Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Heard that something old is coming back and that track 9 is going to take off February 2007.

Bring on track 9 on Bodybalance 36 :)

Introducing Damien Leith!

©2006 Sony BMG

Damien won Australian Idol and has a wonderfull debut single called "Night of my Life" which has gone Gold in Australia. Damien is busy recording the Video for this song.

Damien was born in Ireland 18th January 1976 a Capricorn how cool is that :) he currently resides in New South Wales with his wife Eileen and his son Jarvis.

He was up against Jessica Mauboy for Australian Idol 2006. She was runner up I guess we will see her do a CD next year. Dean Geyer came in third and has been signed by Sony BMG Australia and I guess we can hear some music from him next year. This has been an awesome season of the show. We had a world first the artists were allowed to play their own instruments and sing original music and that was awesome to see in this series. Lets hope that this continues in 2007.

I would love to see that track as a track 1/ 8 or 9 in Bodybalance in 2007!

I adore this song.

His debut CD called "Damien Leith; The Journey" comes our way December 6th 2006.


01. Night of my Life
02. Come to Me

It is a lovely song :)

Please visit his website!


Track 1 Bodybalance 35!

Track 1 of Bodybalance 35 introduces us to one of the best Bodybalance experiences that you can ever have.

Several new innovations are installed for those who have not done the release yet. I won't spoil it for those who have not done the release yet.

All I can say is that there is a sequence in track one that differs from that on the notes. You need to follow the DVD and do as what is on the DVD.

There is a strong emphasis on movement in track 1 I guess this one reminds me of Bodybalance 19 Deliver Me The Beloved as a focal point and Terra Firma (Lara's Mix) Delerium feat. Aude from Bodybalance 15 with strong martial arts movements. I like the transition from this track to track 2 "Wild butterfly" which is a personal favorite from this release.

There are tons of challenges with track 1 and learning the discipline of the track is truly a educational experience.

Will write up more on this release next week :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A New Chapter - Anthony Callea!

© 2006 SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited

On the Saturday, March 12, 2005 I reviewed his first CD!


I am excited Anthony has new songs out on the 25th Nov 2006. His new CD is called A New Chapter.


01. A New Chapter
02. Perfect Mistake
03. Addicted To You (2nd single out.)

04. If Only
05. Best I Can Be
06. Live for Love (1st single out.)
07. Stranded

08. Want You To See
09. Here I Go Again
10. There's Always Time
11. Almost
12. You Saved Me Tonight

13. Runaway
14. Heartbeat
15. Now You're Gone

Will review the CD on the weekend :)

Tracklist site!

A new format is coming December 2006.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Awake - Josh Grobin!

© 2006 Warner Brother Records via Reprise Ltd

On the weekend I had the pleasure of getting Josh's CD. I asked at the forum when it will be released sometime ago and well they said it was due sometime late 2006. The CD has been available for sometime now. (7th November 2006.)

Well I was totally blown away by this CD and recommend it to people who want to be Romantic and set the mood :)

The CD I have has two bonus tracks and a DVD which has tons of video footage of Josh and the making of the CD.

Josh had "You Raised Me Up" on Michaels last Bodypump 58 which is such a cool way for PumpFrog to go out on.

Onya Michael :)

The CD contains a very cool track:

You are Loved (Don't Give Up.) which would be an awesome track 2 in any Bodybalance Class IMO!

I hope somone at Les Mills is reading this :)


1. Mai
2. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)
3. Un Dia Llegara
4. February Song
5. L'Ultima Notte
6. So She Dances
7. In Her Eyes
8. Solo Por Ti
9. Now Or Never
10. Un Giorno Per Noi
11. Lullaby - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
12. Weeping - Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Vusi Mahlasela
13. Machine - Herbie Hancock

14. Verita
15. Awake

This is Josh's 4th release and I guess any one of the tracks on the CD would be wonderfull in any Bodybalance class :)

Westlife - The Love Album

© 2006 Sony/BMG International

Continuing in the Love Theme :)

I am a huge fan of Westlife. Mark, Kian, Nicky and Shane did a promotional visit for their CD they will be in town for a few days and are performing at "The Ashes" which starts on Thursday.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing the guys from Westlife as they came to town. A big crowd was there for their release of this very romantic CD!

They sang tracks from their CD which was released yesterday and we heard them sing tracks from it today.

They sang The Rose and Easy from the CD.

