Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New name for the main forum!

Brand new name :) the new section is viewable by guests of the forum!


Our forum for the site please register!

About a year ago I launched the forum for the site and I guess it was a good idea. I added sections for other programs as well, Radical Fitness, BTS and now Fit Club International to the forum. The aim of the site is to include people from here to come into the forum and participate there and interact with the Radical Fitness - BTS and Fit Club International folk.Please register and join in and participate in the community.



Monday, May 29, 2006

We do have a personal training forum!

There is a personal training forum attached to the site.

Trying to get it up and running.Subjects - Gym / Aqua / Aerobics and Personal Training Sections.

Talk about Periodisation - Application of Overload - ATP - Energy Systems - Krebs Cycle anything deep and totally about Personal Training.

Intro yourself there and talk about Personal Training there please.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Discovering more options for the PopUpCard in June 2006

Cannot wait till they come out.

WOW to say the least!

Even I am impressed and I put them together!

They are cool and well I am so ready to launch them :)

Hidden Track on Chimera!

If you have a copy of Chimera then load it onto a PC and there are two hidden tracks on the CD.

I have nothing against that but you should be able to listen to the tracks on a normal CD Device.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Stay another Day" - East 17!

Does anyone remember that song.

Imagine East 17 in Bodybalance.

If Jackie is reading here please listen to that track :)

Kylie "Confide in Me" for Bodybalance!

Does anyone remember the track "Confide in Me" that track would be an awesome track two in any Bodybalance Class.

Awesome track :)

Special Thankyou!

I would like to say a special thankyou to everyone who has registered in the forum attached to this site.

I am happy that we have some posters there and the forum is now a permanent feature of this site!


Friday, May 26, 2006

Account Deactivation!

If you have not used your account on the main forum and have not posted by the end of June the account will be deleted.

You have a grace period to post there. If you pass the grace period and have not posted the account will be deactivated.

If you want to extend your grace period please e-mail the admin of the site at: 15me@walla.com.

LMADMIN (Les Mills - Radical Fitness - Bodytraining Systems - Fit Club International Forums.)
The worlds first tri-forum.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Be prepared for a toughie!

Bodybalance 33 contains something special and wow thats all I can say I am suprised I can do it and wow to that as well.

Awesome work on that Jackie and wonderfully choreographed by Jackie as well!

Cafe Cek

I am from a beautiful part of the world and we have a place called "Port Douglas" which is a wonderful place to go to. Cafe Cek have named their CD "Port Douglas" of you ever visit North QLD then "Port Douglas" is def a stop over.

(c) 2006 Cek Music!

Cafe Cek are awesome if you love "Lotus then you will love the ambient sounds of Cafe Cek from Port Douglas Queensland.

Cafe Cek!

Their myspace.com is: Cafe Cek!

Amanaska from Melbourne Victoria Australia!

Simon Lewis is Amanaska he is from Melbourne Australia. They have a debut CD called Panorama.

© 2006 One World Music


01 Kagbeni Girls 02 Meridian 03 Panorama 04 Easeback 05 Incantaion 06 Baato Boy 07 Distant Worlds 08 Nomad 09 Dhyana 10 Pilgrim.

On his myspace you can listen to: Sleep - Make it Better - Circles and Floating Down Stream. Give hos music a listen to if you love the music from "Open Spaces Series of CD's" then you will love Simons music.

His myspace!

Amanaska's Website!


Monday, May 22, 2006

What are you listening to!

Just added that to the Bodybalance Zen Lounge!

Could always learn more about music and what people are listening to!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stranger in Paradise Sounds Like!

Track 4 on Bodybalance 33 sounds like Rapsody (Pump 26) or am I just imagining it.

If you play track 4 it sounds like in parts to track 10 of Pump 26.

If you have Pump 26 play that track then play track 4 on Bodybalance 33 they are the same in parts?

Bodybalance 33!

Never got to do the 1/4 today I got injured while doing Bodystep 64 and rolled my ankle.

Not one Instructor stopped doing Bodystep 64 and assisted me I was injured and they ignored me. They all had Snr First Aid (requirement for registration.)

That is really sad and shocking!

So I have to watch the DVD!

It is an awesome release and feels very soft and light if thats the word. There is an all lady team presenting the release for the very first time.

Two new presenters are featured love Laurence and her wonderful teaching style. She set the mood for the rest of the class.

An awesome release!

Namaste :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bodybalance 33 PopUpCard Update!

As of release 33 there is going to be one single entry URL for the release. You will like what I have created. I think no-one has ever done what you are going to see in June 2006.

Artist profiles are going to change all the time as well.

