Thursday, June 29, 2006

Paula Cole Band!

Paula has a wonderful CD called "Amen" released in 1999. She has recorded some older stuff. I love her music and wanted to share it with everyone. The CD goes back to 1999, the music is wonderful and I adore her music :)

She has had 3 CD's "Greatest Hits" - "Harbinger" and "This Fire"

Trackview to Amen:

I Believe In Love - Amen - La Tonya - Pearl - Be Somebody - Rhythm Of Life - Free - Suwannee Jo - God Is Watching.

Her Website: Paula Cole Bands Website!

A truly wonderful artist!

Halou have a Blogger!

Discovered they have a blogger how cool is that :)

You can watch videos there :)

Introducing Halou!

Discovered Halou and their music by mistake.

Love their sound!

A truly awesome group and sound :) please check out their music. :)

Halou Website!

Hello and Welcome Video

Here it is from Enigma!

Hello and Welcome Video!

Enigma have a new CD!

Enigma have a new CD called Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome was released on the 7th March 2006.

They last appeared in Return to Innocence Enigma Bodybalance 7 love Bodybalance No 7.

Check their site for artist reviews!

Enigma's Site!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bodybalance/Flow 33 poll on the Bodybalance 33 Option Button!

Worked out how to do it. Computing is so hard sometimes.


It is there now :)

I have no idea who to vote for the decision is so very hard for this release.

Bodybalance 30 Poll!

The poll for Bodybalance 30 is now on the sidebar. :)

I know what I am going to vote for :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aim of the polls!

They are going to run from Bodybalance 30 - 39. At the end of the series 30 - 39, the results will be put into the top 100 Bodybalance's from Bodybalance 30 - 31. Kind of like the top 100 Bodybalances in the 30's series.

Going to put up the Bodybalance 30 poll tomorrow.

It is your choice :) what track becomes number 1 of all time.

The power is in your hands :)

Bodybalance 33 Poll!

I will add it to the Bodybalance 33 Button on the side menu.

Just have to figure how to create it in a seperate window?

Need to do that tomorrow!

I know what I am going to vote for :)

To Lisa and Ruth Patricia (Bodybalance 32 Poll.)

I am sorry you have left comments there on the Bodybalance 32 poll.

I have responded.

I am so slack sometimes for not going in there more often.

If anyone can enter the poll and offer Lisa some advice please do so.

I am sure that Lisa would like the support and offering of suggestion to her to get Bodyflow going in her facility.

Thanks once again :)

What track do you like in Bodybalance 31 Poll Results!

Here are the results for Bodybalance 31!

Number 1 track is Love Should by Moby, Make Things Right by Lemon Jelly second place followed by Nina Simone Feeling Good.

Make things right - Lemon Jelly 15.49% (2)
Release - Sinead O'Connor & Afro Celt Sound System 11.27%
As - George Michael and Mary J. Blige 11.27%
Love should - Moby 22.54% (1)
Crazy - Seal 7.04%
Counting down the days - Natalie Imbruglia 8.45%
Feeling good - Nina Simone 12.68% (3)
Push - Sarah McLachlan 7.04%
35 Mnutes - Moby 2.82%
Fight day - Thomas Newman 1.41%
Total: 71 Votes

Thanks for the results.

New Poll will be up tomorrow.

Bodybalance 32 Poll Results!

I am such a slack person, have not been in that part of the site for awhile and shocked to see over 100 votes.

Conjure 1 take out first place, followed by Walk on Bye Seal and track 1 and track 4 tie for third place.

01. Taking the Inside Rail - Sting 12.73%
02. Endless Dream - Conjure one 3.64%
03. Walk on Bye - Seal 14.55%
04. Heaven (Candlelight Remix) - DJ Sammy 12.73%
05. Say what you want - Texas 6.36%
06. Hope - Twista feat. Faith Evans 1.82%
07. One Step to Far - Faithless feat. Dido 3.64%
08. Reach - Gloria Estefan 4.55%
09. Center of the Sun (Chillout Mix) - Conjure One 36.36%
10. Heart - Comparison - Perry Wood 3.64%
Total: 110

If any of the guys from Les Mills read here the results are a retrospective from the last 4 months.

Thanks for everyone who voted! It is the best result we have ever had here in the last 12 months .

Monday, June 26, 2006

Video Vault!

Check back in a few days on the release cards a video vault is going to be there!

Trying to locate artist videos and puting them there!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Button to enter the forum below!

Seen an error code down the bottom of the page the error is from their site.

Will bring back the original look when they sort things out!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Would like to thank the people that visited the guestbook.

To those that I have privatley answered thanks for the nice feedback on the site.

If you have a comment on the site or want to tell me what you want on the site visit the guestbook and leave me a entry I can make the entry private and respond to you that way.