I spoke to Shane and asked if I can promote their new CD here and it is here :)

Track Listing

1) The Rose
2) Total Eclipse Of The Heart
3) All Out Of Love
4) Light Up My Life
5) Easy
6) You Are So Beautiful (To Me)
7) Have You Ever Been In Love
8) Love Can Build A Bridge
9) The Dance
10) All Or Nothing
11) You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

This is a must have CD :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


It is a really happy CD I have been playing the CD all week and I am noticing that I am very happy latley because of Bodybalance 35 CD and the wonderfull music on this release.

It is one of the coolest Bodybalances ever. I kid you not.

Watching the DVD you can see that in the room and see that on stage. This is one cool CD full of awesome music and the best Bodybalace ever :)

Congratulations to Jackie and her wonderfull team for this release.

I am enjoying Bodybalance 35 :)

Have a wonderfull day everyone!

You're Only Lonely Raul Malo!

© 2006 Santuary Records


I am in a romantic mood latley!

Raul used to be the lead singer of the Mavericks this is his awesome CD called "You're Only Lonley"

This CD has really nothing to do with ambient music or anything in particular Bodybalance or Flow. The CD has some great music some would suit Bodybalance I guess. Who really knows? It is just a viewpopint I guess but who really knows that as well? But I guess that the CD is mellow and a chill out CD I guess well thats my viewpoint I guess who knows about that as well :)

I think so?


1. You're Only Lonely - remake of Roy Orbisons massive hit I would love to do a track 9 to this track :)
2. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
3. Feels Like Home
4. So Sad
5. At Last
6. Games That Lovers Play
7. For You
8. Secret Heart
9. Run To Me
10. Tomorrow Night
11. Remember
12. Feels Like Home

Please check out his myspace at:

Sorry you need to right click and open in a new window.

I am mouse lazy today :)

He also has a forum that he actually is the admin for:

If you want to set the mood and buy your special lady flowers and chocolates put on this CD :)


Friday, November 17, 2006

Belinda Emmett

Belinda Emmett lost her life to cancer last week. Belinda was the wife of Rove McManus he was with his wife, 32, when she died just after dawn at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital last week November 12, 2006 11:15pm.

Belinda recorded a single called Less than Perfect and can be heard at the following location!


Belinda recorded an album and the track appears on Roves website.

I am truly going to miss Belinda and her wonderful acting spirit and her wonderfull craft as an actor.

Her music and acting legacy lives within all our hearts!

God Bless Rove and his family and the family of Belinda!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

600th Post here!

Today I have posted the 600th post for this site :)

BODYBALANCE ® 35 - Track 2!

Would like to thank Jackie for using track 2 on this release. I read the DVD notes on the back and was smiling when I saw the name of the group and the song. I adore the artist that is track 2 on this release and it was a wonderfull suprise seeing "Rocket" on that track.

I have had the CD for that track since 2004.

I was sitting at the train station in the middle of a hot summers night and was thinking that the music from that CD is so Bodybalance.

Now they are in Bodybalance :)

How cool is that :)

BODYBALANCE ® 35 - Presentation Team!

Loved it fabulous wonderfull and really awsome to see the class that way. There are a few nice suprises in the DVD presentation for this release.

Enjoy it when you get the DVD for this release :)

BODYBALANCE ® 35 - Track 1!

That is the most coolest track 1 ever in Bodybalace. It is a very strong track and love every part of that track and the wonderfull choreography by Jackie.

It is up there with Here with Me - Dido from release 30 and Conversations Over - Sugarbabes frome release 27.

Just wait till you have your 1/4 masterclasses where you can experience it first hand.

What made it special is the background of the city and the city lights on the background a a spectacular view of the city.

Congratulations to Les Mills LMAP for the new venue and greatfully accpeted by us all as our new 1/4 home :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bianca Ryans CD is out today!

She is the 12 year old girl who won Americas Got Talent please check her website out:

Bianca Ryans Website!

Bianca Ryans Myspace!

I hope they use her music in 2007 in Bodybalance that would be so cool!

Imperial - by Robin Guthrie!

Imperial by Robin Guthriel was released in 2003 and contains some of the best ambient music sounds I have heard IMO!

