Monday, July 31, 2006

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today feeling a bit nostalgic!

Just went through Bodybalance 7 here at home today from start to finish and I actually still remember the choreography amazing.

Hero by Mariah Carey is one awesome track an awesome set of Eagles - and intense poses. I adore Mariah Carey,. Phil Collins track is uncluttered and an awesome set of ending hip stretches. My love is your love is outstanding in this release, I like it as much as in Bodybalance 24. Take me to the River is outstanding one of the longest ever track 7's ever. Then we have the luxury of The Prayer Celine Dione A Bocelli I adore this track 8 and a very emotional track. The poses in this track you could want to go on and on forever, but they don't! A very special track follows I will Find Youy by Clannad out of every Bodybalance back then this is my fav from pre 10 releases. The front half of the track is very moving and would love to do a Bodybalance like that one again. The ending is just so wonderful.

The release ends in Healing Circle Deuter and Dreamland by Black Box!

An awesome release indeed!

Yoga Based Track 1!

I am pretty lucky to have the tapes with Bodybalance yoga based track 1's in them. The awseome thing is that I can still do them as I have the tapes for nostalgia sake at home. I would love to see a Yoga Based Warmup come to Bodybalance once again in at least one release. Lifted was an awesome yoga based track one.

If anyone from Les Mills is reading here please ask Jackie to do one special release where we have a yoga based track 1.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Introducing Belle!

Belle has a debut CD and it is out and was released on the 17th July 2006.

It is a wonderful CD.

©2006 Mercury Records Limited


01. What the Hell
02. Wish
03. Surfacing (Yoad Mix) - Highlight from the CD!
04. Melting
05. My Secret Place - Outstanding track from the CD.
06. No Way Back - Smooth Lyrics and wonderfully song - Ambient Sounding - would be wonderful in BOdybalance/Flow!
07. Something More - Would be an awesome track 3 in any Bodybalance/Flow!
08. Note to the Rose's
09. Kite
10. Envy (Envy Is My Enemy)
11. Paint It Blue
12. What The Hell (Acoustic Version)

An awesome CD by an awesome artist!

Friday, July 28, 2006

New Top 10 for Bodybalance 30's series of Bodybalance/Flow!

4 Releases into this series of Bodybalance/Flow and I guess that we will soon have Bodybalance/Flow 34 and then 35 half way through the releases.
I have thought about how I feel about the tracks and have decided to do this in two sections one is personal and the other is based on challenges.


These songs touch a personal feeling with me.

Here with me I face an endless dream,
Everybody is changing,
As we come together we see many changes,
My mind rushes and comes together,
I can see the last thing on my mind,
I will always be on your side,
As we run.

01: Here with Me (Dido) Bodybalance Release 30.
02. Endless Dream (Conjure One) Bodybalance 32.
03. Prayer for the Dying (Seal) Bodybalance 30.
04. Heaven (DJ Sammy) Bodybalance 32.
05. Everybodys Changing (Kean) Bodybalance 33.
06. Come Together (Primal Scream) Bodybalance 33.
07. Last Thing on my Mind (Ronan Keating - LeAnn Rimes.) Bodybalance 30.
08. Always on Your Side (Sheryl Crow) Bodybalance 33.
09. Run (Snow Patrol.) Bodybalance 30.

Physical Challenges:

Going out on a limb and finding new length and balance.

I tried to make things right,
Ameo is the sound I hear from a far,
As I walk on by the call is for All for the Believing,
As the sounds shiver from a far,
The thought of love comes a crazy though,
As we count down the days,
My mind is racing like fire,
As my thoughts,
Follow me home!

01. Make things right (Lemon Jelly.) Bodybalance 31.
02. Ameo (Era) Bodybalance 30.
03. Walk on By (Seal) Bodybalance 32.
04. All for the Believing (Missy Higgins.) Bodybalance 30.
05. Shiver (Natalie Imbruglia.) Bodybalance 30.
06. Crazy (Seal.) Bodybalance 31.
07. Counting Down the Days (Natalie Imbruglia.)Bodybalance 31.
08. World on Fire (Sarah McLachlan) Bodybalance 30
09. Follow Me Home (Sugarbabes.) Bodybalance 33.


Benidictus (Bodybalance 30.)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trying to create the unplugged version of Bodybalance 33!

I am such a slack person at times. I really am I am so dis-organised latley and don't have time in any one day to do much.

There will be one I need to type it up!

I also have a new version of the reviews for Bodybalance 34 coming up and that would be here when I am allowed to post the details. Essentially the details come from a pop out dashboard.

I won't bore anyone with that!

It would look very cool!

Bent - Always [Album Version]

Bent - Always in an outstanding track.