I am pretty excited about this :)


Digital Moodz have a new CD called Levitation. It is their second CD.

If you love ambient music and into Conjure One and Delerium then you will love this group!

Their Home Page!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I adore the music of Supergrass:

Check their URL for the following:

St Petersburg
Tales of Endurance
Low C

They would work wonderfully in any Bodybalance - Flow - Healing - YogaFitness Class!


Yogafitness now added!

Now added YogaFitness to the sites heading :)

Bodybalance is also known as.....

YogaFitness is used in some parts of the Les Mills Community as a name for Bodybalance in some parts of the world.

Learn something new every day!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Introducing a awesome group called Pilate!

Love love love thier music :)

Sell Control for Life's Speed is their latest offering.

Released April 25th, 2006


1. Knife-Grey Sea

2. Barely Listening
3. A Kind of Hope
4. Over-Ground
5. Don't Stare
6. I Won't Blame You
7. Turn The Lights On
8. Lover Come In
9. Ambulance
10. Hold the Line
11. Into The West

If you love Opshop U2 then Pilate is an awesome musical addition to know :)

Check out their site:

Pilate Website!

New Colour Scheme!

Hope you like the new scheme it reflects the colours of Bodybalance.

I feel a sense of calmness when I come over here now :)

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I would ask everyone to read the Posting Tracklists option on the sidebar please!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Awesome picture from Bodybalance 34!

Below is a link to an awesome photo and a new presenter.

Does anyone know who she is?

Bodybalance 34 Picture!


Les Mills International Blog!

Jump Madonna!

That track would be an awesome abs track in Bodybalance.

I adore Madonna and her music ;)

I love New York Madonna!

If you heard I Love New York Madonna that track would be an awesome sun salutation :)

Would love to do a Madonna Sun Sals again one day :)


The Idols Link!

From a post here got me an idea, I have featured various Idols here from this blog and the other, so I will make a idol link in the sidebar so that you can see all the idol's featured here!

Thanks for the memory jog :)

Snow Patrol!

Eyes Open is their latest offering they appeared in Bodybalance 30:

Bodybalance 30 Review!


Here With Me (Rollo's Chillin' With The Family Mix) - Dido
Ameno - Era
Prayer for the Dying - Seal
All For Believing - Missy Higgins
Shiver - Natalie Imbruglia
Round Here - George Michael - Patience
Last Thing on my Mind - Ronan Keating and Leann Rimes
World on Fire - Sarah McLauchlan - Fallen
Run - Snow Patrol - Final Straw
A Mass For Peace - Benediction

9th May 2006 is the relase date of their new CD check their URL for information:

Snow Patrol Site!


1 You're All I Have 2 Hands Open 3 Chasing Cars 4 Shut Your Eyes 5 It's Beginning To Get to be 6 You Could Be Happy 7 Make This Go On Forever 8 Set The Fire To The Third Bar 9 Headlights On Dark Roads 10 Open Your Eyes 11 The Finish Line

Write more later :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Home Page

Please bookmark the new home page for this forum!

Other details coming soon!

See entry below!

New Homepage Direct

New Home Page Temp!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Record Number of Users Online!

Had it here last year decided to put it back it was 18 users!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Marquee Added!

Just added a marquee for the site. Anything coming up or new will be there about the site.

I took the code of one of my sites I have outside of here!

It looks good on my site over there, so I guessed I will use it here :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Introducing Shane Nicholson!

I Know What You Need is an awesome song :)

Faith & Science will be release on the 3 June, 2006

Copyright ©2006 EMI


01. Safe And Sound 02. Everybody Loves You Now 03. Stolen Car 04. Set Me Up 05. I Know What You Need 06. All The Time In The World 07. I Can Change 08. Always Be On Your Side 09. Acrobat Ache 10. Big In Japan 11. Tourist (Stand In One Place)12. Home

I Know What You Need was released today 6 May, 2006


01. I Know What You Need 02. After The Gold Rush 03. I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out

Shane's website with a preview of his single I know what you need!

Would love to see that in Bodybalance :)

Create your own Bodybalance 33 Journal!

As of release 33 I am doing a Bodybalance Journal in the blogforum.

The blogforum also has three sections for Bodybalance 31 - 32 and 33 and will grow to include other releases.

If you want to join in please register and enter your own Bodypump Journal there :)

Friday, May 05, 2006

E- Mail Digest BlogForum©2006!

E-Mail digest, you can set up under your user profile an E-Mail Digest request to get updated e-mails of new topics in the forums.

This feature is new and exclusive to our blogforum!

That is a really cool feature instant updates of all new topics all in one e-mail :)

Creating a Custom Title in the Forums!