© 2003 Bella Union


01. Imperial
02. Freefall
03. Thunderbird Road
04. Tera
05. Crossing The Line
06. Into Stressa
07. Music For Labour
08. Falling From Grace
09. Elemental
10. Drift

Freefall and Terra are standout tracks from the CD and would be an awesome track 10 or 11 in Bodybalance :)

Music from the Film Mysterious Skin

(2005) Commotion Records

Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd last completed a music project and the result is the album above. Which has some wonderfull meditation and relaxation music on the CD!


01.Neil's Theme
02. The Memories Returning
03. Snowfall
04. Neil's Farewell
05. Childhood Lost
06. Halloween
07. A Silhouette Approaches
08. Goodbye To Wendy
09. Brian's Nightmare / The Unknown, Part One
11. The Unknown, Part Two
12. The Discovery
13. Loitering
14. The Writing On The Wall
15. One True Love

It would be fab if they could use music from this CD in Bodybalance. :)

If anyone from Les Mills is apssing by please give him a listen to :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Continuos Flow!

The DVD from this release is one of the best ever. It simply is a wonderful thing to see an old familiar face on the DVD.

The continuos flow is something wonderful to look at :).

There are several highlights from this release tracks 1/2/5/7/8 & 9 are challenging tracks.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today experienced something special and that was BODYBALANCE® 35 loved the release smiles around for the presentation team and the excellent venue and the views of the city from the new 1/4 workshop location awesome.

Just watching the DVD for this release now will do a review of BODYBALANCE® 35 later.

Checked the CD Rocket was mentioned how cool is that :) I love the CD by this group.

This is one very different BODYBALANCE®!

I adore this release :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BODYBALANCE® 35….Tracklists!

Only 3 days till I get to experience BODYBALANCE® 35. By what I have heard it is in the traditional format of classes we used to do back in the 1980's I love that feel to a class. By what I heard many new poses and an awesome choreography team will place an entry into the Choreographers Hall of Fame Section.

Update on the Tracklists something happened around 1:00 pm today in class I was having a break with my students and wow a new way of presenting them came to me in my class on Creating Webpages with HTML. I asked the some of the guys in class to have a look at the work and they seamed to like it. So I am running with that when the new stuff comes out in late Novemeber 2006.

The feel of them is more in line with the original idea I have for them. I had no idea or clue how they would look then it all came into place in my class today.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mars Lasar - "Panorama 11.04"

© 2006 Gemini Sun Records

Mars Lars 11th Hour Series continues with this new CD, in a world that is constant conflict the music of Mars Lars redefines the musical boundaries and develops new appreciation for the sounds of modern synth music meets an ambient music flow.Diabolique is the first single from the CD and is a wonderful track.

I can imagine doing track 1 or 2 in Bodybalance to this wonderful music :)

I adore the music of Mars Lasar :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

First Look at the new poster for Bodybalance 35!

Bodybalance 35 Coming your way November 2006!

© 2006 Les Mills International
© 2006 Les Mills International
(All rights reserved.)


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Late September - Deepest Blue!

 ©1995-2006 Ministry Of Sound
07 June 2004


1. Be Still My Heart 2. Can't Believe 3. Is It A Sin 4. Give It Away 5. Turn Out Right 6. Shooting Star 7. Late September 8. Deepest Blue 9. Say Goodbye10. Spread A Little Love

Would be awesome in Bodybalance :)


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Found this in my archives going back to October 2004....

And never published it:


BODYBALANCE® is a Group Fitness Program that will change the way you feel about your body forever. BODYBALANCE ® combines traditional Eastern disciplines with new dynamic techniques. It is designed to make you feel longer and stronger, reduce pain and relieve stress. BODYBALANCE® simply makes you feel better. BODYBALANCE® is often described as a journey, not a destination. It is an opportunity to get to know your body and help it perform better and more harmoniously. Typically, classes contain general warm ups, followed by sections with specific goals and target areas. For example, back and abdominal tracks will improve the strength of your mid-section (and makes your waist smaller), strength sections will target the legs and upper body and flexibility sections will focus on all of our “WORK PLACE” problem areas like the neck and lower back.

The class ends with a well-deserved relaxation section.

We promise that you leave the class relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world!

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Before attending a Bodybalance class consult your Dr if you are in trimester one.If you are pregnant and are going to a Bodybalance/Flow class in weeks 11 - 14 seek medical advice since these are crucial times in development and during the pregnancy!

Bodybalance also has elements of Pilates and Feldenkrais sometimes in the classes. Please discuss this with you primary health care giver to see if you are able to complete these part of the classes.

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