I would love to see that track in Bodybalance/Flow healing!

Matt Yoakum

Discoverd this artist site around the 13th Feb 2006 and kept it in a draft, have no idea why?

Please explore his site!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Move Bodybalance 34!

If you check the sizzler information we have a new move in Bodybalance 34. I am for sure one happy person I now can practice that move and get it right.

We get the new release in little over 1 1/2 months from now.

By the look of the sizzler it looks one awesome release coming our way!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cool Stats and I am shocked! MSN 3rd, Netscape 4th 98.2% ranked best site for information about Bodybalance/Flow.

How cool is that :)

One of Us by Joan Osborne!

Isn't that just the sweetest track ever done. I would love to see that in Bodybalance an awesome track and was a grammy award winning track for Joan!

It is from her wonderful CD - Relish!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bodybalance/Flow Forum!

I am trying to develop a community approach to the site. What I am trying to do I guess is create a place where anyone who is so radical about Bodybalance can openly talk about the program there. If that makes sense.

Would love to have instructors come in and post their Bodybalance experiences in the site and create your own Bodybalance Journal there.

Would love to read any experiences - storys - Bodybalance journeys there.

If you want to create your own section on the site please register and I will create your own section of the forum so that you can have your own area to post in there.

Thanks to the people that have registered I really appreciate that alot.

Why do I have the other companies in the forum and the single topic forum below?

I guess I wanted a place so that anyone can post wheather it is Les Mills or RF or BTS or Fit Club.

I hope that people who are die hard Les Mills won't be put off posting there.

So why the other forums attached to the site (the one below.) it is for people who want to talk about only Bodybalance/Flow and only want to talk about it. The site is intergrated into this one so that they can cut to the chase post about Bodybalance/Flow and exit.

I like the ones attached to the bloggers, there is some additional functions there to use.

You can freely create Polls - Surveys there it is all free as it should be!

If you want to post in either of them please do so.

Please register and come in!

Les Mills™ * Radical Fitness™ & Body Training Systems™ Fit Club International™ Forums!

The site forum is now running and it has been there since 10th June 2005 - 10:36 PM. We are the very first Invision Based Software forum. We offer:

  • Free membership!
  • Free access to Our Frappr Zones! (You have to be a member to see them.)
  • Access to Les Mills - BTS - Radical Fitness - Fit Club information and news!
  • Tracklists and updates from our tracklist sections.
  • Access to the Bloggers and also some additional bloggers coming up soon.
Please join in and have great time posting there :) and look forward to seeing you there!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Conjure One!

Face the Music by Conjure One has entered the top 5 dance tracks in the USA this week. It is track 2 on their massive CD "Extraordinary Ways"

So far two tracks from that release have appeared in Bodybalance!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Mediaeval Baebes

Please please please check out their music!

CD's so far: Mirabilis (2005) - Miseltoe & Wine (2003) - The Rose (2002) - Worldes Blysse (1998) - Undrentide (2000) - Salva Nos (1997).

Temptasyon wonderful melodies and a wonderful track!
Return Of the Birds
Come My Sweet
All For Love Of One
Scarborough Fair

are featured on their site!

Mediaeval Baebes Website!

Catherine Duc Part 2 Visions and Dreams CD!

I adore the following from her site!

This would be an awesome track 1 in Bodybalance/Flow I am in love with this piece of music :)

Essence of Dreams is a wonderful piece of music. If anyone from Les Mills is reading here that track would be a wonderful tai chi warmup in any Bodybalance/Flow/Healing class!

Dancing in The Mist is an wonderfully constructed piece of music and love her feel and vibe for ambient music!

Evocation is rather spiritual track reminds me of Delirium or Conjure One or Lotus! Love the sounds of strings in the track an inspirational piece of music indeed!

One Autumn Day is a stunning track, love the ambient flow of the track an outstanding piece of music :)

Visions and Dreams looks like an outstanding work, the material reminds me of "The Lonely Planet" cassette I have.

Do yourself a favour and get her CD she has some awesome sounding music on the CD by what is on her website.

Thank you Catherine for the e-mail!

I am now a fan of your music :)

Her myspace is located at:


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stabilo have a new Website!

Please please please check out the music of Stabilo they have a new CD called "Happiness and Disaster"

"Flawed Design" is currently charting everywhere.


Catherine Duc!

Catherine wrote to me last week about her site.

So I decided to visit her part of the cyberworld and listen to her music.

I am so glad I did! Her latest CD is "Visions and Dreams" you can hear parts of it there.

Catherines website is at:

Catherine Duc's Website!

Forum attached..........

