receive intensive teaching instruction in a one on one session on how to do the Bridge Pose and the options available to them.

There is also a major point : If the student is pregnant then the pose should be avoided. They should do a variation of Camel Pose. (This is a standard option.) or simply rest.

The pose should be avoided if you are in trimester one of pregnancy.

If you have high blood pressure then seek medical advice before doing the pose.

The general rule is to listen to your body talk to your gynecologist and health care practitioner always.

The article above should not be used as a substitute for professional health care or personal instruction. Talk to your doctor always!

Mark Sholtez - Real Street

Mark is another artist much like Alfio - his debut CD called Real Street is now out. I caught his music on TV a week or so ago.


01. Love me for the cool 02. If you were a song 03. Dream about you 04. Not what I'll be missin' 05. Home by now 06. Melita 06. Wanting you 07. Complicated woman 08. Falling 09. One more kiss 10. Deeper

Check out his URL:

Alfio Bonanno (Alfio) Website

Did a entry for Alfio and did not have his URL well here it is:

Alfio's Website

Alfio's Debut Video!

Very Cool Website :)

Just wanted to say...

Everyone comes to the site and uses the resourses of the site, no one is commenting on any thread.

I have been thinking about closing the site if no one is commenting!

There are over 500 hits to the site every day, people use the resources.

The site also takes alot of my spare time to run and maintain.

Feel free to comment on any subject!

6:10 12/04/2006 entry:

I must have had a bad hair day decided to keep it going :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BlogForum©2006 and the Blog!

4 articles there already. Jump in and say something :) get in on the ground floor.

It is one of the most dynamic BlogForums around :) you can finally meet the people that visit this blog site finally.


Total Freedom You can edit your entrys if you make a mistake and want to add something.
Create Polls
RSS Syndication you can keep up to date via RSS feeds.
Post Tracker and keep up to date with your posting entries.

Get to know other people who share your passion from your fav Les Mills program!

This site supports instructors rights to freedom of speech in the BlogForum©2006!

New Technical Help Section for BlogForum©2006!

Where all those pesky FAQ's are answered! Check there for how to and what to guides for the BlogForum©2006!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

First time ever blogforum - single topic forum!

Have a new Bodybalance Forum attached to this site.

It is an exclusive Bodybalance only forum!

One is being created for the Bodypump site as well.

You have to register to post there. The reason for the forum is so that people who visit here can have a special place for them to post about Bodybalance only. I think that is a cool idea. It is your place to post about Bodybalance.

So please join up get the thing going and make it a wonderful place to post in :)

kia ora to all :)

Alfio Bonanno (Alfio)

©2006 Warnermusic Australia

On Monday Alfio will release his debut CD called "TRANQUILLITA"

Ava Maria from the CD is already out. His current single from the CD is called "Il Nostro Sogno"

Alfio is from Australia, if you like IL DIVO! and PATRIZIO BUANNE! then Alfio is going to appeal to you :)


1. Il Nostro Sogno 2. Stars Shine For You 3. Quando Quando Quando 4. Serenata All'amore 5. Il Mondo 6. Amore Scusami 7. Catari 8. Passione E Volutta 9. Fantasy 10. A Mi Manera (My Way) 11. Quello Che Non Volevo 12. Ave Maria

The CD is packed with awesome music!

He does not have a website will keep everyone informed when one is on the net. The guy is going to huge and you heard of him here first :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bodybalance 33 Sizzler!

Just added on the sidebar under NEXT RELEASE!

To come back here click Back Home!


Are you ready for GLOBALFITNESS?

Has anyone seen the McDonalds Coke (Large)!

When you have your next large coke at McDonalds I am sure everyone does :wink: where I am from there is a Tai Chi Master doing an awesome pose.

Well I was at the station and well I did the pose right there and then (insert shock icon here) got tons of starring my way but that pose is an awesome standing strength pose with a holding a tail feather extension with a extended triangle as well.

Check it out :)

The one and only Delta Goodrem!

Delta Goodrem is an Australian singer/performer, she came to the public eye on "Neighbors". From then she has soared on to the heights of music stardom.

Delta performed at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne with "Together we are One". Which I have been playing endlessly.

The song was not meant to be released it is now out.

You can watch it at:

Innocent Eyes was her first release.

© 2004 Sony International


Born To Try - Innocent Eyes - Not Me, Not I - Throw It Away - Lost Without You - Predictable - Butterfly - In My Own Time - My Big Mistake - This Is Not Me - Running Away - A Year Ago Today - Longer Will You - Fall for Me

Born to try - Innocent Eyes Lost Without You Predictable Longer are the standout tracks from that CD.

Her follow-up was Mistaken Identity.

© 2003 Sony International


Out of the Blue - The Analyst - Mistaken Identity - Sanctuary - A Little Too Late - Be Strong - Last Night on Earth - Almost Here - Miscommunication - Electric Storm - Extraordinary Day - Fragile -Disorientated - You Are My Rock - Nobody Listened (hidden track)

From that CD we had Out of the Blue - Almost Here (Brian Mc Fadden) Mistaken Identity - A Little to Late as hits from that CD.