Everyone needs one :)

On the Bodypump and Associated Forums you can request a custom user title.

If you are a Bodybalance Instructor simply request a Bodybalance Instructor since release.... and it will be customised for you!

I think thats a good idea you can tell people if you are a Instructor or Coach in Bodybalance!

If you look under mine you can see what I mean :)

This adds credential to the site!

Links Option on the Bodybalance Forum!

If you want your site placed on the links option in the Bodyblance Forum.

Please enter the forum sign up and PM me!It is a nice way of advertsing your Les Mills site!

I feel something new is coming on in August 2006!

In August 2006 I am going to get trained in something new which involves Pilates and I am going to be in the first intake of Instructors doing the training :)

It is a nice feeling I will be there from Release Number 1 :)

I am going to launch it in my home state and conduct the very first classes ever here!

Will talk more about the program later I have created a blog site for that program and will launch it here once I am officially trained in it.

There is also a supporting forum for that program as well.

Some may know the program (insert wink)! It is new to where I am from and was previewed March 2006 at their workshop!

The training is over 3 days which is awesome I get to do my final day on the Monday. When you enter something new as an instructor it is special and to be there from Day One and have that connection is also special.


Nina Simone & Groovefinder!

Ain't Got No - I've Got Life is her current single check it out :)

  1. Ain't Got No/I've Got Life (Radio Edit)
  2. Ai'n't Got No/I've Got Life (Extended Instrumental)
  3. Ain't Got No/I've Got Life (Original Version)

Soundbwoy Ent!

Cruise into the weekend with Soundbwoy Ent!

Somebody is watching me is there latest offering :)

Soundbwoy Ent!

Enjoy :)

Added to Links Tracklists for in Forum!

I have added links to the Bodycombat - Bodyjam and Bodystep Tracklists to the dropdown list!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Added to the area forums links and search function!

There are forums for each blog :) I have now added a links option to them and the search for recent posts options.

Click on Links on any of the blogforums and access the other sites here.

Home Page - Main Forum - Single Forums - Bloggers - Tracklists!

So that you can skip from forum to blog etc....

Mike Leon Grosch!

"Don't Let it Get You Down" is a wonderful song released 21st April 2006! It is his first single out. That track would be awesome in Bodybalance :)


It is from his forth coming CD called "Absolute/Standard"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bodybalance and Pregnancy Handout!

I just discovered I had a copy on my computer will do it up and place it here!

Pregnancy Handout Bodybalance!

The following was freely available on the old BTS (USA - Site!) it was there for participants who were pregnant or wanting information about the classes before attending a Les Mills Class.

A guide to safe participation!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to BODYBALANCE®.

The information contained within should act as a guide only. It will answer questions you may have about BODYBALANCE® and help you safely and comfortably participate throughout the various stages of your pregnancy. It is additional to advice given by your pregnancy doctor or caregiver, and should be discussed with them, should you have any concerns.

Benefits of attending BODYBALANCE® during pregnancy BODYBALANCE® standing strength poses help strengthen your legs, pelvis & lower back.

This helps you more comfortably vary the extra weight of pregnancy.

BODYBALANCE® stretch poses help relieve the muscular tension associated with your changing posture in pregnancy.

BODYBALANCE® Hip Openers, Twists & Forward Bends help relieve the hip, lower back & mid thoracic pains experienced by many pregnant women.

BODYBALANCE® breath focus helps release tension & stress, improve circulation, immune & digestive function & promotes inner calm. It also helps avoid the valsalve manoeuvre (holding breath with exertion). Women report increased energy levels, improved digestion & enhanced body confidence from regular participation in BODYBALANCE®.

BODYBALANCE® really helps you maintain good postural alignment and stability.

Pregnancy precautions

Child’s pose

You must seek clearance from your doctor before commencing BODYBALANCE®.

The guidelines below are general in nature & constant monitoring is recommended.

If cleared, but new to BODYBALANCE®, we advise that you participate with care, especially during weeks 11-14.

Please introduce yourself to the BODYBALANCE® Instructor before class. This will ensure options or modifications to exercises can be given to you when necessary.

Widen your stance when in standing poses to widen your base of support for balance.

Always step in & out of poses – never jump as this places too much stress on your pelvic floor. Always keep both feet in contact with the floor - never try to balance on one leg.

Do not compress your baby.

Avoid lying prone on your abdomen for extended periods or lying supine for longer than 2 – 3 minutes. Assume an optional position such as the Child’s Pose to stretch your back. When seated, assume open leg & hip positions. Use bolsters or towels to make your self more comfortable where required.