Guys there is a forum attached to the site. Come in say things, chill, chat, talk etc.........The forum is located on the bottom of the blogger :)

I think you all know that.

So who is going to join in?

Friday, July 14, 2006


Is the final pose we come into when we finish a Bodybalance/Flow/Healing/Fitness class. It is the foundation and ending of all poses in yoga.

We come to this position to enter joyness. I often sit in Sukhasana while typing on the computer.

I might write an article on Sukhasana for the site and a few articles on Asanas.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moving on Up - M People!

I just love that track, I love the music from that time period in the 90's. I hated 1996 but that's another story I won't bore you with. Needless to say I was truly glad October 1996 came around and was happy that November 1996 was around even better, but that's another story I won't bore you with.

Now back to 2006 ten years later, and I have moved on and can accept that 1996 the last part was way better than the first half. I digress once again.

The track by M - People rocks and would be an awesome track 3 in Bodybalance. But that song was recorded in 1993 and 1993 was a far better year than 1996.

Somehow I guess that you got it that 1996 was a bad year!

The highlight of 1996 was "The lonely Planet" soundtrack to the series. I played that tape and still do that is when music became ambient to me and when I discovered real music. I even bought the soundtrack to "My Beautiful Laundarette" and that type of music stays with me today.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rolling Alligator Pose!

I would dearly love to see Rolling Alligator Pose in Bodybalance/Flow! It is really a nice pose that incorporates twists / abdominal work / shoulder work / lower back work!

It is one nice pose and works every part of the body :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

They must read here!

Thank you for doing that I am so happy :)

Something from this Blogger!

Bodybalance 34 sizzler now on the Bodybalance 33 Option!

That sounds so silly.

But the sizzler for Bodybalance 34 is now on the Bodybalance 33 Button.

If you want to know click away, if you don't then don't click away!

The power is in your hands!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Track 6 Bodybalance/Flow 33!

There is nothing wrong with starting off on the lower option. It does take time to get the pose right and the rewards will come.

Today achieve something awesome it takes practice.

Take the pose home and do it as homework :) when you come to class next time you will shine like a star and show everyone you can do it.

In one of the earlier releases we had Insect Pose :)

Namaste :)

Kate Rusby and Ronan Duet Goes in at Number 6 in the UK :)

She appears on Ronan Keatings latest CD.

Check her music out!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Have not been posting regularly!

Life is pretty hectic currently I am in the middle of resource creating for a round of teaching. This term I am teaching Project Management and some other IT subjects and Business subjects.

There was also no resources to speak off so I had to create them and the student packs, and the assessment items and the practicals as well as my lesson plans.

Next week the work is on, so I will post more then :)

I am creating a Feel and essence track by track review of Bodybalance 33 :)

That should be here next week :)

Fat Boy Slim That Old Pair Of Jeans!

Fat Boy Slim have a new single called That Old Pair of Jeans - Praise You from Bodybalance 27 is also on the single CD.

Awesome :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The hardest pose to get into!

I am finding that the poses in Bodybalance 33 track 5 are the hardest that I have ever come across. Everyone is commenting on track 6 and that to me is an easy peasy pose to get into a perform.

I am well over 6 ft 1 maybe that has something to do with it.

An awesome release and I guess that the challenges are the ones that make this Bodybalance a standout release. :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Five for Fighting New CD!

Out August 2006.

First single - The Riddle (You & I) from Two Lights!

Five for Fighting!

Check out their site for the new CD :)

Aretha Franklin CD out Now!

Has a CD called "The Only Thing is Missing" released in 2003 from "So Damn Happy"

Ree appeared on Let It Be Aretha Franklin Bodybalance 11 an awesome track 4. Check out her site for a sample from her CD :)

  • Aretha Franklins Site!
  • Just love her music :)

    Karrin Allyson Thanks!

    Thank you to those people that have e-mailed me about puting her music on this site.

    I am so happy that you have found her music and I am always very happy to share what I find with everyone :)

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Karrin Allyson

    Karrin is a leading Jazz Vocalist. I discovered her music also by accident. If you are in the USA you would have heard her on B&B last week.

    © 2005 - 6


    1. Something Worth Waiting For (Con Alma) 2. All You Need to Say (Never Say Yes) 3. Lightning (Lazy Bird) 4. A Long Way To Go (Equinox) 5. Strollin’ 6. I Found the Turnaround (The Turnaround) 7. Follow the Footprints (Footprints) 8. Life Is a Groove (Jordu) 9. A Tree and Me 10. I Can’t Say (Teaneck) 11. But I Was Cool 12. Give Me a Break (Unit 7) 13. Everybody’s Boppin’

    Explore her music please :)

    Karrin Allyson's Website!

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