Thank you everyone for visting the forum and the bloggers. I had no idea back in 2004 that the site will become what it is today.

kia ora to all :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who remembers Fame?

Lee is from Fame the TV show. He played Bruno Martelli (1982-1984) opposite Debbie Allen and Lori Singer.

Oola would be awesome in Bodybalance as a track 6.

Hanz Zimmer said:

Lee Curreri is the reason I got my first keyboard. 10 BB 27 A way of Life Hanz Zimmer

Bodybalance 27 Review!

Check out his scores section WOW :)

Lee has an awesome group called "Aquabox" they would rock in any Bodybalance Class.

Check out Lee's site please :)

Lee Curreri's Home Page!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Australia vrs England World Cup Rugby and Track 6 of Bodybalance 33!

If you are watching the coverage and it comes to half time track 6 from Bodybalance 33 was playing then by Primal Scream!

How random is that?

Does anyone here practice Reiki?

If so please I am very interested in the practice!

Can you leave a comment here please.

Well there is tons of talk about track 6 in Bodybalance 33!

Primal Scream come to Bodybalance 33.

I thought "What The" when I heard that and thought that no way!

I now find myself eating my words and well I love Primal Scream. If you want to know the track see the Bodybalance 33 option on the site!

There are some tough core sections in that part of the release.

You need to watch Jackie and see how she does it on the DVD.

TIP: Slow down the DVD to 2X frames and see them do that part of the track in slow motion you then see then move, get into the pose and out of the pose. You need to watch them a few times.

This is one awesome release to the people in the USA/Canada. Kylie Gates is presenting this at the 1/4's this session.

Kylie Gates - Garry Hart and Dionne Ware are an awesome presentation team for any Bodybalance Masterclass. I had a ball being taught by them at our 1/4'ly.

I get so off the track sometimes!

The Beloved from X A Dream within a Dream Track 4!

I have been playing The Beloved for the better part of the afternoon. I loved Bodybalance 19 and teaching that release. Out of every Bodybalance the most enjoyment I get is teaching Bodybalance 19. I simply love it from top to bottom.

Deliver Me is the start up track by The Beloved.

I am listening to A Dream within a Dream (track 4) From The Beloved X

That track would be an awesome tai chi track in any Bodybalance it is 7:23 of the best ambient music that The Beloved could ever release.

Please give it a listen to :)

Trackview to Bodybalance 19:>>>>>>>
  1. Deliver Me The Beloved
  2. Inner Sanctum Delerium
  3. Hide U Kosheen
  4. Silence Delerium
  5. A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton
  6. My Culture Giant Leap
  7. Elevation U2
  8. Sweet Baby Macy Gray
  9. 17 Again Eurythmics
  10. Beethoven 132 William Orbit
  11. Lake People Levantis

A trully remarkable Bodybalance :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Jackie Mills appointed!

Creative Director for Les Mills Internationa!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dashboard Coming Soon!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Please check Bodybalance 33 Button!

Please check the Button for Bodypump 33 occasionally.

There are going to be some additional things added over the next 3 months. So if you have read them once well thats just the start.

They are just the starting point and hope that everyone likes them :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

PopUpCard Tracklist for Bodybalance 33!

Checked the overseas site for tracklists for Bodybalance 33 and they are there.

They are located on a Official Les Mills BTS Tracklist site. We do not publish them if they have not been formerly published there.

So here it is the PopUpCard for Bodybalance 33 which I have been sitting on since April 2006.

They are best viewed in full screen mode.

To launch the card just click on the Bodybalance 33 Button (sidebar.)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wire Daisys!

Check the home page for the site :)


The art of teaching extended knowledge Bodybalance 33!

I know what I am writing below may not make sense.
It is my way as a teacher and educator trying to explain my craft
Learning also from another teacher via her craft.
Teaching is a wonderful craft.

I guess that one thing that makes it worthwhile is the education part of the journey.

Teaching something from a beginning base to the end of the journey is an awesome journey. The reflection part is what occurs once the learning has occurred and the knowledge base has been established.

Teaching is the ability to be able to instill in a student the base of the knowledge. The retention and understanding of the knowledge is what they do with it. It is either instilled or rejected. It is the students duty to learn the material.

Study is more that the hr I spend with someone a week it is them being able to take away from the class the knowledge and being able to practice and learn the material presented. Taking ownership of the knowledge and becoming self directed.

The above is so not Bodybalance but an observation as a teacher and trying to come to terms with the fact that learning is a two way street. It takes more that 1 week or 4 weeks to learn the inside and outside of a subject and to fully understand the nature and intent of the learning. Learning the options and also what is required also takes time.

