Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tracklist Updates

Expect them here very soon :)

I have created the file upload it to my new domain will pin point you there this week!

Bodybalance 37 :)

Track 3 by Heather Small is a highlight from this release. I adore this track :) Overall this release has some awesome music track 1 is a wonderful warm up track with centering moves and tai chi sequences.

Track 2 the CD from that track appears here :) I adore this track. Jackie has done some wonderful moves with this track and it is a wonderful long sequence of moves bought together into one wonderful climax :) I love the way Jackie has done this track and it is very different from any other release :)

Track 3 comes together with some additional surprises I won't spoil it for anyone who has never done this release.

Track 4 is a wonderful track and not complicated. In saying that there are longer more concentrated moves there is a return of a pose I mentioned here :) just love the flow of this track.

Track 5 This is a challenging hip opener track you need to come to this track with a mind to challenge yourself and move into new directions with the hip openers in this release. Wonderfully choreographed by Jackie :)

Track 6 is a personal highlight to me from this release. I felt the abdominal contractions in this release. The ending really targets the abs. When you look at the notes for the release you think this is going to be an easy ab track wrong it is one of the hardest ever :)

Track 7 is a tough track it may be short but there is a sting in its tail :)

Track 8 is a wonderful track less moves but a very effective twist track :) Now one of my favs ever :)

Track 9 love it :) love it. There are a number of wonderful poses in this track.

Track 10. This track has to grow on me I don't know how I feel about this track? It is the very first time that has happened. I can't connect to it? In time it may grow on me and I may connect to it :)

Bodybalance 37 is a wonderful release :)

I am so very lucky!

I am so very lucky to be a Bodybalance/Flow Instructor and have the wonderful music of Bodybalance/Flow in my life as well.

I am truly blessed :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

I now have a domain

Finally after years of wanting one now I own my own domain which means that I now can create a better home page for this site.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

First Look at the Poster for Bodybalance 37!

Here is the first look at the poster for Bodybalance 37 :) on the sidebar :)

Coming up a review of the current release. This is a wonderful release lots of new moves and a wonderful continous flow.

This is prob the first time the poster has been seen :) anywhere!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Three Month Reflection Bodybalance 36!

Out of every Bodybalance that has come my way in 9 years I have been with Bodybalance the 30's series of Bodybalance has had the greatest impact on my life each release has entered my life at a certain time and the music seems to be there at the right time everytime the release comes my way.

Like the songs from Bodybalance 35 and 36 for example I was at a time of life transition not knowing what really was life all about.

7 seconds comes to mind in reflection remebering where I was when that was on the charts it was 1994 and I was trying to locate some kind of direction and that year 7 seconds and the music of Lonley Planet changed my whole perception of music and what I was really looking ti listen to. I often remember sitting out at the car park listening to the music of "The Lonley Planet" and putting Yoga moves to it. Then I got 7 seconds in 1994 and that song also I imagined Yoga Poses to it after many years Jackie bought the song to Bodybalance. I thought that was jist a wonderful thing indeed :) there are not too many times in one life that musical directions take on some sort of change and that year 1994 was the year mine musical direction changed.

I need to backtrack to around 1978 when I saw my very first yoga demonstration on "The Dinah Shore Show" she had a man doing Yoga and I thought that was way cool. I also remember on the same show that she had Burt Reynolds on the same show. But that's another story. The guy really inspired my yoga journey almost 30 years later and Yoga is still apart of my life and Bodybalance came to my life in 1999. It was around that time we had Bodybalance 5 which was the very first release I saw and participated in. Not knowing that in a few years Bodybalance 13 came into my life and I was truly hooked on Bodybalance the pivotal moment was when Please Remember came on by LeAnn Rimes came on that I was in the final poses for that release I know deep in my heart I wanted to be apart of the whole wonderful Bodybalance experience. It took about a year for me to get up the courage to do the training for the program. Around Bodybalance 17 the decision was made. I then decided that Bodybalance 18 was the release I wanted to train on and that happened in 2002 when I trained on a wonderful release and the journey became a reality I now sit here and it is Release 37 tomorrow and in a few months release 38 and at the end of the year release 39 comes my way. It has been a wonderful journey to this point and I really cannot express how much Bodybalance means to me and my life like Bodypump which also means to my life. I am so very fortunate to come to these releases when Jackie and Michael are apart of the programs.

The music that Jackie and Michael selected for the releases also have had a defined effect on my life.

I personally would like to thank Jackie, Molly Fox and Michael J McSweeny for their musical contribution to my life and I am so thrilled to be apart of Bodybalance and Bodypump which are two awesome Fitness Classes.

So where does this relate to Three Month Reflection I guess that life is a journey and I would have to say that each three months I reflect on my journey through each release as it inter wovens itself into my life. Bodybalance 35 and 36 to me are the most reflective Bodybalance releases ever released.

Now Bodybalance 37 comes into my life tomorrow :) how wonderful is that :)

Bodybalance 37 Comes my Way :)

One more sleep till Bodybalance 37 and I am def looking forward to seeing and getting the release tomorrow the workshop showcases Bodybalance/Flow/Healing at the end of the day. This time it will be dark and the city is the backdrop from the room. It should be one awesome release.

I adore Bodybalance :)
Enjoy the moment :) Bodybalance is the Moment :)

Matt Goss Again :) We Can't Loose!

I have been hooked on one of his songs from his Early Side of Later.

Track being :) We Can't Lose wow that song would rock in any Bodybalance release. I have visions on Hindi Squats / Bird Poses / Star Poses which we have not had in such a long time in Bodybalance.

I miss Star Pose!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Matt Goss - Early Side of Later!

Matt has a new CD out, this one is from 2004 and I personally think it is one awesome CD. Matt is a former member of Bros the hit group from the 80's. Matt was also in LA recording a new CD awhile back. The first single of that CD is on his website :)

(c) 2004 Ceptic


01. Fly
02. Watch Me Fall
03. Carolyn
04. Face The Wind (Would be an awesome twist track) :) or a track 9 :)
05. Many Roads
06. Just For A Change
07. We Can't Lose
08. Perfect Girl
09. Best Part Of Me
10. Fever
11. Goodbye

Please check out this CD and if anyone from Les Mills is reading maybe Matt Goss can appear in a future Bodybalance release. Matt records long tracks and they would also be an awsome addition to a Bodybalance release.

I sincerly hope so.

2 more sleeps till Bodybalance 37 :)

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