I adore the music of Delta Goodrem! I hope that the rest of the word does to :)

I to this day do not understand why Delta's music has not been used in Bodybalance or any other Les Mills program?

I am clueless and dumfounded and speechless?


Many thanks to everyone!

Many thanks to everyone who visits this site. Hopefully it would be a living history of Bodybalance/Flow/Healing.

I enjoy writing up the site and hope that people get something out it.

kia ora to all :)

Guestbook moved!

The guestbook has been moved to the sidebar!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Medical Notice Added!

The site now has a medical notice attached at the bottom of the screen.

Please read :)

kia ora to all :)


Overtaken are Sonny Wink & Cindy Cochran.

Here and now is their first single out. I have been sitting on this for awhile.

I enjoy their music :) would love to see their music in any Bodybalance/Flow class :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Passionate about Bodybalance!

Today had two conversations about Bodybalance I was thrilled to see the reaction they have to Bodybalance and the Les Mills Classes.

Everyone is raving about Bodybalance 32, I love every part of this release.

One thing track 8 I just want to go higher at the end :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Magnificent 3 are coming to my 1/4 in May 2006!

I am so excited :)

I adore Dione Ware - Charlene Baillie and Garry Hart.

It is a rare thing to get to experience Bodybalance perfection and the best combination of Bodybalance excellence.

Dione is just perfection in Bodybalance I adore her classes, Garry Hart is like having a good mate teach you Bodybalance I adore Garry Hart and he is one of most nicest persons one can ever meet. And then there is Charlene she is just a diamond her style of Bodybalance/Flow is my foundation rock. She is my role model and I attempt to be in her league and one day I may be in her league.

Bring on May 2006 :) and Bodybalance 33 :)

Meditation in Bodybalace/Flow!

I think the meditation and relaxation tracks in Bodybalance/Flow in the 20's and 30's series of Bodybalamce/Flow are awesome.

The current one Heart - Compassion is simply beautiful and a wonderful way to end one of the best Bodybalance releases ever. :)

The great thing about this track is the piano work and how it jist simply moves with the music and flow of the class.

Congratulations to Jackie and her team on the relaxation part of the class :)

I also have to agree with "Dionne Ware :) our wonderful Master Trainer from Queensland Australia :)

Namaste to Dionne :)

Bodybalance is simply the best Les Mills class ever :)

Getting back to Bodybalance 32!

Now everyone has it more articles of this remarkable release Bodybalance 32.

Special mention to track 10 Heart - Compassion Perry Wood an awesome piece of music.

Coming later in the week an artist review and trackview of two of their contributions to Bodybalance/Flow 32!

Shock Poll Update!

Wow just looked at the poll and Endless Dreams has no votes (insert shock icon here.)

I love that song.

Please vote for Conjure One :)

Going to do an accredited course in Tai Chi!

Later in the month I am going to enroll in a Tai Chi and Health Certification Course. In addition I am going to enroll in a Tai Chi for Elderly Participants course.

That's going to help me understand tai chi better and make my tai chi practice more accessible. I have so many questions on Long and Short Form Tai Chi. This should unlock some of those questions and make me more aware of my own tai chi practice.

It all goes to help :)

Back to the old scheme!

I looked at the site and wow thought that the old scheme looked better :)

So went back to the old one :)

Nelly Furtado NEW CD

Nelly Furtado has a new CD coming out on the 23rd May 2006.

Details are coming to this site!.

8 BB 14 I'm Like A Bird Nelly Furtado was her last appearance in Bodybalance. I adore Bodybalance 14 :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Maria Mena

© 2006 Columbia Records

Will write more on this amazing artist :)

Maria Mena is from Norway she is a sensation there and her current offering is White Turns Blue. Her new CD is called Apparently Unaffected.

Check her personal blog at:

White turns blue music would be awesome in any Bodybalace/Flow class :)

I adore Maria Mena :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Emerald Green are now called - The Greenmatics!

Emerald Green were track 2 on Bodybalance 29 with Make a Wish.

Make a wish was originally a hit by Conjure One from their debut CD, meanwhile look out for a new CD from Delerium coming this year :)

Well they are no longer Emerald Green they are now The Greenmatics.

Check their new website :)

Site News 01st April 2006!

Site News has been updated.

Get ahead and know whats happening across the sites by clicking on "Site News"

Check back occasionally for updates!

BlogForum©2006 - Connect - Talk - Communicate!




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Before attending a Bodybalance class consult your Dr if you are in trimester one.If you are pregnant and are going to a Bodybalance/Flow class in weeks 11 - 14 seek medical advice since these are crucial times in development and during the pregnancy!

Bodybalance also has elements of Pilates and Feldenkrais sometimes in the classes. Please discuss this with you primary health care giver to see if you are able to complete these part of the classes.

Located at les Mills International is a Guide to Pregnancy below is the link to this guide.



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