As your pregnancy progresses, we encourage you to be extremely cautious & to come up off the floor by rolling onto your right side and using your upper body strength to push yourself up. Move in & out of poses gently & try not to increase load to your lower back– always keep your pelvis upright.

Stay well hydrated, wear comfortable clothes and do not exercise if it is too hot or humid.

Strive to keep heart rate below 140bpm (Heart rate monitoring is recommended).

You will notice changes in balance & flexibility as your pregnancy progresses. Avoid overstretching muscles – pregnancy is a time when flexibility in the pelvic area is increased due to the hormone Relaxin –be careful not to overstretch an already “stretched” area.

We do not recommend the advanced abdominal work of BODYBALANCE®, especially during the third trimester. We suggest alternative exercises such as the Bridge exercise or Supine One Leg Raising. Please ask your Instructor to demonstrate these.

Most important, listen to your body. Go at your own pace & never take the class or poses to the point of fatigue or discomfort. Be guided by your own physical needs and responses.

Use the Child’s Pose whenever you need to rest. It is a great way to relieve lower back tension and help you relax. Know & understand all the warning signs of when to stop – (i.e feeling very hot, faint, dizzy, short of breath, palpitations, blurred vision, feeling disorientated, headaches, abdominal pain, cramping, back or pubic pain).

Enjoy Your Workout & this wonderful time in your life!

© Les Mills International Ltd Participant handout Pregnancy & BODYBALANCE®

Consult your health care provider always before attending any Group Fitness Class!
Copyright © 1994 Les Mills International
Purpose: Edcuational Usage Only!
Under the copyright act of 1968

Monday, May 01, 2006

Totally Amazed!

I am so amazed what you can do in the blogforums. I learn new things all the time about posting the functions of the forum.

I am totally amazed :)

Tai Chi - Oliver Shanti and Friends!

Oliver Shanti was featured in Bodybalance 14 track 1 with the wonderful "Sangha's Love for Amitabha" Bodybalace 14 is one of my altime favorite releases ever. It is the last release choreographed by Molly Fox.

Every track is awesome on that release and has one of my fav track 9'e ever Breathe - Faith Hill!

Oliver has a awesome CD called "Tai Chi"


1 Huanqiutan Garden 2 Chenresie, Flame Of Peace And Compassion 3 Tang Xingqing Park 4 Tai Chi Ch'uan Way And Meditation 5 Rhythm Of Tao Te Ching 6 Liu Garden Of Suzhou 7 Half Moon Gathering In Beihai Park 8 A Ballad To Chuang Tzu 9 Tales From The Heart Of Chuang Tzu 10 Tara Mantra 11 Macao Kyoto 12 An Ti Dog Ma Ti Sm.

I often wonder if Jackie would ever use Oliver Shanti in Bodybalance ever again?

If anyone from Les Mills Tai Chi by Oliver would def go down a treat.


Patrick Kelly - Beyond the Horizon!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Patrick Kelly inspires me with his music. The music of Patrick Kelly leads you on a mind journey and you never know where you are going to go to. His brother is Patrick a Reiki and Spiritual Healer.


1.Adrift In Time 2.The Secret Temple 3.Sunrise In Paradise 4.Beyond The Horizon 5.Sanctuary 6.Awakening 7.Serenity 8.Spirit Lights 9.Revelation

The CD was released on the 26/08/2005.

If you want a visual and mind journey then the music of Patrick Kelly will do that for you!

Do youself a huge favour and get his CD, you wont regret it!

Category:>Word Music>Relaxation!

World Music and Indigenous Australian artists!

Over the next few weeks I am going to showcase the music of my nation and the Murri people.

My nation has many cultures and languages we have over 150 aboriginal dialects here.

We have some awesome Indigenous Australian music.

Coming up the music of Glenn Skuthorpe, an awesome Aboriginal Artist whos music is going to take on the world!

Name Change!


The site now has a new name!

Focusing on the three regional names for Bodybalance in the world.

Incorporating now World Music!

World music is what I now listen to. There is going to be a world music site connection here and showcasing world music around the world.


Added another drop down list to the site:


Is now in a drop down list the list is going to grow :)

I hope that you enjoy the music I feature here :)

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Before attending a Bodybalance class consult your Dr if you are in trimester one.If you are pregnant and are going to a Bodybalance/Flow class in weeks 11 - 14 seek medical advice since these are crucial times in development and during the pregnancy!

Bodybalance also has elements of Pilates and Feldenkrais sometimes in the classes. Please discuss this with you primary health care giver to see if you are able to complete these part of the classes.

Located at les Mills International is a Guide to Pregnancy below is the link to this guide.



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