Then comes the examination of the subject (pose) do you understand the pose or subject? Can you learn the different variations and options and learn how the body moves in each part of phase of the class. Do you understand the holistic elements of the class? Can you reach inside of yourself and try to locate something that you can only locate inside to extend the pose and become the best at doing the pose?

Finding the balance is what it is all about. I guess the Ying and Yang (Left/Right) connection of the poses and balancing the elements and understanding what each pose is really about.

The next time you are in class examine the whole pose. Find where you are at in each pose. Locate your essence and find what parts of the pose are connecting to you.

Learning breath and breathing cycles and trying to inhale and exhale when it is required. If you learn our breath and also the pose and connect them together then Bodybalance takes in a new and indepth meaning.

I am finding with Bodybalance 33 that I am learning new parts of myself. That sounds so strange to some people? Tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 in the current release are allowing me to explore new essence's of the poses and interconnecting the poses with breath - stillness - center.

I guess when you watch the DVD for this release and what the presenter for track 1 said at the end of the track was a bolt of lightning to me. I have not heard something so profound on any Bodybalance release that impacted on me on so many levels and what she said .
Laurence Klares (Master Trainer France)
is a wonderful teacher and through her I am learning so much.
Thank you for your spirit - teaching - and self examination on Bodybalance 33!

Bravo to Laurence I am learning from you and you have taught me things watching you teach the release that I am now examining.
Awesome work Laurence and she has taught me so much by what she said at the end of track 1 that inspires me today.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Longer Bodybalance release this time!

I love what Jackie has done by using longer tracks in the releases. In the last few releases Jackie has used some rather long tracks. I must admit they are harder to learn and try and remember the lyrics and the music. I guess it is like dancing you have to learn all parts of the routine I can remember when I had to learn a Jazz Ballet track that was close to 20 minutes in choreography to learn it was a challenge. At the end of the day I learned it and was able to do the routine. Bodybalance 33 is a very long release and it is a wonderful release to learn.

Thank you Jackie for Bodybalance 33 :) and a wonderfully longer release :)

Track 6 Bodybalance/Flow 33 harder options and more harder poses!

There has been plenty of talk regarding this pose. Some have been saying they will get it. If you present track 6 you need to be able to do the pose. There is no easy way to learn it you have to learn it and present it as Jackie and the presentation team have on the DVD.

This is where Bodybalance/Flow throws a curve ball into the equation and I clap my hands to Jackie for adding tougher poses into the mix and making me step outside of myself and explore my own failings and strengths.

Track 6 is achievable practice, practice, practice, practice it will come and you will be smiling when you have achieved this pose and be proud that it was done.

Namaste :)

Bodybalance 33 at a glance!

Here we go.

Wont say the names of the tracks yet.

Track 1 is a wonderful track incorporating a wonderful set of poses. There is a flavor of pure serenity in this track. I love the movements and they are achievable by everyone. Jackie uses a tai chi pose I love. That pose circles around the poses of the track. Love this one and it is a going to be a classic Bodybalance Tai Chi warmup track.

Track 2 movement wise you need to embrace the flow of the music. If you don't engange the music then the flow won't happen.

Track 3 Love Moby and you won't be disappointed with this track 3. Tons of yoga based poses and love the way it was taught I am so much a fan of the presenter of the of this track now. Awesome work.

Track 4 In the 30's series of Bodybalance this one is up there with Missy Higgins track. You glide from one pose to the next one. Won't give away to much, for the folks in the USA and Canada who have not seen it yet. I will do something on this track in August 2006.

Track 5 Wow what a wonderful track a set of awesome connected poses Jackie has put together. This track is now one of my favs in the 30's series of Bodybalance. You are going to love what Jackie has choreographed in this release.

Outstanding work!

Track 6 is the halfway in the class.Will write more about this section of the class in August when everyone has the release. If you are in the USA and Canada enjoy this track at your 1/4.

Track 7 love the track selection for this release. Love the ending of this part of the track won't say much more except that I loved the ending when Jackie used it before.

Track 8 brings a special track to Bodybalance I love the simplicity of this track and the objectives Jackie has choreographed. Less complicated means more harder work.

Track 9 brings release 33 to a climax Jackie has some special poses in stall for everyone here. Love the ending.

Track 10 - 11 will write up something on them in August 2006.

Bodybalance/Flow 33 is stunning - visually spectacular and a wonderful journey into what is possible.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Official Song, FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

Well done to IL Divo for achieving this status.

Voices from the FIFA World Cup

Track Listings

1. The Time Of Our Lives- The Official Song, FIFA World Cup Germany 2006- Il Divo
2. Hips Don't Lie- Bamboo- Shakira (featuring Wyclef Jean)
3. Your Song- Elton John
4. Thank You- Dido
5. Woman In Love- Barbra Streisand
6. Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson
7. Truly Madly Deeply
8. Why- Annie Lennox
9. Just The Way You Are- Billy Joel
10. Hero- Mariah Carey
11. By Your Side- Sade
12. I Believe In You- Il Divo and Celine Dion
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water- Simon & Garfunkel
14. Un-Break My Heart- Toni Braxton
15. Every Time We Say Goodbye- Rod Stewart
16. One Moment In Time- Whitney Houston
17. Always On My Mind- Elvis Presley
18. Celebrate The Day - The Official FIFA 2006 World Cup Anthem- Herbert Grönemeyer

Filming Dates August 2006 Update!

Hi the filming dates have been updated and can be located at the Filming Dates 2006 part of the forum.

Class times will be announced shortly!

The first ever Bodybalance class was held!

It was held drum roll please:

March 1998. Bodybalance 4 was released January 1999.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bodybalance 33 Track 6!

If you have not done Bodybalance 33 yet USA/Canada?

Track 7 of the current Bodybalance is going to test your yoga strength and your skill as a Bodybalance Teacher.

I shocked myself that I could actually do it.

Won't spoil it here will talk about it when the release is out all over the place.

It does not get any better than Bodybalance 33 track 6.

Awesome work Jackie :)

Anthony Callea 2nd CD Update!

I reviewed Anthony Callea on the Saturday, March 12, 2005 that was 15 months ago. I am shocked that was such a long time ago.

Anthony Callea article!

Anthony is about to unleash a 2 CD set of original songs. A massive 17 tracks on his new CD.

There is no release date yet.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Home Page Final Modifications!


Check it out please.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Home Page Launched!

The New Homepage is now up and running!

New Home Page!

Ronan Keating

Bring You Home is out now by Ronan Keating!

Awesome new single and you can hear all of his tunes there as well.

Bodybalance 30 is my alltime favorite Bodybalance ever :)


1.Friends In Time 2.This I Promise You 3.All Over Again 4.Iris 5.To Be Loved 6.Superman 7.So Easy Lovin' You 8.Back In The Backseat 9.Bring You Home10.Hello Again 11.Just When I'd Given Up Dreaming 12.(We Just Need) Time13.Baby Can I Hold You14.Iris


Donna De Lory

In the first of a series of Ambient (World Music Series.)

Donna Deloy is an outstanding artist!

Check out her wonderful music at:

Donna Del lory's Site

Friday, June 02, 2006

El Concierto de Caesarea - Emma Shapplin!

I adore Bodybalance 6 and Emma Shaplin also her work on Bodypump 31 and Bodypump 52 with Verdi Maria.

Late last year Emma performed live and the the work below is a collection of her outstanding music and vocal quality.

Trackview of El Concierto de Caesarea:

1. Vedi, Maria... 2. Ira Di Dio 3. Spente le Stelle 4. Meserere, Venere... 5. Cuor Senza Sangue 6. Lucifero, Quel Giorno 7. Spente le Stelle 8. Alleluia 9. Dolce Veneno 10. Fera Ventura 11. Discovering Yourself

Bodybalance 6

  1. Spente le stelle Emma Shapplin
  2. Euphoria Karma
  3. Everything is everything Lauryn Hill
  4. I'm your angel Celine Dion & R. Kelly
  5. Millennium Robbie Williams
  6. Can't take my eyes off you Lauryn Hill
  7. Total control The Motels
  8. Written in the stars Elton John & LeAnn Rimes
  9. I'm kissing you Des'ree
  10. Stillness Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors
  11. The Sunken Forest Mike Oldfield

If you do get a chance ask your Bodybalance Teacher to teach release 6 it is awesome.

Do you wanna link?

If you want your BTS - Les Mills sites linked in the new home page please e-mail me via the profile above.

There is space left!

Frames anyone?

You need to have a frame friendly browser to view the new site.

So if you don't have a frame friendly browswer then you might have some issues connecting to the new home pages!

Coming up in release information on Bodybalance 33!

There are going to be archived entries for past appearances in Bodybalance so you can easily see what releases they were in. There are hyperlinks back to the original releases.

I think that is a pretty cool idea :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sasha Lazard!


Sasha Lazard has an awesome CD called "The Midth of Red" from 2000. Moonfall is her latest release from 2005.

Moonfall CD!

Trackview (Midth of Red):

01. Stabat Mater IXXI02. Awakening03. Ode to Innocence04. Tell Me Why05. The Incubus06. Forbidden Dance07. Romance08. Temptation09. Battle of Erishkigal10. Angeli11. Princess Mononoke12. Stabat Reprise12. Awakening (Delerium Remix)

Awakening is an awesome track from the above CD.

Stabat Mater IXXI is an awesome track ftom her CD living on Video is currently out.

Would love love love to see Sasha's music in Bodybalance/Flow!


Sasha's Website!

Her biography!

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